Some Real Questions Asked to Travel Agents

magic kingdom story time with belle

As a travel agent, I like to think that I already know the questions that will be asked before I pick up the phone to contact a client. There have been a few that have taken me off guard. I’m now able to laugh at all of them but some of them did have me and other agents a little perplexed as to “Why would you tell me this?”Magic Kingdom Pete Fantasyland

Please enjoy with a great sense of humor:

  • My son has a warrant out for his arrest. Do you think he will still be able to fly?
  • Client: I would like to go to Disneyland in Florida.    Agent: Great, Disneyland is in California. Is it the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida that you wish to travel too?   Client: No. I have been to Walt Disney World in Orlando. I would like to see Disneyland in Florida next.
  • Does travel insurance cover a cancellation if my husband is arrested for a little felony?
  • Client: I saw the new Harry Potter world was open at Disney. Will I get a chance to see it when I’m at the Magic Kingdom?   Agent: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located at Universal Studios and it’s not a Disney Property.   Client: But the internet says it’s located at the Magic Kingdom.
  • In an email: (Attachment picture of a child) Do you think my 5 year old could pass as a big two year old?
  • How do I make my child look like he’s disabled? I don’t want to wait in lines.
  • I’m only going to make a reservation for four people but there will be 7 of us staying in the room at Pop Century. Do you think we Magic Kingdom Crystal Palace restaurantwill all be comfortable?
  • (Email received after client arrived home after trip to WDW. They traveled the second week in July) We had a great trip except it was very hot. I wasn’t expecting it to be in the 90’s with a heat index around 100 every day.
  • May I pay my balance when I get home from my trip?
  • Client: I can’t believe they made me take my cooler full of beer back to the car. It’s not like they sell it at the Magic Kingdom.  Curious Agent: How many beers did you have in the cooler.  Client: Oh, I took a whole case. I didn’t want to run out.
  • Client: {Laughing} I’m so excited. My mother in law is going to pay for my trip to Disney. Here is her credit card number.   Agent: I need her to sign an authorization form first. Where can I send it?  Client: Oh, I just took the credit card out of her purse. She doesn’t know she’s paying for it yet.
  • I don’t want to pay your commission. Could you please tell me how much you make and I will remove that from the invoice. (No, it wasn’t a service issue)

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Happy Friday Pictures!!

Start this weekend off with some Disney inspiration!

sky magic kingdom sunset



magic kingdom walt moon

Is it a baseball or the moon?

Chip and dale

Is there a happier pair?

Cinderella castle

It makes you want to say ahhhhh!

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Happy Birthday to the Most Magical Photographer

Today is a very special day birthday for Denny Miller. He takes the vast majority of the pictures on Mouze Kateerz that all of us enjoy. I must say that I too am a huge fan of is. Please enjoy some of Denny’s amazing photos and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Magic kingdom Castle


Magic Kingdom Castle Christmas


epcot illuminations fireworks



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Send the special lady in your life some Disney magic this Mother’s Day!


Looking for a fun and unique way to send your favorite lady some Disney magic? Why not stop by the Picturing Disney Photoblog Etsy shop? Here you will find a nice range of 8×10 Disney pictures all taken by me! I enjoy natural light photography and barely edit my images so that they feel true and natural, like you have just stepped back into a virtual vacation! And if you are sending a photo gift send a note through an Etsy conversation and I will include a nice little gift tag with your order.  🙂

-5   -6

Besides photography (and if you get there early the last of the Disney-inspired candles that were on sale in the shop in February and March) you will also find downloadable graphics! Both feature different color options for the Disney quote and they can be printed at home, framed, and given to your favorite Disney-lovin-lady just in time for Mother’s Day!

-2    -3

And just to make the deal sweeter for you! If you head on over to the Picturing Disney Facebook page any facebook followers can enter a code to get 10% off their entire Etsy order!


Traveling to WDW from the UK Day 1

Janine Mickey

Nine is one of our Mouze Kateerz writers that lives in the United Kingdom. This will be a multi part series that chronicles her adventure over the pond to see the Happiest Place on Earth.


