Squirt the Sea Turtle Cupcakes: Disney World Bake-It-Yourself Recipe

Squirt the Sea turtle Cupcake Disney, disney snacks, Disney recipie instructions

By Melissa L.

There are two things I love: Squirt from Finding Nemo and baking, so I was so excited when a friend sent me a link to the DisneyFamily.com Squirt cupcakes.   I adore turtles and these are so non-specific they don’t need to be part of a Finding Nemo party at all. I made them for a family barbecue to try and impress my nephews! [Read more…]

Starring Rolls Cafe Butterfinger Cupcakes: The Do-It-Disney Recipe

Disney Butterfinger cupcake, Disney recipe, Disney snacks

By Melissa L.

Starring Rolls Cafe is a sweet shop located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. You Disney foodies may be familiar with one of Starring Roll’s most popular treats, the Butterfinger Cupcake.  I’ve got a Disney-re-creation recipe for you to try that can bring home that Disney Magic. We’ll see if you think it’s as good, or maybe better, than the original recipe. [Read more…]