Here’s The Only Two Reasons You Need to Eat at Walt Disney World’s San Angel Inn

At Epcot’s Mexican Pavillion, modeled after a 17th century hacienda by ancient Mayan ruins, the San Angel Inn restaurant offers Mexican cuisine for lunch and dinner. San Angel is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 .m. and for dinner from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There are no characters at this restaurant, thank goodness, because characters would distract from the beauty of the surroundings. There’s really only two reasons you need to try a meal at the San Angel Inn, fabulous atmosphere and amazing cuisine. [Read more…]

Disney Romance: Three Memorable Places to Woo Your Valentine

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Epcot's romantic San Angel Inn photographed by Shannan of Addicted to Mickey

Every photo has a story.

Romance is in the air, and while our thoughts randomly turn to Disney , we can easily blend the two. Romantic places at Disney – where should you go?  Here’s three suggestions, from a romantic dinner to a walk down a beach, to get your heart racing for Valentine’s Day or to just enjoy being with your Valentine any day of the year.

1. San Angel Inn at Epcot’s Mexico Pavillion

Disney writer and photographer Shannan Wright from Addicted to Mickey took this excellent photo of Epcot’s San Angel Inn. Intimate lighting, fabulous food, and a river on a Mexican voyage flowing in the background all combine for a memorable evening.  Shannan said of her dining experience there, “San Angel, with it’s warm, dim lighting set under a starry sky, provides a totally romantic atmosphere.  Coupled with its world-class service,  it’s not a question of whether you should go, it’s more like a question of why haven’t you been there yet?!”  Thanks, Shannan, for stopping by the Mouze Houze today.

Downtown Disney balloon ride, Downtown Disney, Disney World, Disney food, Disney resorts

Cast your fate to the wind...Disney style.

2. Downtown Disney’s Characters in Flight
It’s not your traditional Disney dark ride, but it’s still way cool.  Climb aboard the world’s largest tethered balloon that takes you 400 feet off the ground.  As you travel straight up for an 8-10 minute flight, you’ll have 360 degree views of the Walt Disney World resort.  Prices are pretty sweet for this ride as well.  Including tax, you’ll pay $18 for an adult ticket, and in case you have to take the kiddies along, tickets are $12 each for children ages three to nine.  Kids under three are free.  Though lacking the nighttime ambience, the balloon operates in the daytime as well.
 Click here for Disney’s website for additional information and to purchase your tickets online.
Polynesian Resort beach, Polynesian Resort, Disney vacation, Walt Disney World photos

Take a romantic stroll on the Polynesian Resort beach.

3. The Polynesian Resort

Is there a square inch of the Polynesian Resort that doesn’t just ooze romance, and most especially at night? From the Great Ceremonial House atrium, with soft lighting and ambient noise created by a waterfall, to tiki torches leading you along the pathways to the beach, it’s pure romance.  Head down to the Polynesian Resort beach area for a spectacular view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks, one of the best fireworks spots of any Disney resort property. The Polynesian Resort is a romantic feast for the senses.

Grab a lounge chair and take the hand of the one you love. You’ll hear the sounds of the Seven Seas Lagoon gently lapping against the sandy shore. There are ducks sometimes quacking in the dark, the occasional sounds of  giddy children playing in the pool, and the sounds of transportation boat horns across a wide expanse of lake.  You’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of utter vacation relaxation.  And hopefully love as well, as you wait for Disney‘s “Wishes” fireworks to begin.

Thanks for coming along for a photographical ride, and here’s to spending time with the ones we love!


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