These are the memoirs from our last trip to WDW , September 2012. It was our first trip with our then 2 year old daughter. This will be a warts and all style diary, with all the good points and the not so good of taking a pre-schooler.

Cast – me (Nine), 32, ex-cop, full time mummy and Disney-aholic. 5th time to Walt Disney World. Love Magic Kingdom and Tower of Terror.

DH (Disney Husband ~ Steve), 33, lawyer, loves Tampa Bay Rays, Animal Kingdom and Tower of Terror. 7th trip

DD (Disney Daughter ~ Felicity or Tink), 2 yrs 9mths, 1st trip to Walt Disney World, been once to Disneyland Paris. Loves It’s a Small World.

Day One – Travel Day 09/22/2012

We headed up to Surrey to stay with the inlaws the night before so that they could take us to Gatwick (the airport) in the morning. Tink knew we were off on our hols and as always when you want a decent nights sleep, we all slept really badly, a mixture of excitement and nerves.

We woke up around 530 and after a quick shower and a coffee we were off to Gatwick and arrived around 730.

We found Departures and the Thomson Airline desk pretty quickly, glad to have Tink in her buggy. We felt fairly smug lining up at the Premium Class desk (our treat to ourselves to make the first flight with DD a bit easier). I saw a friend I’d met on a UK Disney Forum straight away at the desk with her family and soon we were hugging like old friends. After months of chatting on the computer and texting it was so nice to finally meet.

The bags were all around 10kg and the car seat didnt get weighed at all, hurrah! We dropped it off at the oversize luggage desk then it was off to security. This was pain free so off we went in search of breakfast. Starbucks was located and pretty soon we were scoffing a BLT and cinnamon latte and a pain au raisin and hot tea. Madam refused to eat so we let her play in the kids area for a bit to try and burn off some energy. We got some magazines and sweets and very soon it was time to board. We were the last on in Premium due to farting about with the buggy but we were still seated in our pre-booked seats (middle aisle, second row) and sipping OJ while the rest of the plane was still boarding. Pretty soon after take off we had little pretzels and hot tea/coke/hot chocolate. Tink watched the iPad and I had brought various little presents including sticker books, colouring things, sweeties etc and these helped to entertain her. Meals were produced but she didn’t touch her sausage, beans and smiley potatoes. Her tummy wasn’t 100% so that combined with lack of sleep and excitement left her with little appetite. I figured today was not the day to worry if she ate nothing but crisps and sweets!

DH had chicken and I had veg curry, both of which were passable for airline food. We sure made use of the free drinks too, there was a good choice of soft and hot.

DD defied all logic by refusing to sleep despite being up really early and always having a daytime nap at home. She made friends with the little girl in front and I got to chat to my friend which was cool. Taking a 2 year old to the toilet on the plane was … interesting.

Ice creams appeared and later small sandwiches and scones, Tink yet again refused to eat a thing. Luckily no one seemed to notice or were used to her couple of outbursts, one couple even said how well behaved she had been!

We landed at Sanford on time. We managed to get through immigration, baggage and car hire pretty quickly, thank God for the buggy. We picked out a nice Dodge Caravan and off we went!

As luck would have it Tink fell asleep almost right away, phew. We had a decent drive to Lake Buena Vista although it rained a lot. Found our way to the hotel, the Clarion Inn. The grounds were pretty and check in was harmless. Found our room, dumped the cases and headed straight to DTD as we all had a second wind.Downtown Disney entrance sign, Mickey Mouse Disney, Mickey Mouse Disney sign, Disney, Mickey Mouse

Within 5 mins of leaving the hotel we passed the first Walt Disney World signs (cue tears) and we were quickly parked and ready to get my Caprese sandwich! We’d forgotten it was Saturday night and it was very busy. We headed straight to Earl of Sandwich, enjoying seeing Tink’s face as she took in all the sights and sounds. DH and DD found a table while I headed in to get our order, not too bad, from start to finish took me 16 minutes and it was heaving, the line was out of the door. I had my beloved Caprese, DH had a BLT and Tink had a grilled cheese, washed down with Cherry Coke and milk. I love how milk is an option in the US, DD drinks loads of it especially in the evening so it was perfect. We people watched for a bit then headed into World of Disney for DD to chose her first present. She was over awed by the sheer size and choice in here but ended up with a Minnie dressed for Halloween, which she loved as she had brought her Halloween Mickey from home. We had a lot of comments about these over the next 2 weeks. We then headed back to the hotel as it was now 9pm US time, 2am to us! DD and I went straight to bed while DH popped to the hotel store to get some milk and juice for the morning.

