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Mousekejournals: What We Would Do with 10 minutes and an Unlimited Budget at the Magic Kingdom!

Mousekejournals is a new page that is all things Disney. It’s a place that you can go to to look at multiple blogs and multiple posts all in location. There are currently 14 members of this site. Our backgrounds are widely varied from stay at home mom to full time business owners. The common denominator is our love of Disney and the fact that we want to share it with you.

Frances from Mouze Kateerz posted this question to each of them to share with you: What would you do with 10 minutes and an Unlimited Budget at the Magic Kingdom? Here is how they replied.

Melissa L: I started to write this 10x and can’t decide. I’m gonna go with I would be Tinkerbell at the beginning if wishes and fly across to the castle, then sneak into the castle suite! ;)

Cheryl K: I would reserve the whole top of the train station for my family and all of the Disney Characters and watch Wishes with them!

Amanda M: I think I would choose a private serenade from the Dapper Dans on Main St!!

Heidi S: My family and I would spend those 10 minutes hanging out with Mickey and Minnie strolling down Main Street!

Allison S: I would have a private meet and greet with gang from Toy Story for my family. My 3 kids would LOVE it!!

Magic Kingdom entrance photo, Magic Kingdom, Admission to Magic kingdom, cars at magic kingdom, parking at magic kingdom

This way to the world’s most popular theme park…

Tabitha W: Private meet & greet with Mickey & Gang in the VIP seating watching Wishes of course with dessert to go along with it!

Terri M: A massive group picture with every single character (including all the rare ones) in front of Cinderella’s castle. :)

Debra A: Lol, Terri that’s almost exactly what I was thinking! The only difference would be that I would be the photographer and I would be using a Rolleiflex camera.

Jonathan B: I would turn Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party into a Character event with  Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, the Winnie the Pooh gang and Toy Story gang (those are the ones my kids love). Plus have a professional photographers taking pictures all along the way.

Frances: I would like to ride Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger with John Lasseter. Then have a pic made with my family, Buzz & John.

Visit Mousekejournals at or on face book Mousekejournals.

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You might be a Disney Super Fan if…

You might be a Disney Super Fan if you prefer this to the subway!

Disney has so many different kinds of “Super Fans”. Some fans call themselves Disney Addicts, Mouse Fans or even Mouse Crazy. No matter what they may call themselves they have a love for Mickey Mouse that runs through their veins. Here are a few ways that the Mouze Kateerz writers thought you may identify if you are a Disney Super Fan.

You might be a Disney Super Fan if…

~ Your four year old son sees the Olympic rings and screams “Mickey”.

~ You uproot your entire family and relocate to Cinderella’s backyard.

~ You’re planning your honeymoon at Disney!

~ You’re answer to not being able to go to Disney for spring break is so you can save up to buy more Disney Vacation Club points.

~ Instead of exchanging anniversary gifts with your spouse, you purchase more DVC points.

~ If you ask your children if they want a birthday party and they ask if they can just go to Disney for their birthday “like normal”.

~ You turn your love of a mouse into a career.

~ Majority of your home decorations are Disney related.

~ If you call the DVC or your travel agent to book your next Disney vacation while you are sitting at Disney on vacation.

~ You purchase a pet just because it has a hidden Mickey on it.

~ People call or email you when they are planning a Disney vacation since they say “that’s the only place you go!”

~ Wherever you go you don’t hesitate to talk “Disney” to strangers and help them with their vacation plans.

~ When you are a fan of more Disney Fan Pages than anything else.

Some of our favorite Facebook Fan Pages:

Addicted to Mickey   Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys    My Dreams Of Disney   Picturing Disney    Mickey by Mel

~ More than half of your wardrobe has a mouse on it or says Disney.

~ You always have at least one Disney CD in your car – just in case you need to hear some Disney music.

~ You keep your internet radio set to one of the Disney parks music station so that “you can feel like you are at the parks even if you are stuck in [insert home state]”

~ The only thing you are excited about when you move to Tennessee is that they don’t require front license plates like your old state did…You can finally put a DVC plate on the front of your car!

There are many more ways that you can identify if you are a Disney Super Fan. Please let us know and we just may post an updated story.

Thank you for taking this magical photo journey with us. If you need help planning your next Disney Vacation, please contact Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys

The next Disney Mom’s Contest: A $100 Disney Gift Card!

Did you have as much fun as we did with our last big giveaway, when we had a contest to give away a Dooney & Bourke Purse?! Well then, we’re in for a surprise for you — or maybe not, based on a poll we ran earlier in the month!

