Adventure Awaits with Tiki Handbags and 3wick Disney Inspired Candles!


Back in January I shared my etsy shop with all you wonderful Mouzies and have since then revamped the candle section of my shop and added a really fun new product!

Enter: the Tiki Buttercup Bag!

I found this fabric not long after my Grandpa gave me my Grandma’s sewing machine and I decided to teach myself how to sew on it.  It is adorable and retro and the tikis bring back so many awesome Disney vacation memories I knew you would love it! Whether you just love the tikis found at the entrances to Adventureland in Magic Kingdom, are a huge fan of the Enchanted Tiki Room itself, or maybe just love the Polynesian Resort or Trader Sam’s at Disneyland Hotel.  I made multiple versions of this awesome bag with different linings: Orange lining with white pockets, Red floral lining with white pockets, Pink & Cream patchwork floral, and even a Pink & Cream patchwork floral with hidden straps!

And, of course, with summer at hand I couldn’t resist pouring some candles and restocking the shop- this time I’ve added 3-wick Candles to the mix in: Polynesian Resort, Yacht & Beach Club Resort, Mickey Waffles, plus a small jar of Yacht & Beach, Walt Disney quote illuminated candle holder with Poly votives, ceramic turtle holder with Poly candle, and a retro Poly Candle Mug!


Come on by and check out all the Disney inspired crafts in my etsy shop and grab a little bit of Disney vacation at home! 😉

Top 12 Free Things to Do at Downtown Disney in Orlando!

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You saved your pennies! You cashed in your savings bonds! You ate ramen noodles for 6 months and now you are finally on your magical vacation! Here are a 12 free things to do at Downtown Disney in Orlando from the Mouze Kateerz writers!

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Get Ready! Here’s 20 FREE Things to Do at Downtown Disney

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We gave you “The Sweet Shop You Absolutely Can’t Miss at Downtown Disney.” Maybe you went a little crazy and spent all your Disney Dollars. Are you looking for some Disney fun without the big expense of more theme park tickets? We put our Mouze Kateerz Krew on the case at one of our favorite places to go in Orlando…Downtown Disney!

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Mouzing Around on the WDW Monorail

All aboard the WDW monorail

Every photo has a story.

“Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas. Ladies and Gentlemen, please collect your belongings and watch your head and step. Please assist small children by the hand.” If you’ve ever ridden on a Disney monorail, this simple exit speech is etched into your Disney memory forever.

Picture this…since the 1971 opening of Walt Disney World, the monorail system has carried more than one billion passengers.  The WDW Resort Monorail System, the most heavily traveled passenger monorail system in the world, carries nearly 150,000 passengers every week day.  Each year, the monorails transports more than 50 million people. If you are looking for a break from the theme park crowds this holiday season, hop a monorail and tour some of the breathtaking resorts along the monorail route.

Your first stop…the Contemporary Resort offers some shopping and a quick-lunch at the Contempo Cafe.  As you watch other monorails zip through the building, you’ll definitely want a Black Forrest Cupcake for dessert.  A traditional Contemporary must-see is the floor-to-ceiling ceramic mural, created by artist and Disney legend Mary Blair, whimsically celebrating the beauty of the Grand Canyon and the southwest region.  Need some quiet time to rest your achy feet?  Take an escalator down one floor to the Convention Center area, where there are usually some fluffy couches available, and the bathrooms here are super clean, quiet, and roomy.

Next stop…the Polynesian Resort, where you’ll enter a South Pacific themed tropical paradise. Walk down to the lower level and gaze at the 70 species of plants found around the waterfall.  Take a seat, so close you are within reaching distance of the flora, and feel your vacation tensions melt away to the sound of the peaceful falling waters.  If you need a quick bite to eat, try Captain Cook’s or the Tambo Lounge. If you are here near nightfall, ask about the Polynesian Resort’s torch-lighting ceremony, which includes a traditional fire-knife dance together with authentic drumming and chants.

