Some Day My Prince Will Come…

Some day my prince will come.

Some day my prince will come…I’m grateful every day that mine already showed up.



Hope and Laughter


It's a World of Laughter...

It’s a world of hope and laughter, and for today, I’d like to forget the tears-n-fears portion.



Conversing at the Contemporary Resort

I have loved the Contmporary Resort since I was a small child. We had family friends in OPrlando, so my dad wouldn not have dreamed of actually staying IN the resort. I longed for a night there.

To snap this shot, my chin was practically touching the metal pole at the Contemporary Resort. Hard to look unlike a tourist with your body grazing the windows, camera lens pointed to the ceiling. Monorail Gold buzzes through the building. A few steps to the left, and I’m in the Concourse Sundries & Spirits to pick up a gallon of milk.

The sweetest older lady, we’ll call her Annie, waits on me with that characteristic Cast Member smile. I remark, “That’s sure a lot of pins on your name tag. You must have worked here for a long time.”

“Oh honey, I’ve been here for 40 years, since opening day,” she responds. “I was here the very first day.” Now I’m smiling with her; I tell her she must really love her job to stay in once place so long. She flashes the most genuine smile. “Sweetie, what’s not to love? People on vacation are happy. They’re happy to see me. They love to buy stuff. I love comin’ to work every day.”

I reply, “I joke all the time that when I retire, I’m going to work for Disney. Maybe they’ll give me a shift right here next to you.” Another chipper smile, and she says, “Oh, honey, we got plenty of room for you!” I wink at her and affirm, “Then I’ll see ya right here in 15 years!”

And off I walk back over to Bay Lake Towers, glancing up at the ceiling, visions of name tags and my golden years dancing in my head.

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Capturing Disney in Pictures: Giving Thanks

The People Mover at the Magic Kingdom

Every photo has a  story.

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you’re thankful for something.  It would be easy to give thanks for my upcoming WDW vacation that starts in a mere 30 days.  I’m so thankful for the chance to return to Orlando, I am nearly jumping up and down. Oh, the food! I’m thankful for the Black  Forest Cupcake I can practically taste right now.  I am thankful that my three kids will ride the monorail beside me late at night, and that my husband will roam the gift shops, uncomplaining, with me for hours.  If you’re there  right now, you’re probably giving thanks.

I am thankful to Chip & Co. for my new opportunity to  share my Walt Disney World photos,  stories, and tid-bits.  Without that chance, I could never tell you that I am thankful today for my brother’s life.

My earliest memory of the People Mover was around 8-years-old.  While I jumped in  first, my 3-year-old brother Brian sat in the middle, and 5-year-old brother  Randy piled in last.  We loved the People  Mover just as much as any of the roller coasters.  No Lines!  No waiting!  I  remember putting my arm around Brian.  Only three, his feet didn’t touch  the floor.  I wanted to make certain he didn’t slide off the seat.

My brother Brian was 13 when I moved away to college.  He soon left for his own university, joined the Army, got married, and had a son.  He re-joined the Army just two years ago as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal  Specialist.  He was going to dismantle bombs; how could I not worry about him?  Those memories with him on The Peoplemover and If You Had Wings are a central part of my happiest childhood memories.  He’ll always be a little  kid to me, sitting beside me in the Tiki Room, falling asleep in the stroller I pushed to the Magic Kingdom tram.

When my mom called last week, just five days after Veteran’s Day, to say two  Army trucks were attacked in Afghanistan,  I thought she was calling to say he was dead.  I just knew he was  dead.  But he wasn’t, just injured.  He lost his foot, but not his life.  I am thankful for the Army doctors and surgeons taking care of  him.  I am thankful he will recover.  I am thankful Brian will one day walk down Main Street, on a new Bionic foot, with his own son and his wife.

Brian B., United States Army

I am thankful for my childhood opportunities. I am thankful for my family, both then and  now.

Today though, I am most thankful for my brother Brian’s life.

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