It’s all about the rides!

I need a Disney minute! Please enjoy a mental vacation all around the Disney Parks! One ride at a time!

Haunted Mansion Bride, Haunted Mansion Ghosts, Haunted Mansion Spirits

I will be happy to the 1,000th happy haunt on my Disney Minute! ~ Haunted Mansion

Space Mountain, Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney Roller Coasters

I’m going faster and faster in the dark on my journey through Space Mountain.

Disney vacation planning, It's a Small World, Disney Fantasyland

It’s a Small World After All! It’s a Small World After All! Yes, I went there on my Disney Minute!

Splash Mountain, Splash Mountain Fastpass, Fastpass explanation, Disney Fastpass rules,

I just got splashed in the briar patch ~ Splash Mountain

Disney Mountains, Disney Mountain Range, Disney Fastpass rides,

I went up and down on a mine train ~ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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Tips to Save Time and Your Sanity at the Walt Disney World Parks

By Frances

Here are some tips that I found that have helped me save my sanity while traveling to the Walt Disney World Resorts. [Read more…]

How to Save Time and Your Sanity at the Walt Disney World Parks

Space Mountain, Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney Roller Coasters

This will sound like a bit of common sense, but if you want to ride more rides at Disney World , you will have to ride some of the less popular stuff. I know most of us are big Space Mountain fans, but that’s why the wait time can be 120 minutes or more during peak seasons if you have run out of Fastpasses. I found a book I liked recently called Walt Disney World with Kids 2012, and they had some good tips on what rides to ride first to make the most of your time and money on this costly vacation. [Read more…]

Photographing Disney World: Laughin’ and Splashin’ at Disney’s Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain photos, splash mountain trivia, splash mountain pictures, splash mountain songs

Splash Mountain is easily a favorite ride for a lot of Disney fans. I love standing on the bridge just watching the logs come around the corner, checking out the people laughing and shaking the water off.  Note to self: “Don’t ride in the front!” So here’s a fun look at Splash Mountain,with some interesting facts thrown in that you just might not have known before.  Off we go to the Laughing Place… [Read more…]