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Loving our writer Teresa Scavette!

Fantasyland dumbo

Hi Mouze Readers!!

My name is Teresa Scavette and I am proud to be among such an amazing group of Mouzie’s!!!!

I live in New Jersey and am an avid Disney fan. I’ve been to WDW 74 times and have taken 4 Disney cruises and am happy to say was able to visit the west coast and enjoyed Disneyland!!

I like to write about the resorts that I’ve had the pleasure of exploring and enjoyed throughout the years. With so many trips under my belt I think I’ve stayed in most all of them – each one unique to itself!!!

I work with my husband Dan in our drapery manufacturing business here in NJ. I love to sew and so enjoy creating beautiful window treatments for our wonderful customers.

I’m a mother, grandmother and fairy Godmother too!!! My new love is our little yorkie poo named Sookie – she is full of energy and love!!

Crafting and travel are hobbies of mine and of course, my favorite vacation spot is Disney World!! I find something new and magical with each trip. Love my countdowns to Disney and all of the magical memories from trips gone by.

Check out my resort blogs on Mouze Kateerz and – oh yes…… to coin my favorite Disney phrase..”Have A Magical Day”!!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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TeresaTeri Scavette lives in Runnemede NJ. She and her husband, Dan, own and operate a window treatment business. Teri is a vereran of four Disney cruises and over 70 trips to WDW. “I so look forward to each trip more than the last. Why do I love Disney?

Quite simply…Being there and making so many happy treasured memories with my family just makes my heart smile!”


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Why We Go To Walt Disney World

Sophie with her Meemaw, August, 2006

When I first started going to Disney World, little did I know that I would end up taking my family there year after year after year.  The first time I went to Disney, my Mom and my sister and my Grandparents took me, and it was a lot of fun.  But over the years of visiting my Grandparents in Disney during my teenage years, I ended up going to Disney World just three times — and one of those times I went by myself.

It’s funny, but I really don’t think that I got what the whole Disney experience was about until the time that I took Cindy, the lady that would become my wife, to Disney over July 3rd and 4th, 2000.  Cindy had never been to Disney before, so I was able to show her the parks (we went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot on that trip) and help her to explore Disney World, and discover her own Disney Magic.  We were getting married the following month, so in some ways this was our honeymoon before the wedding, and we had so much fun that trip.

Our next trip just happened to be the following January!  We were pregnant with Sophie, our daughter, and had a long weekend, so we decided that we should take the time to spend a long weekend at Disney World.  It was during that trip that we saw a wedding party being transported by way of Cinderella’s Royal Coach over at the Wedding Pavilion, and I told Cindy that if Sophie wanted to get married at Disney World, well, that was all right with me!  Since we were pregnant, we were unable to ride the big thrill rides like we normally would have, so that was the trip where we ate our way through Disney, and enjoyed every minute of it, I might add!

After that trip, our Disney adventures slowed down a bit, but that doesn’t mean that the Disney Magic wore off!  Even though we didn’t take our next trip until Sophie was four, we were still indoctrinating her in the classic Disney Magic through movies, pictures, and books.  We bought Sophie’s first movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, before she was born, in part because with the purchase we would receive a set of four lithograph prints, which are still in her room to this day.

Our next trip to Disney (and Sophie’s first trip) was when she was four years old.  We were invited to go to Florida with some of our friends, and we ended up spending three days at the parks.  We saw Magic Kingdom, a little bit of Epcot (for a character breakfast at Akershus), and Animal Kingdom.  We were staying off property, but we had the best time with our friends.  Despite the fact that Sophie was just four, she remembers it to this day, and looks forward to the next time that we are able take vacation with her friend Riley again.

Beginning with our trip in 2005, we started taking annual trips to Disney World for at least one day.  In 2006 we took my Mom with us for a day, as she was staying with my Grandparents for the summer and we came down to visit them.  It was a fun time, and yielded some of the following pictures from that day.

Sophie & Mickey

In 2007 we started spending our vacations at Disney World and also started staying on property at one of the Disney resorts.  The first two years we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort, and in 2009 and 2010 we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter.  In all of those visits, we have not had a bad experience at any of them.  The benefits of staying on property versus staying off property are significant in my opinion.  I think I’ll save that discussion for another day!

However, I still haven’t answered the question of “Why we go to Disney World”.  The answer, really, is simple: because it is the best place that we have found to leave life behind for a while, to explore the Magic that is Disney, to remember days gone by when the world moved at a slower pace, and to remember what it feels like to be a kid.  Just take a look at some of the priceless shots I’ve gotten of Sophie in her favorite moments!

Sophie’s Painted Face at Animal Kingdom
Sophie and her BFF Riley
One of my favorites — Sophie was so excited!

So there you have it — some of my reasons why we go to Walt Disney World.  Why do you go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland?  Why not tell me in the comments, and thanks!

