WDW Adventureland: Why You Need to Give the Disney Tikis a Closer Look

Adventureland, Imagineers, Tiki Room

Adventureland…home of the tropical Tikis

Every photo has a story.

Walking through Adventureland in Walt Disney World , you’re surrounded by plants and trees that make you feel like you’re deep in the jungle. Think about it; you don’t even notice most of the landscaping in Fantasyland, except maybe the elephant topiary by the Dumbo ride.  Here, there is wooden marimba music that evokes a feeling of being in the jungle – music you think you would hear the natives playing in the deep recesses somewhere in Africa or Asia. The Adventureland decorations are designed to complete what you think it would feel like to be immersed in a jungle adventure. Tropical plants, exotic wood, and the iconic tropical tikis… [Read more…]