Beautiful Skies over the Magic Kingdom

These photos are brought to you by Lucinda from Without a Care in the World!

Please enjoy them and tell us what you think ….

sky magic kingdom


sky at storybook circus


sky over magic kingdom


sky over magic kingdom from blt


sky over castle


sky rain over contemp

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Candlelight Processional Narrators Announced


photo courtesy of Disney

One of the great things about Disney is how it does holidays. No exception is the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT. The celebrity narrators have been announced for 2013.

  • TBD
    November 29 to December 1, 2013
  • TBD
    December 2 to December 3, 2013
  • Ashley Judd – NEW!
    December 4 to December 5
  • Whoopi Goldberg
    December 6 to December 7, 2013
  • TBD
    December 8 to December 10, 2013
  • Dennis Haysbert – NEW!
    December 11 to December 13, 2013
  • James Denton
    December 14 to December 16, 2013
  • Edward James Olmos
    December 17 to December 19, 2013
  • Trace Adkins
    December 20 to December 22, 2013
  • TBD
    December 23 to December 25, 2013
  • Blair Underwood
    December 26 to December 28, 2013
  • Amy Grant
    December 29 to December 30, 2013

Celebrity narrators, dates and other entertainment are subject to change without notice.

You can wait in a standby line or you can book a Candlelight Dinner Package that will give you priority/reserved seating. Please know that if you are on the Plus Dining or Deluxe Dining Plan, these packages will use two table service/ dining credits.

You must have admission into EPCOT to enjoy this program.

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Top reasons that you need to try Kona Café for lunch

kona cafe pineapple

Top reasons that you need to try Kona Café for lunch

By Lisa P.

If you are like me, then you already know that Kona Café in the Polynesian resort is the place to go for a great breakfast (Tonga Toast anyone?) What I didn’t know however, was how great their lunch is as well. Here are the top 3 reasons that you need to try it!

Delicious offerings that you can’t find anywhere else.

We were on our way to the Magic Kingdom and really wanted something different for lunch than the usual offering that they have at MK. Since we wanted to stop at the Poly for a Lapu Lapu anyway, we decided to try Kona. We were not disappointed by the offerings.

My Dad is a big burger lover, so he was anxious to try the Kona Surf and Turf Burger Deluxe ($15.49). It is an Angus burger topped with spicy shrimp and garlic aioli. I don’t eat burgers very often, and after trying a bite it was a good thing he was not sitting next to me or I would have stolen it! I ordered the fish tacos ($14.99) and they were delicious. They had huge pices of tilapia in them, and with blacked seasoning on them they easily became my new favorite fish taco. My Mom decided to give the Ahi Tuna Sandwich ($13.49) a try, and again it was great. Served rare on pineapple bread it was the perfect combination! There was not a part of the meal that we did not enjoy.

Kona cafe burger

You can get the same drinks there that you can get at the Tambu Lounge.

We originally went to the Poly to try the infamous Lapu Lapu, how after so many trips we had never tried this I still don’t know! When we got there Tambu wasn’t quite ready to open, but the bartender told us that we can get the same thing at Kona. This drink did not disappoint! It is a combination of Myers’s Dark rum and tropical fruit juices served in a pineapple topped with 151 ($13.25) This is a great drink to share, or if you would rather keep it to yourself then 1 is enough! They also served Kona Fire rock and Kona Longboard beers that can’t be found other places on property.

The service and location are great!

As with most Disney restaurants the service was great. I have always wanted to try the bananas Foster bread pudding that they have at Ohana, but never made it there for dinner. I mentioned this to the server and since they share a kitchen with Ohana he talked to the chef and they were able to make it for me! Another great thing is the location, it is easy to reach by monorail, so if you park at the TTC or take the monorail over from EPCOT like we did it is an easy walk or a quick monorial ride away. You can also walk out to the pool and beach after your meal to take in the beautiful view. It is an overall great experience!

