Alice Apron Unbirthday Giveaway on Picturing Disney!

Have you ever celebrated your unbirthday? In the spirit of the March Hare and Mad Hatter’s fabulous tea party there is no day to celebrate like today! So grab some friends and family, have your own unbirthday party and then enter to win this wonderlandful apron.

It’s easy to enter just head over to my photoblog, Picturing Disney, for more details! Remember you can send pics of past unbirthday celebrations as well!

A very merry unbirthday to you my dears!

Would you love a $100 Disney Gift Card?

Disney Gift card beach

Mouze Kateerz has teamed up with several blogs to do a special giveaway of a $100 Disney Gift Card. It’s very simple to enter! All you have to do is CLICK HERE to go to the Rafflecopter page and Like our pages and follow us! The giveaway will run from Today – Sunday, August 18th!

We really hope a Mouze Kateerz or Magical Vacations by Me fan wins!

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Free Disney Tickets Scams: BEWARE!

Park tickets

By Frances

Over the  last few days I have been seeing tons of “Free Tickets to Disney” all you have to do it like the page and they are yours. I actually liked one of the pages and started to read. The page was founded less than two weeks ago. It only posted about the free tickets. Little to no content AND it was waayyy to simple to get them.

Here are some things to look for on Facebook to figure out if the contest is legit or not:

  • Check the actual name of the page and the URL – Usually there are misspellings or added punctuation since they are not “official.”
  • Look at the date founded for the page. If it has been found recently … it’s probably a scam.
  • Look to see if the page has actually posted anything else. Does it have any real content? If they haven’t or don’t …. it’s a scam.
  • Check to see the contest rules. If they don’t have any … it’s a scam.
  • Ask yourself, “Is The Walt Disney Company actually sponsoring this giveaway?”  If you think not, then it’s probably a scam. You will know if Disney is behind it because there will be all kinds of rules, regulations, and disclaimers. Disney knows how to protect themselves.
  • If it’s too good to be true … it’s probably as scam.

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Showing Disney Love to Someone Unknown


By Frances

There are some stories that you read and forget. Others that create a since if urgency and action. In my personal news feed on Facebook came a post from a fellow Mouze Kateerz writer, Amanda Major (Cheapskate Princess). It was about a young lady that was losing her battle with a Ewing Sarcoma. Her name is Meleney Harris. She is 20 years old and should have the best parts of life in front of her; however, she is faced with the fact that her own family will not have enough for her funeral.

This was copied off the comments on her page giving a description of her battle.

Meleney Harris has been fighting ewing sarcoma which now it cant be fought know longer, her doctor told us today that she has week left,shes 20 years old, no life insurance, no burial insurance, which leaves Daniel as well as her parents to do what they can do, shes a graduate of Foley high school and is a straight a student, she was planning on going to college to be a ultrasound tech. All this came to a stop when she was diagnosed with ewing sarcoma. She has spent 7 months going through surgeries, chemo, which her tumor was resistant to chemo, now the tumor is pushing on her lungs, collapsing them, and putting pressure on her heart, nothing can be done, I’m asking for help for this family, please help Daniel (her fiance) and her family lay Meleney down to rest, There are 3 things she wants and 2 of these things are white roses with purple tips for her spray and a brown bed for her body to lay in with silver lining, her favorite colors are deep purple, and lime green and silver. She wants to be laid to rest next to her grand mother in Elberta Alabama, our lives are crushed knowing we are fixing to lose this beautiful young lady,

With all of the Disney love that Mouze Kateerz readers have, I ask that each of you search your heart and donate to her fund so her family doesn’t have to worry about paying for her final arrangements.

CLICK HERE for the link to Donate to her burial expense.

As a mother I can’t imagine what her parents and fiance are going through. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

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Not too late for a bonus entry!


By Frances

The Dooney and Bourke barrel purse drawing is still going strong. If you have already entered, you can enter daily for a bonus entry. Don’t forget to share this post for an extra entry.

How will the winner be selected?

The winner of the contest will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the Promotion Period. The random drawing will be conducted by 48 hours by the sponsors or their designated representatives, whose decisions are final. Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible entries received.

Click Here and then scroll to the bottom to enter!

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Win a Dooney & Bourke Purse !


By Frances

Mouze Kateerz has teamed up with great Disney Blogs and fan pages to bring you a chance to win a Dooney & Bourke Charm Barrel Purse!

Click here to enter

It’s very easy! Go to the link above and like our facebook pages, instagram, pinterest & follow us on twitter.

The only way to guarantee that you won’t win is not to enter.

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Why I Love My Disney Visa


I know that credit cards are usually not part of “love” posts but since I learned how to use credit properly I feel very empowered by the bonuses from Chase! Recently I went back and forth between upgrading my Disney Rewards Visa to a Premiere card and found that there are both advantages and disadvantages to upgrading. Of course I thought I’d share with you the pros, cons, and perks!