The readers have spoken with their mice, and starting in six hours, at 12:01AM on Sunday, April 1st, 2012 — and this is NO April Fools Joke — we will be giving away one $100 Disney Gift Card to a very lucky fan! The contest will run until Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 12:01AM. Your authors debated running it until April 15th, 2012 — the traditional Tax Day in the United States — but decided to run it until April 16th so that you could have that mad rush of getting your entries in at the last minute on April 15th, just like many of us used to do when we mailed our tax returns to the IRS at the last possible moment!

To enter the contest, click here to access the entry page, and good luck everyone!

Meeting Your Friends at Disney!

My Dreams of Disney

Cindy, Sophie and I have been going to Walt Disney every year since 2005.  In 2005 we went with some of our best friends, whose daughter is Sophie’s BFF.  In 2006 we took my Mom for the day, and starting in 2007 we started going on our own, until 2010 when my niece Stephanie came with us.  In 2011 my sister-in-law and her family came, and we had a great time.  However, for all of those trips, it wasn’t until the trip we took in October to celebrate the Magic Kingdom’s 40th Anniversary that I finally met some of the people that I have relied on nearly since the beginning of my hobby as a Disney blogger.  This post is special in that it tells what these incredible people mean to me!

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was meeting my Sister-in-Christ Brenda.  She joined Chip & Company some months ago, and we immediately struck up a great friendship because both of us love the history of Walt Disney.  So when I found out that she was going to be there, I knew that we had to meet!

The funny thing is, when I met Brenda in person, it really felt like I had known her for years!  Brenda has a genuine personality that loves to laugh, have fun, and enjoy visiting Walt Disney World.  We had our picture taken in front of the big Troll in Norway; we all rode Maelstrom together; and we cemented a friendship that had begun online and continues to this day.

My Dreams of Disney

In addition to meeting Brenda, we also met quite a few of the great travel agents from Pixie Vacations!  For starters, we met my good friend Chris, who is hysterically funny.  Surprisingly, Chris lives in the town next to mine, yet we had never met until we met at Walt Disney World.  I also met Natalie from West Virginia, Lisa and Steve the owners of Pixie Vacations, and Bob, another of the Pixie Vacations gang.  What is really cool about all of them is that they also were part of the Mouse Chat Podcast, one of the funniest and best Disney podcasts on the Internet.  Since I met them, I had to get a picture of them all, so here it is!

My Dreams of Disney

Adults From L-R, Lisa, Brenda, Mike, Bob, Chris, Natalie, Stephanie, and Steve

In addition to meeting all of these great people, I also met George.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of George, but let me just say that I don’t know that I’ve ever met a bigger Disney nerd then George, and I mean that in the best possible way.  George is the creator of Imaginerding.  On top of all that, when it comes to Disney, George is, to put it mildly, cool.  I know it seems like an oxymoron to be both nerdy and cool at the same time, but somehow, George pulls it off.  Check out his site and you’ll understand what I mean, I think.

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  Have you ever met friends at Walt Disney World?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

The Disney College Program: An Application and Benefits Overview

Disney College Program, Disney Cast Members, Cast Members, Disney College Students

As a total Disney fan, I frequently joke about retiring in Orlando. I often tell my three pre-teen children they should participate in the Disney College Program, so they can live close by while I am cranking out caramel apples as a Cast Member on Main Street, U.S.A.  in my advanced age. But honestly, I knew very little about the Disney College program. So the Mouze did a little research, and I’ll share with you a brief overview.

Disney will give college students opportunities they won’t get in a traditional college classroom, like meeting people from all over the world, attending career development classes, and building real life skills that will further any career.

You start with an online application, and you must meet certain requirements to even apply. You must

  • be enrolled full/part time in an accredited university.
  • have completed one semester of college. College freshman can apply their first semester for participation during 2nd semester.
  • be enrolled in college at the time of your interview. College seniors can apply and participate after graduation.
  • meet any criteria your college requires to participate, including G.P.A., grade level, or earned credit hours.
  • be 18 when you arrive for work.
  • have U.S. work authorization with no restrictions.

Other than gaining real world experience (that probably only parents worry about right now anyway), why would a college student participate in the Disney College Program? You get

  • the Biggie…Woohoo!  Walt Disney World theme park admission for Cast Members.
  • weekly pay, direct deposit, free uniforms/costumes, and credit union membership
  • discounts on merchandise, dining, recreation, hotels, cruises, and some discounts from local businesses.
  • sneak previews of new attractions, parks, and resorts.
  • wellness programs, health fairs, and life management services.
  • cast member clubs and sports leagues.
Walt Disney World, Disney Princess, Disney College Program, Cast Member Benefits

Imagine yourself as a Cast Member while you participate in the Disney College Program.

