The Walk in Walt’s Footstep at the Disneyland Resort

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By Guest Angela

During a recent Agent education program Angela was able to attend The Walk in Walt’s Footstep tour. Here is her review and her photos.

The Walk in Walt’s Footstep tour was excellent. The tour takes you all over Disneyland as the guide tells you interesting tips and facts about Walt and what happened as Disneyland was being built.

There were two highlights of the tour for me:

1. We got to see the lobby of Club 33. Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square. Only members of Club 33 and their guests are allowed to dine there.

A little about Club 33. Walt built the Club so that he would have a place to host his guests and dignitaries that visited Disneyland.Angela Club 33

Walt saw the lift (elevator) that is located in the lobby of Club 33 during his stay at a hotel in France. He decided that he wanted the lift for Club 33 so he asked the owner of the hotel if he could by the lift. The owner said no. So Walt had his Imagineers take pictures and measurements of the lift and then they recreated it in Club 33.

Unfortunately, Walt never got to see the completed Club 33. New Orleans Square was dedicated in July 1966 and Walt died in December of 1966.

Fun fact: The initial membership dues at $27,000 and annual dues are $11,000. There is currently a waiting list for membership. I figure if I get on the list now, by the time I am selected maybe I will have saved the $27,000 🙂

2. We got to go into Walt’s apartment. It took all of the strength I could muster not to cry. I could not believe I was standing in the apartment where Walt lived while he was in the park. It was incredibly moving and inspiring.

Club 33 red door entranceWalt’s apartment is located above the Firehouse on Main St. Whenever Walt was in the park, he kept a lamp burning in the window facing Main St so that people would know he was in the park. Since his death, the lamp is always kept burning because as the Tour Guide said “Walt is always here”. I durn near cried when she said that.

The Tour Guides told us that it took awhile to get permission to add Walt’s apartment to the tour and that it had only been added within the past year.

They would not let us take any pictures. At the end of the tour they took a picture of us with lamp in the background.

Angela Barr is a travel agent for Great Escapes Travel Agency. All photos are courtesy of her.

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