First of all the major allure of either card is that you earn Disney Dream Rewards dollars. These go into a rewards total and can be cashed out once you reach $10 ($20 the first time since they are loaded into a reusable card). You earn 1% back on everything but with the Premiere card you earn 2% on many purchases. Both also offer 0% Disney vacation financing for 6 months, a $50 Disney Cruise Line onboard credit, and in park perks like discounts on merchandise and meet and greets. The catch on the Premiere card is that you have an annual fee of $49. (Remember that all this info is subject to change as per Chase bank.)

Here is a little bit of info that may make you want to open a new line or switch to a new account: As of new credit legislation in 2010 Chase has frozen interest rates. What does that mean for you? Well most rates were higher a couple years ago AND for those of you in a position like me (I’ve had my Disney Visa since day 1 which happened to be when I was in college and had no credit history) you may have an interest rate higher than you desire. Since Chase is not renegotiating rates or running yearly adjustments for the time being you may want to look into applying for a Premiere- my APR is half on my Premiere card what it is on my original Disney visa!

Bottomline: with my Premiere card I have to pay $49 per year but as long as I keep going to Disney World I will earn that back pretty easily in rewards dollars. Plus when you first sign up the gift card bonus is $50 more for the Premiere card so it sort of pays for its first year! If you know your family would take advantage of using your card for points AND paying it off each month then you should def look into these cards! With savvy spending they can help you get to Disney World! 😉

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Melissa DonaldBy profession Melissa is a 9th grade World History teacher, but by nature she is a lover of all things Disney. She has always been a bit of a bookworm and has believed in fairytales since she was a little girl. (Her favorite heroine and princess is Belle.)

When she isn’t teaching, snapping pictures to post on Picturing Disney on Facebook, updating her photoblog Picturing Disney, or prancing around Disney Parks like a kid, she is lives her life filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after in New York with her husband and their adorable dog.

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What should you budget for extras at Disney?


The Mouze Kateerz writers have been to Disney hundreds (if not thousands) of times. When I asked the group “How much do you spend on souvenirs?” The answers varied greatly. That’s one thing that I love about the writers. They are so diverse. What was very clear in all of the responses is that you have to set a budget that you can afford and stick with it. Here is what the writers had to say:Walt Disney, Walt Disney statue, Mickey Mouse photo, Mickey Mouse statue, Main Street statue

Lisa P: Too much! I usually take a couple hundred knowing that I am going to want a Dooney and Bourke purse and something from the Disney Vacation Club line.

Teresa S: Never enough!!! I always have my Disney VISA with me!

Lucinda: Before moving to Orlando, I’d buy most of my souvenirs online via the Disney Store or ebay…and spent very little at the parks during vacation.

Denny: Since I take so many pictures, I don’t buy much in the souvenir department. What better souvenir than a camera full of magical moments! I do like buying pins now and again when one is particularly fetching! Grins!

Andrea: We always go on a budget because we know we always get carried away. I’d say we always spend a couple hundred $$$ because we always get pins, an ornament and at least one thing for each of us.sunset on Bay Lake, sunset on Bay Lake photo, sunset photo, Seven Seas Lagoon photo, Disney sunset photo, Disney photo

Melissa R: We don’t budget it, we try to keep it within reason (and usually succeed). Usually pins. When the kids first ride a “big thrill ride” they will each get a t-shirt and pin to commemorate it. My husband usually gets me a Disney watch.

Didi: My kids were always very reserved when choosing to buy souvenirs, except for pins, that is!! My mom would get them each a $50 Disney Gift Card, and the choice was theirs. As of late, I’ve become very dangerous when passing Dooney & Bourke items.

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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Picturing a Disney Tattoo

By Frances

Over the past year, we have had some amazing Disney inspired tattoo pictures sent to us. We have featured them in a few articles. We thought that it would be neat to see pictures of some of them all in place. Please enjoy  these Disney Tattoos from Mouze Kateerz readers.

Heather Tattoo

Mickey Tattoo

snow white evil queen tattoo


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Minnie Mouse tattoo


Traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort from the United Kingdom Part 2

