Are you daring enough to try the Kitchen Sink?

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By Frances

When asking a non Disney addict, “Would you like to share a kitchen sink with me?”, the answer will probably be a strange look. Seriously who in their right mind would eat something called a place that you wash babies in when they are covered in spaghetti! Well, my family absolutely ate the Kitchen Sink that can be found at Beaches & Cream restaurant located at the Disney’s Beach Club Resort. And none of us regret it!

What is the Kitchen Sink?Ice cream sundae, Disney dessert, cost of the Kitchen Sink, menu for Beaches and Cream soda shop

8 scoops of ice cream — including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and mint chocolate chip

Angel Food Cake

Bundt Cake,



Milky Way Candy bar pieces

Peanut Butter

Hot FudgeIce cream sundae, Disney dessert, cost of the Kitchen Sink, menu for Beaches and Cream soda shop

Strawberry, Butterscotch, and Caramel sauces




And a whole can of whipped cream.

When you order it, they turn on the emergency lights and make a huge announcement to the room! It’s awesome!

At close to $25, it’s an expensive dessert. But divide it wit a few friends and the memory is worth every penny.

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