On our Walt Disney World vacations, we haunt the Magic Kingdom  late at night when we can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours.  My sons have traded pins with Cast Members sweeping floors and dumping garbage cans. One was a teacher, and one had just taken his medical boards to get certified as a doctor. Both raved about the program, friends they had met, and Disney experiences they would never forget.

I suddenly wanted to apply myself.

Drop by next Wednesday when I’ll take a look at the $$, the “Disney Look”, and the living arrangements. If you just can’t wait, click here for the Disney College Program’s official website, where there is lots of in-depth infomation.  Tell ’em the Mouze sent ya!


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Gateway to the Disney Worlds of Make-Believe

Blue is in the Eye of the Beholder

Every photo has a story.

Fantasyland is a gateway to the worlds of make-believe. Faraway kingdoms and adventures in imaginary realms lie in every corner. You can live in your daydreams and look into the windows of your childhood. Neverland isn’t the only place where nobody ever grows up.

The Imagineers, from The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom.

Castle Dreamlights

Picture this…It’s been estimated that about 30,000 pictures are taken of Cinderella Castle every day.  There are 18 castle towers; each tower and castle spire has been topped with gold paint for an extra sparkle. Because it’s always viewed in pristine condition, have you ever wondered how many days the Castle has ever been vandolized?  Exactly one. That was the day they opened Stitch’s Great Escape. I’m sort of glad I wasn’t there to see the toilet paper and grafitti, because it might have spoiled the image for me, like drawing a Sharpee marker moustache on the Mona Lisa.

People stop dead on the sidewalk to take photos of the castle, and they don’t care how fast you’re walking close behind when the urge hits to take that picture.  There’s something that draws you into it; maybe it’s because castles aren’t something we encounter in our every day reality. This Disney structure, above all else, mesmorizes me.

I should probably appologise now if you ran into me on that sidewalk.

 Thanks for coming along for a photographical ride!

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A Disney Apple A Day

A real Disney bargain at $9.95

Every photo has a story…

Did you know there are 6,000 different food items for you to choose from at Walt DisneyWorld?

Picture this… 500 different locations on Walt Disney World property sell food. Here’s my pick for today: The Sugar-Sprinkled Chocolate-Covered Caramel Apple. These were found in the Magic Kingdom Confectionary on Main Street, U.S.A. . Take it from the Mouze…it’s the snack that eats like a meal. While this “Mouse” themed apple looks the prettiest, I think the M&M covered caramel apple tastes the best.

Disney Snacks: The Breakfast of Champions

Do you have any fabulous Disney vacation pictures you’d like to share? Remember, I write Disney photography articles for Chip & Company, and they are looking for great Disney vacation photos without family members, preferably of Disney characters, landscapes, architecture, or funny photos for our “Caption This Contest.”  Please send in pictures  (one at a time please) with a brief description of your photo. Be sure to tell us what is in the picture and any important details.  Just use the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, Why and When, because that way we have enough information to share the Disney Magic.  Every photo has a story, so be sure to include yours.

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Mouzin’ Around the Contemporary Resort

Every photo has a story.

There’s something fun about wandering around The Contemporary Resort.  It’s a classic piece of Disney architecture, one that most Disney fans have walked around at some point, and it’s just an all-around cool looking building.  Take a monorail ride over and grab a snack from the Contempo Cafe. There’s great little shops on the Grand Canyon Concourse level, and I love the huge floor-to-ceiling tile artwork by Disney Imagineer Mary Blair. Now walk straight out the back doors and down the stairs. The waterfront area right on Bay Lake is a relaxing place to park yourself on a bench, watch the birds fly about, and gaze at the happy vacationers making their way around the resort.

This fabulous Mickey Mouse topiary, located just behind the Contemporary Resort, is a great work of Disney art you just might normally overlook.  Topiary gardening, where living plants are fashioned into decorative forms, has been practiced for centuries. Throughout Walt Disney World, topiary can be found in shapes ranging from trees pruned in geometric designs to the classic Disney characters.

Picture this…in Walt Disney World, there are 1,700 species of plants, representing flora from the United States and 50 countries around the world.

If you are a fan of Disney landscaping and the ancient art of topiary gardening, this spring you should head over to The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. This is a special event filled with Disney character topiaries, a colorful array of flowers, gardens, live music and special presentations. The next festival will be held from March 7 to May 20, 2012. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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This article was originally published HERE at Chip & Co. in November of 2011. Stop by to see more of my articles.