Starring Rolls Cafe Butterfinger Cupcakes: The Do-It-Disney Recipe

Disney Butterfinger cupcake, Disney recipe, Disney snacks

By Melissa L.

Starring Rolls Cafe is a sweet shop located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. You Disney foodies may be familiar with one of Starring Roll’s most popular treats, the Butterfinger Cupcake.  I’ve got a Disney-re-creation recipe for you to try that can bring home that Disney Magic. We’ll see if you think it’s as good, or maybe better, than the original recipe. [Read more…]

Lip Smackin’ Disney World Snacks: 4 Yummy Treats You Have Just Got to Try!

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake Disney, Disney cupcake, Starring Rolls Bakery Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Studios snacks, Hollywood studios Disney photos

Some days we could all use a little more cheer, to put a little pep in our step as we await our next Disney vacation. What better pick me up than to take a look at some snacks, four lip smackin’, yummy, Disney World Snacks to be exact. Wow, just let the drooling commence… [Read more…]