Things said to a Travel Agent #3

Magic Kingdom tea cups mad

When working with customers, there are times that you just have to laugh at responses and questions. This is the third installment Epcot illuminations balloonof  “Things said to a travel agent”. I hop you enjoy with a great sense of humor.

~ Client: I’ve always wanted to go to Paris to see Big Ben. / Agent: Do you mean the Eiffel Tower or to London? / Client: Does the Eiffel tower have the clock in it?

~ Client: I would like to go to an all inclusive resort for my honeymoon. It needs to be at least a 4 star resort for 7 nights. The price needs to include airfare. My budget is $1,500. /Agent: Is that per person? / Client: No. That’s total for the trip. I decided to spend an extra $5,000 on my dress so I took that money from my honeymoon budget.

~ How bad is customs in Hawaii? {said by a US citizen}

~ Why would Disney build a park that is exclusive to Harry Potter?

~ How much alcohol can you take into the theme parks?

dumbo~ Could you please give me a quote to sleep in one of the little boats that hang on the side of the cruise ship? They seem like they would be cool to stay in.

~ Can you please request that I don’t have a stateroom attendant on the cruise? I don’t want to pay him a gratuity. I also don’t need a time to go to the dining hall. I  don’t want to pay the gratuity to the servers either.

~ {said by a 19 year old college student booking a spring break cruise} I will use my fake ID to get alcohol on the cruise ship? /Agent: They don’t check your ID at the bar. You are issued a room key/charging card that will say you are underage to purchase alcohol./ Client: Bummer

~ My cat has separation anxiety. Do you think the hotel maid will change his kitty pan if I take him with us?

~ {after they returned} Client: I would like you to refund me the cost of my trip. /Agent: Why? / Client: I got caught smoking three times in non authorized areas and I was kicked out of the parks. It was a huge inconvenience.

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Things said to a Travel Agent #2

Magic kingdom Castle

By Frances

By popular demand, here is a second installment of Things Said to a Travel Agent. As a travel professional, I pride myself on knowing details about a destination and lot of ins & out. These are some more comments or questions that have taken me off guard in my years in the travel business. You can imagine my responses. Please enjoy with a great sense of humor. EPCOT Flowers

~ I would like to stay at a clothing optional resort at Walt Disney World. (I did giggle a little when asked this)

~ Client:  I would like my 9 year old to have charging capabilities on his Magic Band. I would like for him to be able to purchase things when I’m not with him and to able to use the dining plan. Me: {knowing it’s a single dad and only his son on this trip} Oh! Will another family be joining you? Client: No, I will find a good spot to sit and let him do all of the rides by himself. I would prefer to read my book and people watch than to ride rides.

~ I can’t afford to pay off my trip. My kids are super excited. Can you pay the balance and I can pay you back with my tax returns?

~ Client: Could you please tell me some of the best places to hide and smoke at the parks? Me: You don’t have to hide, there are designated smoking areas at each resort and at all of the theme parks. Client: They let you smoke pot at Disney?

Seven Seas Lagoon

Seven Seas Lagoon

~ I would like the garden view room at the Contemporary please. I will then find something wrong during my stay and raise hell. They will upgrade me then to an atrium room and I won’t have to pay for it.

~ Client: How many bottles of water can I take into the parks? Me: I don’t believe there is a limit on how many bottles you can take as long as you can comfortably carry them. Client: So you don’t think 6 – 24 ounce bottles is too many? Me: For the 4 of you, I think that would be fine but you can get free refills of water at any restaurant. Client: Oh, they won’t be filled with water. I’m filling them with vodka.

~ {A woman} I will go into the men’s restroom with my 5 year old son. I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable going into one with out me?  Me: The men’s restroom?  Client: Yes Ma’am!

~ I know Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club is only for their resort guests but can you tell me how to sneak in there?

~ Can you please tell me how to cheat the magic bands? I want my friends staying at the Hilton to use our passes too.


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Do you want to be a Travel Agent?

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From my earliest memories, I loved to travel. It didn’t matter if it was a day excursion or an 10 night dream trip. I wanted to see my Downtown Disney entrance sign, Mickey Mouse Disney, Mickey Mouse Disney sign, Disney, Mickey Mouseworld, my country, my state and my town. That passion for travel brought me to opening my own agency. I know that there are many people that have this same dream and I would like to help make their dreams come true as well. Before becoming a travel agent, I worked at the The Disney Store on the management team. My favorite part was training new cast members and always being able to learn something new. That is the foundation of Magical Vacations by Me. It’s about having a support system to help you realize your dreams. Whether you are a new agent or someone that has been in the industry for awhile, please read the article below and email the answers to the questions below to

As an independent contractor with Magical Vacations by Me, LLC,  you’ll set your own schedule while booking travel for clients and receiving commission on that client’s travels. You’ll be running your own home business via Internet, phone, and in-person and could enjoy tax benefits – please speak with your tax adviser. This is a 100% commission position. There is no base salary or company provided health insurance.