Went off to sleep happy to be back in our favourite place and looking forward to Disney Hollywood Studios in the morning.

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Loving our writer Teresa Scavette!

Fantasyland dumbo

Hi Mouze Readers!!

My name is Teresa Scavette and I am proud to be among such an amazing group of Mouzie’s!!!!

I live in New Jersey and am an avid Disney fan. I’ve been to WDW 74 times and have taken 4 Disney cruises and am happy to say was able to visit the west coast and enjoyed Disneyland!!

I like to write about the resorts that I’ve had the pleasure of exploring and enjoyed throughout the years. With so many trips under my belt I think I’ve stayed in most all of them – each one unique to itself!!!

I work with my husband Dan in our drapery manufacturing business here in NJ. I love to sew and so enjoy creating beautiful window treatments for our wonderful customers.

I’m a mother, grandmother and fairy Godmother too!!! My new love is our little yorkie poo named Sookie – she is full of energy and love!!

Crafting and travel are hobbies of mine and of course, my favorite vacation spot is Disney World!! I find something new and magical with each trip. Love my countdowns to Disney and all of the magical memories from trips gone by.

Check out my resort blogs on Mouze Kateerz and – oh yes…… to coin my favorite Disney phrase..”Have A Magical Day”!!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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TeresaTeri Scavette lives in Runnemede NJ. She and her husband, Dan, own and operate a window treatment business. Teri is a vereran of four Disney cruises and over 70 trips to WDW. “I so look forward to each trip more than the last. Why do I love Disney?

Quite simply…Being there and making so many happy treasured memories with my family just makes my heart smile!”


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The Walk in Walt’s Footstep at the Disneyland Resort

Angela Walt office

By Guest Angela

During a recent Agent education program Angela was able to attend The Walk in Walt’s Footstep tour. Here is her review and her photos.

The Walk in Walt’s Footstep tour was excellent. The tour takes you all over Disneyland as the guide tells you interesting tips and facts about Walt and what happened as Disneyland was being built.

There were two highlights of the tour for me:

1. We got to see the lobby of Club 33. Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square. Only members of Club 33 and their guests are allowed to dine there.

A little about Club 33. Walt built the Club so that he would have a place to host his guests and dignitaries that visited Disneyland.Angela Club 33

Walt saw the lift (elevator) that is located in the lobby of Club 33 during his stay at a hotel in France. He decided that he wanted the lift for Club 33 so he asked the owner of the hotel if he could by the lift. The owner said no. So Walt had his Imagineers take pictures and measurements of the lift and then they recreated it in Club 33.

Unfortunately, Walt never got to see the completed Club 33. New Orleans Square was dedicated in July 1966 and Walt died in December of 1966.

Fun fact: The initial membership dues at $27,000 and annual dues are $11,000. There is currently a waiting list for membership. I figure if I get on the list now, by the time I am selected maybe I will have saved the $27,000 🙂

2. We got to go into Walt’s apartment. It took all of the strength I could muster not to cry. I could not believe I was standing in the apartment where Walt lived while he was in the park. It was incredibly moving and inspiring.

Club 33 red door entranceWalt’s apartment is located above the Firehouse on Main St. Whenever Walt was in the park, he kept a lamp burning in the window facing Main St so that people would know he was in the park. Since his death, the lamp is always kept burning because as the Tour Guide said “Walt is always here”. I durn near cried when she said that.

The Tour Guides told us that it took awhile to get permission to add Walt’s apartment to the tour and that it had only been added within the past year.

They would not let us take any pictures. At the end of the tour they took a picture of us with lamp in the background.

Angela Barr is a travel agent for Great Escapes Travel Agency. All photos are courtesy of her.

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It all started with a bench?

