Biggest Pet Peeves on a Disney Vacation

Magic Kingdom Castle Christmas

Whether you stay on or off Disney property you have spent a lot of money to get there. You have dreams of beautiful Christmas Card quality photos. Dreams of 75 degree weather with beautiful sunshine. Dreams of a perfect view of Wishes at the Magic Kingdom. The truth is that doesn’t always happen. Out of a weeks worth of vacation photos I usually have two that has everyone looking in the same direction and not looking like someone just got run through the ringer. Here are a few of my pet peeves about a Disney Vacation.Mickey parade party

1. Wear Deodorant: There are a handful of people in this world that are allergic to deodorant. This is about the millions of other people that choose not to wear it. When it’s 95 degrees outside and we hit Space Mountain to get out of the sun. I don’t appreciate the fact that you choose not to wear something that helps keep your body odor under control. I’m not talking about  the your deodorant has worn off and you have a faint musky smell. I’m talking about the rank, clear the room and makes you want to lose your lunch musky smell. You spent $100 to get into the park. Spend $1 at the dollar store for something to control your odor.

2. The cutting of of scooters and strollers: You see the scooter coming. The stroller already has a screaming princess in it. Let them pass or speed up. Don’t jump out in front of them and then look at them as if you are shocked when they bump into you. At the same time Scooter drivers and Stroller pushers need to be aware of their surroundings. You can almost begin to sense the teen that is beginning to jump in front of you.

3. Your little prince or princess doesn’t deserve or need his or her own seat on a crowded bus: We are all tired!! All of us are crabby!! Your precious two year old can sit on your lap for twenty minutes to give someone else a chance to sit for awhile and maybe get a few more people to their hotel room sooner. Also, three skinny kids can share two seats and don’t need their own. This is also a great time to teach or reinforce manners to your kids and have them give their seats up to older guests or that pregnant lady that may have over done it.

epcot illuminations fireworks4. Don’t put your child on your shoulders unless you are sure you aren’t blocking someone’s view: It really ticks me off that I have waited for the fireworks and a family stops right in front of me and places their kids on their shoulders so the their kids can see. I appreciate the fact that you want your kids to see but I also want my kids to be able to see so I got here early. Since you, your wife and both of your parents now have 4 kids on your shoulders so they can see… There are about 20 people who waited to see the fireworks (or parade) that are no longer able to have good view. Please be aware of your surroundings.

5. Put your cell phones away: I own my own business and I understand that it is hard to take a break. But make an effort to interact with your kids and family. Make an effort to connect with something other than Facebook and twitter.

5. Part Two: Don’t talk so loud that everyone can hear you. I don’t care to listen to you complain to someone about how upset your stomach has been since you have been on vacation. It’s none of my business how much you drank last night. Keep it down folks.

6. Take your picture and move on: Most people will stop and allow you to take a beautiful family picture without photo bombers. Some will even offer to take the pic so you can be in it. Don’t take 15 photos to get the perfect one and hold everyone else up. Take 2-3 photos and allow everyone to pass. Then try again. We are on vacation too.

7. The reluctant bag opener: Security is going to ask you to open and unzip your bag. Have it already off your shoulders and unzipped/opened for them to look through. It will make the line move much faster.

8. Taking photos on rides: We all notice that big flash on Pirates of the Caribbean. Don’t try to look innocent. But I do laugh when that pictures doesn’t turn out well and you have the nerve to complain about it.

9. Not dressing appropriately: This is a pet peeve on so many levels. Really think through the day. Your princess looks amazing in the Cinderella gown at rope drop. By 12 noon, she is over it. Have a change of clothes. I also don’t need to see cleavage or but cheeks or belly buttons on full grown women. COVER UP!

10. Surprised by Rain: It’s central Florida. Rain will happen and it will happen when you aren’t prepared. Get over it!

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