Last stop… is the magnificent Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Labeled as the flagship hotel of the Walt Disney World Resorts, just standing in the five-story lobby is a journey into opulence and splendor.  There are six restaurants to choose from and shopping at Basin White or M. Mouse Mercantile. Pull up a chair and listen to the frequent musical entertainment, which ranges from a pianist seated at a grand piano to a Disney big band.  Because this holiday decoration will be gone after New Years, make a trip over to the Victorian era-style Grand Floridian gingerbread house before you make your way back upstairs for the monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom.

A modernistic transportation system to journey you to the Future, the South Seas, and the Victorian Era…all in a Disney holiday’s time.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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Late Night Mouzing Around Main Street

Hangin' out until they throw ya out!

Every photo has a story.

Walt Disney designed Main Street U.S.A. to be representative of Hometown America, an idealized main street based on memories from his childhood home in Marceline, Missouri.  You feel like you have been here before; the shops are familiar, warm, and inviting.  Yet there’s excitement and adventure in the air.  Standing on Main Street, you are still at the beginning of a grand adventure.

Picture this…All the shops on Main Street stay open an hour after the Magic Kingdom’s closing hours.  So hang back as everyone else rushes out of the gates.  Take a seat on the sidewalk and watch the castle colors change.  There is music piped in through hidden speakers, and though tired, most everyone you see is still in a wonderful, vacation-happy mood.  It’s the end of the day, and people are glad to be here.

There’s holiday shopping galore at stores such as the Main Street Cinema, Disney Clothiers, Main Street Athletic Club, Uptown Jewelers, Crystal Arts, the Chapeau, Confectionary, and the Main Street Gallery.  These names are reminiscent of just the sort of downtown shops you would have enjoyed visiting in your own small town.

If you need a quick bite to eat before you make your way to the monorail or the ferryboat, stop in Casey’s Corner for a hot dog with fries, or the Main Street Confectionary for some baked goods like pastries, cookies, and cupcakes.  There’s also the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for something cold and delicious.  On your way out of the door here, just take a look before you at the visual splendor of Cinderella’s Castle.  There’s no rush to get home- enjoy the view.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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Mouzing Around the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Victorian Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian

Every photo has a story.

With theme park crowds at some of their highest levels during the Christmas  Season, you may need a break from the long lines.  Hop a monorail and head  over to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for some holiday shopping in a  fabulous resort themed in the style of America’s palace hotels.  As you  walk into the lobby from the monorail platform, you’ll feel as if you have  entered an architectural era of days gone by.  Inspired by the Brown Palace  Hotel in Denver, Colorado, the five-story lobby will take your breath away.

The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa decorates each holiday season with a can’t miss  Victorian era inspired gingerbread house.  Grab your camera and head  to the right side of the lobby, where you’ll find a staircase frequently used  for bridal portraits for weddings held at the resort.  Snap your own photo  here on the stairs, followed by a shot next to their astounding Christmas tree,  and then make your way across the lobby to the gingerbread house taken straight from every child’s Christmas morning fantasy.

Picture this…the GF Gingerbread House is whipped up every year from scratch  using 800 pounds of flour, 600 pounds of powdered sugar, 1,050 pounds of honey,  and 180 pounds of apricot glaze.  It takes about 400 hours to bake  everything, and by everything, I mean the upwards of 10,000 pieces it takes to complete the mouth-watering 16-foot-tall piece of culinary architecture.

Want to learn some neat tips for creating your own holiday gingerbread  masterpiece?

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House decorating demos are held Monday through  Saturday right out in front of the Victorian Gingerbread House.  You’ll need to bring your Disney Rewards Visa, because with all these sweet-treat options, you probably won’t walk away empty-handed.  There’s usually a classical pianist or a big band  performing all your favorite Disney tunes in the lobby.  Rest those feet for a while – enjoy your snack.