By Guest Angela Barr

As some of you might know, Walt Disney got the idea to build Disneyland one Saturday during his “Daddy/Daughter day” One Saturday, Walt took his two daughters to the Carousel at Griffith Park. While he was sitting on the bench watching his daughters ride the Carousel, he started thinking that there should be some type of “entertainment enterprise” where parents and children could have fun together. That thought was the beginning of Disneyland.

In the “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” attraction, they have on display the actual park bench that Walt sat on when he conceived the idea for Disneyland.

Here is the bench:

Walt park bench disneyland

Photo courtesy of Angela Barr with Great Escapes Travel Agency.

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Inspirations of Cars Land

By Donna

Cars land is one of the most amazing places at the Disneyland Resort. It’s also rumored to be opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2016. Here is a look at where some of the inspiration for it’s design came from.

Drawing Guests deep into Disney California Adventure Park, Ornament Valley is home to Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land. Taking inspiration from America’s Southwestern vistas (think Monument Valley, Arches National Park and Sedona, Arizona), Disney borrows elements from each. The series of caverns, buttes and canyons creates a ride and queue that is as breathtaking as the real thing.

The famous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and the Black Mountains of Arizona lent inspiration to the fins seen here.

The “radiator cap” is similar to the land structure Tucumcari Mountain in New Mexico. The residents of Tucumcari (which Route 66 once ran through) are said to repaint the town’s initial on the side of the mountain each year. (Can you spot the RS here?)

Ornament Valley beckons you from afar…

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DonnaDonna is a wife, mom, physical therapist and year-old blogger at DIStherapy. She is a  non-profit caretaker for special needs causes and running for same!  Contributor to WDW Fan Zone, The Magical Blogorail Yellow Loop and Babes in Disneyland.  She resides in Killington, VT and Long Island, NY.

You can visit Donna on her blog at DIStherapy or at DIStherapy on Facebook.

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Discovering the Magic Kingdom at Club 33

