Indulging the Disney Diva: You CAN Afford a Wedding at Disney World!

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Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and what better place for lovin’ than Disney. Have you ever thought about getting married, or even renewing your vows, at Walt Disney World?  Here’s the scoop to help you plan your nuptials or renewals, because at these prices, there’s a good chance you can afford one of these Disney weddings.

Disney classifies weddings in three different pricing plans for three different budgets.  From low to high, they are the Escape Package, the Wishes Package, and the Couture Package. Here are the 2012 price list from Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding website for the lowest and most affordable wedding packages Disney has to offer, which are called the Disney “Escape” weddings.

Plan 1: the Disney Premium Escape Wedding

  • Disney Wedding Pavillion – $5,750
  • Canada Pavillion at Epcot – $6,200
  • Saturday and Sunday Escape Weddings – $7,500 minimum

Plan 2: the Disney Deluxe Wedding, $4,750 each

  • Sea Breeze Point at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
  • The Wedding Gazebo at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
  • Sunrise Terrace at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
  • Sunset Pointe at Disney’s Polynesian Resort
  • Saturday and Sunday Escape Weddings – $7,500 minimum

Plan 3: the Disney Memories Escape Collection, $1,991 to $2,495 each.

  • Conch Key Marina at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort 
  • Sunrise Terrace at Disney’s Polynesian Resort
  • Luau Beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

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For a Saturday or Sunday wedding at any of these locations, there is a minimum cost of $7,500.  Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings allows you to reach this minimum amount through a combination of the Escape Package itself, food, beverages, any floral items and decorations, entertainment, photographs, videos, additional transportation, and venue rentals. Prices will be higher during holidays, and of course dates are subject to availability.

Disney wedding prices can change at any time without notice, so you should contact a Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding specialist to discuss your options. That’s the job I want when I retire- booking fabulous weddings at spectacular Walt Disney World resorts. Now that would be a Disney dream come true.

The Disney Wedding website offers interactive tools like a collection comparison, design studio, detailed pricing, and information about accommodations. For a look at Disney’s wedding information website, click here.

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When a budget is not something you are particularly worried about…

Disney also offers wedding packages for the Disney Princess not so much worried about a tight budget.  I think I hear harp music when I say these names out loud. These are called the Wishes and the Couture packages. The Wishes package range prices from $12,000 to $20,00, and the Couture package starts at…you might want to sit down…$65,000. But that’s a true Disney Princess story for another Disney day.

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