By Janine P.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I had dreamed of taking my daughter Tink to the Walt Disney World Resort.  She did come with us inutero and caused me no end of grief including a trip to the emergency room where our first scan of her at just 6 weeks was performed by a Tower of Terror Cast Member (she was also employed by Celebration Hospital just to clarify!).
So as soon as she was born we began to think about when we could take her back.  We even snuck in a 2 night stay at Disneyland Paris.  But nothing prepared me for actually being at Walt Disney World with my husband and child.
Let me give you a heads up, I’m a crier.  I cry when we land in the US. I cry when I see the first Walt Disney World sign.  I cry on the monorail and I bawl like a baby when I’m on Main Street.  This was all amplified by about a million having Tink in tow.
We decided just to potter about Downtown Disney the first evening as it had been a long flight and I sniffled all the way round, culminating in a few good tears at Tinks first visit to World of Disney.
There were plenty of tears the first morning walking into Disney’s Hollywood Studios and even more when she had her first character experience, running up to Goofy and Pluto and giving them big kisses.  There was no shyness here, just pure excitement and pleasure.  But the biggest heart wrenching mama sobbing moment of that first day (and maybe the holiday?) was her meeting Mickey at Animation Courtyard.  Sorcerers Apprentice Mickey is my favorite anyway but add in the hugeness of the moment (and we were first in line) and the water works started good and proper.  Tink just ran into Mickeys arms and literally the whole crowd waiting collectively went ‘aw’.  Sniff.  This really was the moment when husband and I looked at each other and thought, that alone was worth all the months of saving and planning.
Every character interaction we had was amazing and we made full use of Photo Pass and now have over 400 wonderful photos to look at.  Tink was a bit more shy with the Princesses and Tinkerbell, mainly I think because they tried to engage with her and at just over 2 and half years old, although she doesn’t stop nattering at home she can be quite reserved with new people.  With fur characters she really came into her own, her favorite trick was to take a stuffed toy of that character to meet them, they loved that and we even ended up getting our Mexican Donald from EPCOT signed by the big duck which was pretty cool.
The character dining was a big hit too.  We did Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine, DHS with Handy Manny, Oso, June from Little Einsteins and Tinks firm favorite, Jake.  This was great fun and not as loud or hectic as I had been warned, just right as it is aimed at pre-schoolers.  We also ate at Cape May at the Beach Club breakfast.  This featured Donald, Goofy and Minnie and again it was just fab.  I’d love to stay here one day, what a wonderful resort.  We were however glad that we didn’t have to pay for madam to eat (they’re both buffets so under 3’s are free) as she was too busy looking at the characters to eat much, even the cakes didn’t tempt her.
Tink was also remarkably good and brave on rides.  Her favorite by far is It’s A Small World and we had to ride it hundreds of times.  I still have to sing her the song as part of her bedtime routine …
When we went to DLP in the summer she rode a couple of things, Buzz and Peter Pan, and didn’t really like them, in fact she said Buzz scared her.  So we didn’t hold out much hope in WDW.  But she was a changed child and even did Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion!!!  Now she was a little bit scared of those, but not in a get me out of here kinda way, just she cuddled into me a bit more during the dark bits.  Rollercoasters didn’t phase her at all, she held her arms up on Goofys Barmstormer shouting ‘weeeeee’ all the way round.  I’ll have her Space Mountain next time no prob 😉
She also LOVED the shows, especially the Disney Junior show.  I can just picture her now dancing all the way through, singing along and shouting to the characters on stage.  Well done Disney for a wonderful performance.
One of the things I really liked was the way the CMs interact with the little ones.  If she was wearing a Princess dress they’d call her Princess.  When she was dressed up like Tink they asked her about the fairies.  They were always waving at her and she got a couple of extra cookies.  I do believe WDW is a place for all people of all ages but I was 21 my first visit, I’m so glad Tink will always know she went when everything really was still pure magic and the CMs really do add to this.
We all really enjoyed taking our time and doing some rides and shows which were new for us too, such as the Disney Junior stuff and more sedate rides we had bypassed before (shame on us) such as Carousel of Progress and Jungle Cruise.  We also enjoyed exploring World Showcase through a 2 year olds eyes and spending time actually with the animals in the Affection Section in AK.  Everything about this holiday was focused on what Tink would want to do and indeed could do (although this mama did fit in one quick ToT ride) and it really worked for us.
This included getting to parks for rope drop, making the most of little or no lines, then heading back to our hotel for a quick rest and nap.  We would then either go back to the parks or shopping and dinner in the evening.  We didn’t make it out late enough to see any parades or fireworks and there was no way we did as much as previous years but this was very much a quality over quantity holiday for us.
One issue we did have (but would have had anywhere) was food and Tink not wanting to eat.  She is not the best eater, more of a snacker but she also doesn’t like to sit up and wait for her food, especially if there is stuff going on.  This did lead to a few ruined meals and tantrums but we always tried to keep in mind she is only 2, she has jeg lag and its like 100 degrees!!!  Bedtime was also an issue, as in she didn’t want to go!!!  Tink and I shared a bed and even when she was exhausted she didn’t go down without a fight a lot of the time, too excited and too much going on I expect but pretty frustrating at the time.  Only a week or so after we got home she dropped her day nap and now goes to bed no problem … typical, if only she’d done that there.  Oh well.
So there we are.  I’ve been totally honest about our first experience of WDW with a toddler.  There were many, many good times, a few did we make the right choice times but on the whole it was A-Mazing and we can’t wait to return in 2014 and do it all again.

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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Janine Pipe, married mom of 2 year old Tink, living in Swindon in the UK.  DLP shareholder and lifelong WDW fan.  Always planning the next trip and making the most of all things Disney in England.  Has been told her house resembles a Disney Store.

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