You might be a Disney Super Fan if…

You might be a Disney Super Fan if you prefer this to the subway!

Disney has so many different kinds of “Super Fans”. Some fans call themselves Disney Addicts, Mouse Fans or even Mouse Crazy. No matter what they may call themselves they have a love for Mickey Mouse that runs through their veins. Here are a few ways that the Mouze Kateerz writers thought you may identify if you are a Disney Super Fan.

You might be a Disney Super Fan if…

~ Your four year old son sees the Olympic rings and screams “Mickey”.

~ You uproot your entire family and relocate to Cinderella’s backyard.

~ You’re planning your honeymoon at Disney!

~ You’re answer to not being able to go to Disney for spring break is so you can save up to buy more Disney Vacation Club points.

~ Instead of exchanging anniversary gifts with your spouse, you purchase more DVC points.

~ If you ask your children if they want a birthday party and they ask if they can just go to Disney for their birthday “like normal”.

~ You turn your love of a mouse into a career.

~ Majority of your home decorations are Disney related.

~ If you call the DVC or your travel agent to book your next Disney vacation while you are sitting at Disney on vacation.

~ You purchase a pet just because it has a hidden Mickey on it.

~ People call or email you when they are planning a Disney vacation since they say “that’s the only place you go!”

~ Wherever you go you don’t hesitate to talk “Disney” to strangers and help them with their vacation plans.

~ When you are a fan of more Disney Fan Pages than anything else.

Some of our favorite Facebook Fan Pages:

Addicted to Mickey   Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys    My Dreams Of Disney   Picturing Disney    Mickey by Mel

~ More than half of your wardrobe has a mouse on it or says Disney.

~ You always have at least one Disney CD in your car – just in case you need to hear some Disney music.

~ You keep your internet radio set to one of the Disney parks music station so that “you can feel like you are at the parks even if you are stuck in [insert home state]”

~ The only thing you are excited about when you move to Tennessee is that they don’t require front license plates like your old state did…You can finally put a DVC plate on the front of your car!

There are many more ways that you can identify if you are a Disney Super Fan. Please let us know and we just may post an updated story.

Thank you for taking this magical photo journey with us. If you need help planning your next Disney Vacation, please contact Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys