A Free $100 Disney Gift Card = Awesome

Free Disney Gift card, Disney Gift Card.

There are many things that you can purchase with a $100 Disney Gift Card! Here are a few that we thought of and would love to hear from you as well!

~ 1/2 of your Disney Vacation Package Deposit (It’s only $200 to make your deposit)

~ Most of a Bippity Boppity Boutique Dress and accessories

~ About 10 different drinks while you “Drink Around the World” at EPCOT

~ A Round of Golf, A Cart & Clubs at the Oak Trail Golf Course

~ Go towards dinner at Victoria & Albert’s

~ Customized Christmas Stockings

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What would you do with a $100 Disney Gift Card? Vol. I

By Frances

There are so many things that you can do with a $100 Disney Gift Card. Here are a few things that our Mouze Kateerz readers would do. Please comment on this post and you just may see your comment in a blog:-)

Kristen says: I am going to Disney in April, so I would use the gift card to pay for a character meal for my 3 toddlers, husband and I!!!!

Amanda says: I would love to be able to take my little girl to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique so she could be her favorite princess Rapunzel!

Lois says: I have a surprise trip planned in January (it’s going under the Christmas tree), so an extra $100 would really help!!

Julia says: I would buy all of the baby Tinkerbell and baby animals that I could afford for my daughter.

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Best of Luck to everyone!

Where is One of the Best Places to Locate Disney Items at a Fraction of the Retail Cost?


Mickey helium balloon, Minnie helium balloon, Disney helium balloons, helium shortage

By Amanda.

I can’t walk into a Disney gift shop without mentally spending about $400. Suddenly there are things I need, things I just feel compelled to buy, most of which I don’t need or use. I don’t need a coffee mug, but I sure want one or two. I don’t drink wine, but the Mickey head bottle stoppers are just to die for.

What I really need are picture frames. And yet I find myself hesitating because I am just a Cheapskate Princess.

My kids really love to see Disney picture frames all throughout our house. But with three children on two teacher’s salaries, those fabulous Disney photo frames often seem above my budget. The solution?


I bought this picture frame, solid wood with no flaws or dents listed in the auction description, for $11.25 including shipping just two days ago.

Hard to argue with that price.

But with eBay, it is buyer beware. Auction descriptions aren’t always 100% accurate, some sellers aren’t 100% honest, and you have to look out for prices being inflated, especially if you don’t know the normal every day price of what you are looking for.


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Saving Pennies for Walt Disney World!

Like most families, we are on a budget. When we go on vacation, there isn’t a lot of extra money for “extras”. We always go when there is a special promotion that is being offered. We usually get the Plus Dining meal plan and find that we save over $200 a trip on food using that. We love the snack credits. We usually get our Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars using them. However, my kids want a new toy (or toys) “to remember” each trip by. Souvenirs can add up very fast and my kids want two of each and three of most toys. Does that sound like your kids?

So here is what my husband & I do. Our kids have to pay for their own toys! Some people might call that cruel but we call it a life lesson! Our children are 8 years old & 4 years old. Loose change in our house is theirs! They have to take it and place it in the piggy bank. Even the 4 year old knows that he is saving for his Disney toys. Of course we encourage our 8 year old to save birthday and tooth fairy money to use for herself.

About two weeks prior to leaving, we uncork the pig and count it up. Our 8 year old has to help us count and roll the coins. This last time, we saved our coins for 5 months. We rarely will spend our coins when paying with cash, so that helps a lot getting to the grand total. We are always surprised at how much it adds up to. When the last pig was counted, we had saved $73.50 plus we have a few coins leftover to help us start saving for next time.

What kind of things do our children pay for?

1. The Arcade

2. Extra Mickey Rice Crispy Treats

3. Hair Accessories

4. Plush Characters

5. Extra Trading Pins (We usually give them 20 to start that we purchase off of EBay)

6. Extra Vinylmations (We usually give them 3-4 to start)

7. Extra swords, daggers, hooks (If he already has one, we make him purchase the extras)

You might not think a 4 year old understands money but they quickly learn. Especially when it’s “All Gone”.

Another general rule that we have is they can’t purchase anything until day 3 or 4 of an 8 day trip. This gives our kids an opportunity to really find something that they will enjoy.

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Mouzing around Disney’s Beach Club

Enjoy a stroll around Disney’s Beach Club

Every photo has a story.

Walt Disney World is a busy place during the holidays. That’s probably an understatement; it’s an amazingly busy place.

Picture this…there are 12,213 parking spots in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.  If you don’t arrive to claim your parking spot by about 10 a.m. on Christmas morning, you’ll be out of luck, because that’s about the time the parking lot fills up.  If you’re a Disney night-owl like me, and you can’t catch that 7 a.m. wake up call, where to go now?

Head on over to Disney’s Beach Club Resort.  The Beach Club models the architecture of 20th century mid-Atlantic resorts, showcasing pastel colors, intricate woodwork, and a relaxing beachy charm.  If you decide you just need to ride some roller coasters, you are within walking distance of both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The Beach Club Resort is the creation of architect Robert A. M. Stern, the master also responsible for designing the Disney’s Boardwalk  Resort, Disney’s Newport Bay Resort, and the Cheyenne Resort in Disneyland Paris.

