The Disney Tattoo…A Tribute To The Place We Love

By Frances

There are few things in the world that bring such emotion to millions of people like Disney does! It is no surprise that people would like to make Disney a permanent part of themselves! Here are a few tattoos from our Mouze Kateerz readers that show their love for the icons!

I got my very own hidden Mickey in July 2012. I am addicted to Disney, and obsessed with finding hidden Mickeys whenever I get the chance to go to Disney World, so I figured I’d add one more hidden Mickey to the list! I absolutely love it, and may even get 13.1 added to it when I complete my first ever Princess 1/2 Marathon this February!! 🙂

Heather H.

Frances: Best of luck to you Heather with adding the 13.1 in February:-)

Got this one last year…my first ever & probably only tattoo…knew I wanted one that was Disney, but not so cutesy I’d grow out of it. I love animals, too, so I combined the 2 to make an awesome Animal Kingdom-esque tattoo….love it!  ~ Wendy D.

Hello there,
A friend of mine told me about this & they said to send along a little story.
I got this tattoo on December 3, 2003, I had the Gastric bypass on September 11, 2002 & I wanted something to mark the fact that I had lost over 150lbs. So my friend Karen designed this for me.
Thank for letting me share this with you!!

Melanie S.

Frances: Congratulations on your weight loss journey! Your friend Karen did an amazing job designing it.

I was in Florida to see my Mom, who was sick at the time. The gentleman friend that I was with wanted another tattoo-Taz. I never had any desire to have a tattoo but he knew that as soon as he opened the book to Mickey that he had me! I like this one because it is reminds me of myself-looks as though he is running late-as I always am! I am a huge Mickey and Minnie collector so maybe someday Minnie, too!

Frances: Thank you for sharing Cathy! Send us the Minnie Tattoo as soon as you get it! 🙂

Besides having a love for Disney……My Pooh and Eeyore and soon to be Tigger, Piglet and possibly Rabbit (if it will fit) reminds me of my childhood and also symbolizes the different feelings throughout my life. ~ Jen

Tinkerbell is a symbol of the every day “magic” in my life and to never give up that anything is possible. ~Jen

Mickey and Minnie is a symbol of the love I share with my husband.

I will definitely be looking for the article this Friday! I love looking at other peoples tattoos especially Disney.

Thanks, Jen

Frances: Jen, I love them all! They are so beautiful! I think my favorite is Mickey & Minnie! I love the icons!

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