Expedition Everest Challenge, is it the race for you?

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Expedition Everest Challenge, is it the race for you?

By Lisa P.

Many of you have probably heard about all the big Run Disney events such as Marathon weekend, the Princess half, Tinkerbell half, Wine and Dine half and Disneyland half marathon. Have you ever looked at the races and thought, “I would love to do a Disney race, but could never run a half marathon? Well, then the Expedition Everest Challenge may be the run for you! Here are some reasons you may want to do this race:

1.Instead of the 10 miles, 13.1 or 26.2 miles of the other Disney races, this one is only 3.1. This means you don’t have to spend as much time preparing, or you can even walk it and not be on the course for hours 

2.You get to run through Animal Kingdom and celebrate there after the race…AT NIGHT! How many times have you been to Animal Kingdom and while being kicked out of the park you were wondering what it was like at night? Well this is your chance. This is a nighttime run that begins at 10pm in the Animal Kingdom parking lot, runs through the park. After the run you get to celebrate in an after party in the park!

3.This is not your normal 5k, you can run on your own, or as part of a 2 person team, all while completing obstacles. After the run you will take place in a scavenger hunt. With this run you will take part in the 5k that if full of obstacles that you complete on your way t the finish line and then complete a scavenger hunt to earn your Expedition Everest Compass Medal!

4.Your children can take part in the fun too! The Challenge also offers an Expedition Everest Challenge Family Edition. This is geared toward runners 4 years old and up. In this challenge runners go on a short run, complete a scavenger hunt and earn a finisher medallion.

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As you can see, this is a fun run that is perfect for all ages. It is not nearly as crowded as the longer races, but still full of Disney fun! If you are looking for a run with big crowds, and a big expo then this may not be the race for you. If however you want a fun run with the great Disney atmosphere, then be sure to check it out!

The price in 2013 was between $110-$130 for an individual depending on when you register. It is between $220-$260 for a 2 person team and $35 per person for the family challenge. You can also purchase additional tickets for the after party for those non-runners in the family for between $49-$50.

I am looking forward to running this in just over a month and can’t wait to share my experience and pictures with all of you! ~ Lisa

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