When you’ve had your fill of gingerbread, walk back upstairs to the monorail level and spend some time in Basin White.  Basin White  has a very simplistic décor that focuses all your attention on their specialty  line of luxury bath and body care.  With an amazing selection of bath bombs, salts, scrubs, and perfumes, they have a wide range of specialty soaps that you must smell to believe.  You can preview some of their  holiday soap bars right here.  You’ll not soon forget the clean  smells and the colorful soaps.  Basin White is a great place to wash your hands with their sugar and salt scrubs before you resume your journey  back to the Magic Kingdom.  Don’t be surprised if you take some home for the holidays.

Gingerbread for the tummy and fabulous bath products for the body…what an excellent holiday combination.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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This article was originally published here at Chip and Co. on Dec. 3, 2011

Oh, Disney Key Chain Tree!

Oh, Key Chain Tree, your branches are so heavy...

Every photo has a story.

One of my all time favorite souvenirs from Disney World has to be key chains.  They generally run from $5.95 to $8.95, which is a pretty good bargain considering my favorite Disney sweatshirt was $49.95.  Even Disney Christmas ornaments (which are spectacular!) will run you upwards of $20. Key chains, like all things Disney, are good quality items that last a long time.

Picture this…most people have one or two cars at the most. How many key chains does the average Disney fan need? A better question might be, just how many key chains can you actually put to use?

The Disneyfied answer is quite a few, actually, if you know where to hang them.

Last January, I left a plain three-foot Christmas tree in my dining room, just because the soft white lights added a touch of mood lighting, plus a little comedy to a pretty straight-laced room.  One day, I hung a few key chains on the tree, and no one complained.  I came home from work to find several old Disney Resort room keys tucked into the tree,  plus a few more straggling key chains appeared.  There’s even a few Vacation Club Fast Pass cards between the branches. I slipped a note to Santa asking him to refill those cards this year with spanking new Fast Passes, but I’m not holding my breath.

We’re up to 7 cards and 14 key chains, reflecting the twinkling lights and staring me in the vacation-anticipating face during every dining room meal, 365 days a year.  Our family, and visitors alike, find the Disney in my Key Chain Christmas tree all year ’round.

“It’s July. There’s a Christmas tree in your dining room.”

“You mean the Disney Key Chain Tree?”

“Yea, that.”

“Well, if you think that’s unusual, let me direct your attention to the Festivus Pole in the living room.”


Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night filled with sweet dreams of Disney.


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Mouzing Around at Downtown Disney

Holiday decorated topiary at Downtown Disney


Every photo has a story.

When you need a break from the Walt Disney World theme park holiday crowds, or you  would just like to do some Christmas shopping, look no further than Downtown Disney. There’s no better shopping spot for the  ultimate Disney fan.  With fabulous stores like Once Upon a Toy, World of Disney, and Disney’s Days of Christmas, the Downtown Disney area offers  up a holiday feast for the eyes, ears, and wallet.

Picture this…there are 365 days a year when Florida residents and WDW guests can shop for holiday merchandise at the Disney’s Days of Christmas shop in Downtown  Disney.  Here you’ll find items like ornaments, Christmas hats,  stockings, each with a Disney twist and available for purchase every day of  the year.  But only during the holiday season will you see 150 tractor-trailer truckloads full of decorations spread out across 24 resorts, four theme parks, Downtown Disney and other locations.

While you’re doing your Downtown Disney shopping, be sure to attend some  of the activities held during the Festival of the Seasons there from now until January  8.  You can grab a photo with Santa Claus in person at Santa’s Chalet  until Dec 24th. Festival of the Seasons  showcases holiday carolers plus traditional songs performed by jazz, pop, and  Latin musical entertainers.  You may also catch a glimpse of costumed stilt  walkers, street performers, and at certain times, a holiday dance party with a deejay.

No trip to Downtown Disney would be complete without a snack from Goofy’s Candy Co.  Chocolate-dipped caramel covered  apples, cupcakes, pasteries… the sugary choices are endless, but you’ll be glad you made the trip.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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This article was originally published here at Chip and Co. on Dec 4, 2011.