The Disney College Program: An Application and Benefits Overview

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As a total Disney fan, I frequently joke about retiring in Orlando. I often tell my three pre-teen children they should participate in the Disney College Program, so they can live close by while I am cranking out caramel apples as a Cast Member on Main Street, U.S.A.  in my advanced age. But honestly, I knew very little about the Disney College program. So the Mouze did a little research, and I’ll share with you a brief overview.

Disney will give college students opportunities they won’t get in a traditional college classroom, like meeting people from all over the world, attending career development classes, and building real life skills that will further any career.

You start with an online application, and you must meet certain requirements to even apply. You must

  • be enrolled full/part time in an accredited university.
  • have completed one semester of college. College freshman can apply their first semester for participation during 2nd semester.
  • be enrolled in college at the time of your interview. College seniors can apply and participate after graduation.
  • meet any criteria your college requires to participate, including G.P.A., grade level, or earned credit hours.
  • be 18 when you arrive for work.
  • have U.S. work authorization with no restrictions.

Other than gaining real world experience (that probably only parents worry about right now anyway), why would a college student participate in the Disney College Program? You get

  • the Biggie…Woohoo!  Walt Disney World theme park admission for Cast Members.
  • weekly pay, direct deposit, free uniforms/costumes, and credit union membership
  • discounts on merchandise, dining, recreation, hotels, cruises, and some discounts from local businesses.
  • sneak previews of new attractions, parks, and resorts.
  • wellness programs, health fairs, and life management services.
  • cast member clubs and sports leagues.
Walt Disney World, Disney Princess, Disney College Program, Cast Member Benefits

Imagine yourself as a Cast Member while you participate in the Disney College Program.

On our Walt Disney World vacations, we haunt the Magic Kingdom  late at night when we can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours.  My sons have traded pins with Cast Members sweeping floors and dumping garbage cans. One was a teacher, and one had just taken his medical boards to get certified as a doctor. Both raved about the program, friends they had met, and Disney experiences they would never forget.

I suddenly wanted to apply myself.

Drop by next Wednesday when I’ll take a look at the $$, the “Disney Look”, and the living arrangements. If you just can’t wait, click here for the Disney College Program’s official website, where there is lots of in-depth infomation.  Tell ’em the Mouze sent ya!


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