A must-see Disney holiday decoration is front and center in the lobby of the Beach Club.  Here you will find an amazing gingerbread carousel, featuring ponies made of yummy chocolate and fondant, giant candy canes, and hand-painted portraits of Disney Characters.  It’s a culinary-artwork sight to behold.

Now make your way down the resort stairs to the Disney BoardWalk entertainment district and out to Crescent Lake.  You can walk the entire circumference of the lake at a leisurely pace in about 20 minutes.  One memorable stopping point is a small lighthouse at the end of a narrow causeway overlooking the Beach Club itself.  But be warned, because if you stop at some of the merchandise stores or restaurants, this sight-seeing walk could take a bit more time.  There’s also classic midway games, occasional street performers,  dancing at the Atlantic Dance Hall, or you can enjoy a “dueling pianos” show at Jellyroll’s.

The Magic Kingdom is still pretty busy. You have plenty of time for another lap around the lake.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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Which Disney World Resort Level is Best for Your Family?

Animal Kingdom Resort, Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort

By Frances.

Which Disney Resort is best for your family? All the Disney Resorts have magical theming and share the same inside-the-park benefits. The largest differences are found in pricing, dining and accommodations. Here is a quick snap shot of each resort level. [Read more…]

Upcoming Holiday Fun on the WDW Monorail

“Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas. Ladies and Gentlemen, please collect your belongings and watch your head and step. Please assist small children by the hand.” If you’ve ever ridden on a Disney monorail, this simple exit speech is etched into your Disney memory forever.

Since the 1971 opening of Walt Disney World, the monorail system has carried more than one billion passengers.  The WDW Resort Monorail System,  the most heavily traveled passenger monorail system in the world, carries nearly 150,000 passengers every week day.  Each year, the monorails transport more than 50 million  people. If you are looking for a break from the theme park crowds this holiday season, hop a monorail and tour some of the breathtaking resorts along the monorail route.

The holdiays are right around the corner. Just what sorts of entertainment can you find on a ride on the monorail?

Your first stop…the Contemporary Resort offers some shopping and a quick-lunch  at the Contempo Cafe.  As you watch other monorails zip  through the building, you’ll definitely want a Black Forrest Cupcake for  dessert.  A traditional Contemporary must-see is the floor-to-ceiling  ceramic mural, created by artist and Disney legend Mary Blair, whimsically celebrating the beauty of the Grand  Canyon and the southwest region.  Need some quiet time to rest your achy  feet?  Take an escalator down one floor to the Convention Center area,  where there are usually some fluffy couches available, and the bathrooms here  are super clean, quiet, and roomy.

Next stop…the Polynesian Resort, where you’ll enter a South Pacific themed  tropical paradise. Walk down to the lower level and gaze at the 70 species of  plants found around the waterfall.  Take a seat, so close you are within reaching distance of the flora, and feel your vacation tensions melt away to the sound of the peaceful falling waters.  If you need a quick bite to eat, try Captain  Cook’s or the Tambo Lounge.  If you are here near nightfall, ask about the Polynesian Resort‘s torch-lighting ceremony, which  includes a traditional fire-knife dance together with authentic drumming and chants.

Last stop… is the magnificent Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  Labeled as the flagship  hotel of the Walt Disney World Resorts, just standing in the five-story lobby is a journey into opulence and splendor.  There are six restaurants to choose from and shopping at Basin White or M. Mouse Mercantile. Pull up a chair and listen to the frequent musical entertainment,  which ranges from a pianist seated at a grand piano to a Disney big band.   Because this holiday decoration will be gone after New Years,  make a trip over to the Victorian era-style Grand Floridian gingerbread house before you make your way back upstairs for the monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom.

A modernistic transportation system to journey you to the Future, the South Seas, and the Victorian Era…all in a Disney holiday’s time.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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Restaurant Marrakesh: EPCOT’s Hidden Gem?

By Lisa.

When thinking of places to have dinner at Disney, Moroccan food is definitely not the first thing that comes to my mind. After all of our trips there, I have walked by Restaurant Marrakesh more times than I can count and never considered trying them…That was a huge mistake! On our last trip we were looking for a place to have a meal and while walking through Morocco we decided to stop in there to have a drink and some hummus, what we ended up having was much more and much better!

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, What is the Grandest Disney Resort of ALL?

Grand Floridian, Grand Fkloridian Resort and Spa, Disney's Grand Floridian, Disney hotels, Disney resorts, Seven Seas Lagoon

By Teri.

“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall… What’s the Grandest Resort of All???”

In all of Walt Disney World, you will see, The Grand Floridian is the place to be. [Read more…]

Looking to Escape the Disney World Crowds? Try this Night-Time Entertainment

Disney Fireworks

By Donna.

We really love the Disney theme parks in the summer.  Standing in long lines and watching the daytime parades in the heat may be a big challenge, but the weather allows for certain outdoor activities that just are not the same the rest of the year.  [Read more…]