The Kona Café is on the dining plan and is 1 table service meal. They also accept the Tables in Wonderland card and accept ADR’s (Advance Dining Reservations). Some other offerings that they have are:


Grilled Beef Satay Skewers: $9.99

Fried Rock Shrimp: $13.99

Pot Stickers: $ 7.49


Island Chicken Sandwich: $13.99

Pan Asian Noodles: $17.99

Barbeque Pork Taco: $11.99


White Chocolate Cheesecake: $5.49

Banana-Chocolate Crème Brulee- $5.99

Pineapple Upside Down Cake- $5.99


If you are in WDW and are looking for a new place to try with good food, then be sure to add Kona Café to the list!

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Lisa just moved to Nashville, TN, after spending 28 years in Ohio. She has been a huge Disney fan since her parents took her on her first trip at age two. 2. She has been to Disney over 70 times and worked at Blizzard Beach as part of the Disney College Program. She is now working on finding a way to move to FL, so she can be closer to her favorite place on Earth!

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Dining at the Liberty Tree Tavern

My Dreams of Disney

Liberty Tree Tavern is a one table-service credit restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan, and reservations for this restaurant are recommended.  When we last ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern, it was way back on Sophie’s birthday, June 19, 2008, and it was a character dining location.  Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Chip & Dale came to meet us, and it was a wonderful setting for a character meal.

Liberty Tree Tavern is no longer a character meal, but I’m betting that the food is as delicious as ever!  Themed much like the land that is occupies, Liberty Square, the food is based on what you would find during the Colonial Days, when the United States was in it’s infancy.  Here is the dinner menu, the kids menu, and the lunch menu for you to peruse at your leisure.

The dinner menu is served family style, with wonderful dishes, I remember how good it all was when we last ate there!  The lunch menu is ordered off the menu, and features such dishes as pot roast, pasta, and other great dishes.

During our most recent visit, we invited along Sophie’s best friend Riley to join us.  It was Sophie’s birthday, and the two of them had so much fun all day long at the Magic Kingdom!  It was during this dining experience that I was able to get these pictures.  I love the way that Minnie Mouse is all decked out in period clothing!

My Dreams of Disney
Riley (left), Minnie Mouse, and Sophie (right)
My Dreams of Disney
Sophie loves to kiss the noses of the characters!  I’m not sure why…
My Dreams of Disney
Riley and Sophie with Dale!

The are two reasons that we stopped going to Liberty Tree Tavern.  The first is because they changed it out of being a Character dining location.  We really enjoy our interaction with characters, and have always enjoyed being able to do that while eating, and not have to wait in line to see them.  So when they stopped it being a character location, it kind of lost a little bit of it’s appeal to us.  I know, that seems kind of a lame excuse, and it is, but it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  The second reason is because we actually ate at Liberty Tree Tavern two years in a row, both 2007 and 2008, and we wanted to try out other restaurants.

When we are a little older, I can see us coming back to Liberty Tree Tavern to have a meal there again.  It is a wonderful atmosphere, with wonderful food and theming, and in 2007, when we had finished having lunch there, we just happened to have some Disney Magic on our side, and we walked out of the restaurant just in time to see one of the parades come right by!  I was able to snag these and other photos from our viewing location!

My Dreams of Disney
Chip on Parade!
My Dreams of Disney
Donald Duck and Pluto!
My Dreams of Disney
My Dreams of Disney
Minnie Mouse!
My Dreams of Disney
She has that float all to herself!

I really enjoyed Liberty Tree Tavern the times that we ate there, and will give it a try again in the future.  Although we haven’t been there for a number of years, I still have fond memories of the restaurant, including when Cindy and I ate there when we ate our way around Disney.  It was then that Cindy claims that she “got the goods” on me and my “crush” on Minnie Mouse.  I keep telling her we’re just friends, but she’s not buying it!  Still, I think Cindy likes eating there also, so we’ll be back again, I think.

Have you eaten at the Liberty Tree Tavern?  What are your impressions of it?  Please tell me in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today!

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