Things said to a Travel Agent #3

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When working with customers, there are times that you just have to laugh at responses and questions. This is the third installment Epcot illuminations balloonof  “Things said to a travel agent”. I hop you enjoy with a great sense of humor.

~ Client: I’ve always wanted to go to Paris to see Big Ben. / Agent: Do you mean the Eiffel Tower or to London? / Client: Does the Eiffel tower have the clock in it?

~ Client: I would like to go to an all inclusive resort for my honeymoon. It needs to be at least a 4 star resort for 7 nights. The price needs to include airfare. My budget is $1,500. /Agent: Is that per person? / Client: No. That’s total for the trip. I decided to spend an extra $5,000 on my dress so I took that money from my honeymoon budget.

~ How bad is customs in Hawaii? {said by a US citizen}

~ Why would Disney build a park that is exclusive to Harry Potter?

~ How much alcohol can you take into the theme parks?

dumbo~ Could you please give me a quote to sleep in one of the little boats that hang on the side of the cruise ship? They seem like they would be cool to stay in.

~ Can you please request that I don’t have a stateroom attendant on the cruise? I don’t want to pay him a gratuity. I also don’t need a time to go to the dining hall. I  don’t want to pay the gratuity to the servers either.

~ {said by a 19 year old college student booking a spring break cruise} I will use my fake ID to get alcohol on the cruise ship? /Agent: They don’t check your ID at the bar. You are issued a room key/charging card that will say you are underage to purchase alcohol./ Client: Bummer

~ My cat has separation anxiety. Do you think the hotel maid will change his kitty pan if I take him with us?

~ {after they returned} Client: I would like you to refund me the cost of my trip. /Agent: Why? / Client: I got caught smoking three times in non authorized areas and I was kicked out of the parks. It was a huge inconvenience.

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