There are no hidden fees with Magical Vacations by Me. You can expect to pay normal business expenses such as document mailing costs, business cards, office supplies, travel expenses, continuing education, etc. There is a one time on boarding fee of $150 that you can receive $100 back once you have met a $15,000 sales goal within 9 months on contract. No yearly or monthly sales fees.

You would work under Magical Vacations by Me’s industry ID. You would be able to book vacations for trips all around the world, if you so choose. You aren’t limited to just Disney.

Polynesian Resort, Polynesian Resort food, Plynesian resort restaurantsMYTH: Being a Travel Specialist will be soooo easy! All you do is punch in a couple of keys on the computer and it’s done!

It’s a lot of hard work with great rewards but you must put forth the effort. You will have to learn to balance your home life and your clients. Clients don’t always want to talk when it’s convenient to you. You only get paid AFTER your client has traveled and AFTER MVbM has received payment from the vendor. This means that you put forth a lot of work before you get paid. There is also a chance that you may work hard and the client books direct with Disney, with another agent or they may decide not to go.

You must also be in the US legally and fill out a W9 form for tax purposes.

If you application is accepted:

1. There is a $150 on boarding fee that you will receive $100 back when you have $15,000 in confirmed sales within the first 9 months on contract.

2. You must complete the Disney College of Knowledge and basic travel education within a timely manner.

3. Submit three referrals for vacations

4. Begin making dreams come true.

Please answer the following questions and email your responses to

1. Full Legal Name

2. Mailing Address

3. Best Contact phone number and times to contact

4. Are you able to give full time hours (32 + hours per week) or Part Time (up to 20 hours per week)?

5. Are you currently employed? If so, where?

6. Would you be willing to submit to a back ground check?

7. Are you active on social media? If so, where? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

8. Do you have your own blog or one that you write for? If so, what is it?

9. Please list all Disney Destinations that you have experienced and the dates that you experienced them.

10. Please list any other travel partners that you may have experienced (Sandals, Royal Caribbean, Universal Resorts, Sea World etc.).

11. Please tell us about your favorite Disney experience.

12. Where will you find your clients? (The ball field, church, social media etc. )

13. Why do you think you would make a great Magical Vacations by Me travel specialist?

14. Do you have any previous experience in the travel industry?

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.



Favorite Table Service Restaurants at WDW!

Epcot gondola, Grand Canal, Epcot Italian Pavilion, Via Napoli Epcot, Epcot restaurant

I posed the question to the Mouze Kateerz Staff, “What table service restaurant could you eat at 4 times on a 7 day vacation?”. Here are their answers.

Teresa Scavette: That is an easy question for me!! My upmost favorite dining spot is….. Tutta Italia in EPCOT. If it were up to me I would eat there each and every night of my time at Disney! The atmosphere, food and service = outstanding!! AND…. I always feel at home while dining there – just like being at my Nana’s on Sunday afternoons back in the day!!!! Ciao!!

ShannAn Sykes Wright: Whispering Canyon Cafe! Ketchup and the entertainment Mama's Panna Cotta, Tiramisu flavored custard with lady fingers in a cappuccino sauce.

Lisa Petrarca: Les Chefs De France, love the escargot and can’t get any of it around me. Would also consider Restaurant Marrakesh, they have some great meals there and I could try something different every time!

Melissa Rhodes:  That is a tough one. As much as I love Les Chefs de France and Restaurant Marrakesh also, I am thinking my answer will be Boma. I type this as I just came home from eating dinner there and I will be back for breakfast tomorrow morning. So there are two of the four in a week and when we did 2 weeks this winter, we ate dinner there 4 times for dinner and 2 times for breakfast. We love exotic new cuisines and with Boma there is something for everyone in the family and since they rotate the main entrees and soups – you won’t be eating the same thing twice. The soup bar alone is enough to make me want to eat there every night! Oh and did I mention the two famous Boma words: zebra domes!

Mike Ellis: Nothing compares to the Garden Grill Restaurant at EPCOT. I love the fresh food, the rotating restaurant, and the characters! That is my “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” Pick!

Amanda Casey: I’d say Pepper Market at Coronado Springs. It counts as a quick service but you they refill your drinks for you at your table. I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there for my entire trip and be just fine. Mickey waffles, cinnamon french toast, biscuits and gravy YUM…. Orrrr Nachos, burritos, quesadillas or even the staple cheeseburger

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Loving Cinderella’s Castle

By Frances

For the second day of the month of love we are sharing our love of Cinderella’s Castle. No matter how many times we see it. No matter how many different positions we take pictures. We fall in love with her over and over again. Please enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Cinderella’s Castle.

Cinderella castle

Castle, Cinderella Castle, sunset, sunsets, beautiful sunsets, Magic Kingdom sunsets,

Walt and Mickey, Walt and Mickey statue, Mickey Mouse statue, Disney statue, Cinderella castle

Cinderella Castle at night, Tomorrowland at night, Walt Disney World

Disney's Castle, Disney's Cinderella Castle, Main Street USA,

Castle Dreamlights, Disney at night, Disney Christmas at night, Disney Christmas castle, Disney Christmas vacation, planning Disney vacation at Christmas, Disney Cinderella Castle at Christmas

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