I would like to introduce Joshua Shaffer from face book fanpage Discovering the Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide or on the web at . He had a great experience at Club 33 and would like to share it with all of the Mouze Kateerz readers.
My name is Joshua Shaffer, and I want to share with you my first experience in Club 33, but let me start off by giving you a little history of The Club. Club 33 is an exclusive club built by Walt Disney after he visited the World’s Fair and noticed the VIP sections for other companies guests. Back in 1957 there was a “lost land” in Disneyland called Holidayland until its closure and subsequent removal in September 1961. This is the area where Walt decided to build New Orleans Square . New Orleans Square opened in July 1966 with the construction of Club 33 continuing after the land’s opening, but it didn’t officially open until 5 months after Walt’s death on December 15th, 1966. Walt had envisioned the club to be the special place to house VIP’s only, but after his death, the Disney Corporation opened memberships to everyone. The problem now is that the wait list is 14 years long, and they haven’t opened up for new members in the past decade until earlier this year. The cost to join The Club is $25,000 and the annual cost to keep the membership is $10,000. So as you can imagine the odds of getting a membership and actually keeping it are very slim. Circulating rumors are stating that there are around 500 members. I’m guessing you can understand my excitement when I received a call from a new friend of mine asking me to join her for lunch in The Club.
About 2 weeks before my trip I received a call from my friend inviting my wife, Courtney, and me to join her in Club 33 for lunch. I was so ecstatic. That week was going to mark my 100th day in Disneyland, and I wanted to make it special. Being able to go into Club 33 was going to do just that. We made plans ahead of time to meet outside the green door at 11:30 a.m. The anticipation I felt was so hard to handle. Courtney and I kept seeing people going up to the door to ring the buzzer for a Cast Member (CM) to open the door for their reservations. While standing there, I overheard passers-by commenting on what was behind the green door. Some people knew exactly what was behind the door. Others just guessed or had some outlandish idea of what The Club was. A few people even stopped to pose next to the address, a giant number 33 on the door frame.
At 11:30 right on the dot my friend approached. She rang the buzzer and a Cast Member let us in. The CM checked the reservation list and told us to wait for a few minutes to be taken up stairs and asked if we wanted to check our backpacks or bags for pickup later. I opted to keep mine, but Courtney turned hers in and received a ticket stub for it. It was time to go and the CM asked if we wanted to take the stairs or the old fashioned red elevator that Walt had designed after those he saw in France. Our companion took the stairs to the upper floor, but my wife and I opted to ride in the elevator, sharing a kiss on the way up.
When exiting the elevator, we were confronted with a prop from the last film that Walt had a creative hand in making, “The Happiest Millionaire” (1967), in the form of a phone booth. The hostess led us past the Club 33 “gift shop,” past the bar (the only place that serves alcohol in Disneyland) and buffet over to our table for four. The server introduced herself and explained how the ordering worked and shared a little history of The Club. They poured us Evian water straight from the chilled glass bottles, and mind you, kept it topped off the entire time. I ordered the “farm raised Texas blackened redfish” and Courtney ordered the “grilled lamb top sirloin.”
While the server placed our order, we visited the buffet. Talk about a great spread. There were different types of salads, deli meat trays, cheese platters, fruit bowls, other delicacies which I didn’t even know what they were and mini foods. Walt, as you may not know, liked miniatures, so there were some edibles created to the look like miniature foods. Like little rolls about 1” in diameter filled with meat and a little rose made out of salmon. They were very cute; I didn’t even want to eat them. My friend grabbed a crème brûlée from the dessert bar claiming that they will run out by the time we are ready for dessert.
While we waited for our food to arrive, Courtney and I went out onto the balcony to peer out over New Orleans Square. Everyone looked so tiny from so far up. Okay so we weren’t that far up, but still it was an odd feeling to be looking at everything from up there. Some of my friends were walking by the Pieces Of Eight shop and waived up at me. We sat out there for a few minutes soaking in the scenery overlooking the Rivers Of America and watching the pirates singing below.
Our food arrived, and we were delighted with the flavor, and the food décor was just beautiful. The wait staff was right on top of things by keeping our waters topped off with iced cold Evian. The server offered us Pirate Punch, a delicious mixture of fruit juices, in a chilled glass with a flashing character clipped to the edge of it. I ordered a skull and crossbones, Courtney a Tinker Bell. The waitress brought us copies of our menus to take home. After we ate, we visited the dessert bar for some éclairs, Mickey mousse, mini slices of chocolate mousse cake, Mickey shaped coconut cookies dipped in chocolate, mini slices of fruit tarts, mini apple pies, some other assortments of sweets, but no crème brûlée. My friend was right; they were out. While eating our assortment of overly sweet desserts, the man behind us asked Courtney if she could take his photo with his girlfriend. She obliged and saw him starting to get down on one knee in front of his girlfriend. Courtney quickly figured out what this gentleman was doing and switched his phone from taking a photo to being able to record him proposing to her. Ahhhhh! Everyone in the room started clapping when she said “yes”, and the pastry chef made them a congratulatory dessert.
We were told to check out the restroom as they have a special look to them. All the counter tops, in the men’s bathroom at least, were covered with black marble and the whole design seems to date back to the 30’s. In the women’s bathroom the toilets looked like wicker chairs with a lid that opens. Both of them have a little table with paper towels set up for drying your hands with the Club 33 logo on them. We checked out the “gift shop” which was just a large glass case with monogrammed Club 33 shirts, jewelry, key chains, cuff links and pins. Across the room from the bar was a harpsichord that once belonged to Lillian Disney herself. One of the cast member’s stated that it has to be tuned every time before it is played. In the narrow hallway that bridges over the top on the New Orleans Square walkway there was a table that was used as a prop in the musical “Mary Poppins” (1964). That film is one of Courtney’s favorites, so she just had to pose with it for a photo. On all the walls are original works of art by Disney animator and attraction designer, Marc Davis. We walked through the trophy room that was full of taxidermied animals. Apparently some were animatronic, but none were moving at this time. My friend pointed out the hidden microphones in the chandeliers that Walt intended to use to listen to his guests’ opinions of the place. On the walls are butterflies in shadowboxes from Lillian Disney’s own collection. 
We took many photos of our experience in the Club and said goodbye to our server as we worked our way down the red carpeted stairs to the bottom floor and walked back out into the sun lit street of New Orleans.
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