EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival


By Frances

EPCOT’s flower and garden festival is amazing! It’s a must see for any Disney Fan. Here is a preview that you can find on the Disney Parks Blog site.


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What is there to do at Disney World as an Adult?

Epcot Mission Space

By Frances

Disney is just for kids, right? WRONG! There are so many things to do that are amazing experiences that an 8 year old wouldn’t like to do or enjoy.

Top Answers:

Drink around the world at Epcot: One drink from every country. Epcot Paris

Dine at Victoria & Albert’s



Here is what our readers had to say:

Lisa Petrarca:  Drink around the world at EPCOT, sit down for a nice meal at Narcossee’s, take a day to just resort hop, spend an afternoon at the spa, go to all the shows at EPCOT around the world.

Melissa Rhodes: Dine at Victoria and Alberts – other than that, we pretty much bring the kids with us.

Teresa Scavette: I like to hang out in Downtown Disney into the wee hours enjoying the street musicians while having a drink or two.

Mike Ellis: Cindy and I would eat at a Victoria & Alberts, and we would try parasailing!

Teresa Scavette: I’ve eaten at Victoria & Alberts – an amazing dining experience for sure!!!! Best part – at the end of the meal – I got a rose and my husband – the bill !!!!!

Amanda Casey: Drinks in a couple of the countries in EPCOT, A 2 ticket dining service at one of the Deluxe resorts, or all of them An afternoon at one of the spa’s. Wake up late instead of being at whichever park opens early.

Kim Ziemer-Gerdes: Food and Wine Festival and drink my way around the world!Epcot Mexican Pavillion, Epcot San Angel Inn

Didi Marie : Shop! Buy something small in every pavilion in the World Showcase. (Of course, that would mean going without my husband too!!)

Kay Drenth: Enjoy all the “street performances” without someone asking if it was over yet.

Becky Mensing-Kimmet:  I would do the same things as if my kids were with me because I will always be a kid at heart and LOVE Disney World

Se Crippen: The all-day behind the scenes tour–don’t want to take the kids on this one and spoil the “magic”

Erin Haust: Downtown Disney bar hoppin!

Gail Linzmayer Devine:  Drinks around the world in Epcot… just me though, my husband doesn’t drink – so i’d get wasted and let him take care of me, lol.

Sue Moyer:  The last two years I have gone to opening day of the Flower and Garden Festival all by myself!

Pam Tolland Patrone:  Walk slower.

Chrissy Ott Morrison:  Ride Rock N Roller Coaster over and over and over…

Christie McGuire Struck:  Eat at Victoria and Albert’s Chef’s Table!!Downtown Disney  1

Cindy Phillips Travis: Browse the shops in all the countries in the World Showcase…

Sarah Wiegand Thomas:  California Grill- Did it without kids in January & enjoyed the fireworks from the balcony!

Rene Gaudet:  Hit the spa.

Rebecca Comunale:  We are doing Victoria & Albert’s before we have kids.

Ruth Lindsey Haney:  Sleep in

Joanne Stoverchy Gullo:  Eat the”kitchen sink”

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Kristin Martin: Probably skip some of the rides but other than that, the trip would be largely the same.

Michelle Baldwin Peek: Run Disney! which we will be doing in November. Disney’s wine and dine half marathon

Susan Silvis VanSlyke:  I always go to Disney without my children…until she was 26. Then we went together

Kristy Bogardus Purcell:  Eat at Victoria & alberts.Epcot Japan, Epcot China,

Debra Klein Pagliasotti:  Victoria & Alberts, Wild Africa Trek

Joanne Smith:  I wouldnt go without my daughter!!!! I love having her with us, she loves everything there and is a joy to take out to dinner!! She loved exploring the worlds at Epcot!! She was 5 when we went!!!

Brandi Pettit Walstrom: Eat good food! NO QUICK SERVICE MEALS! That’s what my hubby and I did for our 10 yr Anniversary

Tammy Beasley: Spaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…

Sara Lehner: Take my time through Epcot World showcase! That is my daughter’s least fave part and the one I’d love to explore more!

Chrystie Wojcik:  Well said Becky Mensing-Kimmet! I did all the same things before I had my son and I love taking him to my favorite things… Last summer I did go out myself back to Hollywood studios in the rain and did all the grown up rides, though!!!

Rebecca J Hodges Morris: ROLLER COASTERS!

Melissa Moody:  Wild Africa trek

Gail Linzmayer Devine:  oooh- spa!!! yes, that, too!!!!!

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