The Disney Tattoo…A Tribute To The Place We Love

By Frances

There are few things in the world that bring such emotion to millions of people like Disney does! It is no surprise that people would like to make Disney a permanent part of themselves! Here are a few tattoos from our Mouze Kateerz readers that show their love for the icons!

I got my very own hidden Mickey in July 2012. I am addicted to Disney, and obsessed with finding hidden Mickeys whenever I get the chance to go to Disney World, so I figured I’d add one more hidden Mickey to the list! I absolutely love it, and may even get 13.1 added to it when I complete my first ever Princess 1/2 Marathon this February!! 🙂

Heather H.

Frances: Best of luck to you Heather with adding the 13.1 in February:-)

Got this one last year…my first ever & probably only tattoo…knew I wanted one that was Disney, but not so cutesy I’d grow out of it. I love animals, too, so I combined the 2 to make an awesome Animal Kingdom-esque tattoo….love it!  ~ Wendy D.

Hello there,
A friend of mine told me about this & they said to send along a little story.
I got this tattoo on December 3, 2003, I had the Gastric bypass on September 11, 2002 & I wanted something to mark the fact that I had lost over 150lbs. So my friend Karen designed this for me.
Thank for letting me share this with you!!

Melanie S.

Frances: Congratulations on your weight loss journey! Your friend Karen did an amazing job designing it.

I was in Florida to see my Mom, who was sick at the time. The gentleman friend that I was with wanted another tattoo-Taz. I never had any desire to have a tattoo but he knew that as soon as he opened the book to Mickey that he had me! I like this one because it is reminds me of myself-looks as though he is running late-as I always am! I am a huge Mickey and Minnie collector so maybe someday Minnie, too!

Frances: Thank you for sharing Cathy! Send us the Minnie Tattoo as soon as you get it! 🙂

Besides having a love for Disney……My Pooh and Eeyore and soon to be Tigger, Piglet and possibly Rabbit (if it will fit) reminds me of my childhood and also symbolizes the different feelings throughout my life. ~ Jen

Tinkerbell is a symbol of the every day “magic” in my life and to never give up that anything is possible. ~Jen

Mickey and Minnie is a symbol of the love I share with my husband.

I will definitely be looking for the article this Friday! I love looking at other peoples tattoos especially Disney.

Thanks, Jen

Frances: Jen, I love them all! They are so beautiful! I think my favorite is Mickey & Minnie! I love the icons!

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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A Free $100 Disney Gift Card = Awesome

Free Disney Gift card, Disney Gift Card.

There are many things that you can purchase with a $100 Disney Gift Card! Here are a few that we thought of and would love to hear from you as well!

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You might be a Disney Super Fan if…

You might be a Disney Super Fan if you prefer this to the subway!

Disney has so many different kinds of “Super Fans”. Some fans call themselves Disney Addicts, Mouse Fans or even Mouse Crazy. No matter what they may call themselves they have a love for Mickey Mouse that runs through their veins. Here are a few ways that the Mouze Kateerz writers thought you may identify if you are a Disney Super Fan.

You might be a Disney Super Fan if…

~ Your four year old son sees the Olympic rings and screams “Mickey”.

~ You uproot your entire family and relocate to Cinderella’s backyard.

~ You’re planning your honeymoon at Disney!

~ You’re answer to not being able to go to Disney for spring break is so you can save up to buy more Disney Vacation Club points.

~ Instead of exchanging anniversary gifts with your spouse, you purchase more DVC points.

~ If you ask your children if they want a birthday party and they ask if they can just go to Disney for their birthday “like normal”.

~ You turn your love of a mouse into a career.

~ Majority of your home decorations are Disney related.

~ If you call the DVC or your travel agent to book your next Disney vacation while you are sitting at Disney on vacation.

~ You purchase a pet just because it has a hidden Mickey on it.

~ People call or email you when they are planning a Disney vacation since they say “that’s the only place you go!”

~ Wherever you go you don’t hesitate to talk “Disney” to strangers and help them with their vacation plans.

~ When you are a fan of more Disney Fan Pages than anything else.

Some of our favorite Facebook Fan Pages:

Addicted to Mickey   Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys    My Dreams Of Disney   Picturing Disney    Mickey by Mel

~ More than half of your wardrobe has a mouse on it or says Disney.

~ You always have at least one Disney CD in your car – just in case you need to hear some Disney music.

~ You keep your internet radio set to one of the Disney parks music station so that “you can feel like you are at the parks even if you are stuck in [insert home state]”

~ The only thing you are excited about when you move to Tennessee is that they don’t require front license plates like your old state did…You can finally put a DVC plate on the front of your car!

There are many more ways that you can identify if you are a Disney Super Fan. Please let us know and we just may post an updated story.

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Meeting Your Friends at Disney!

My Dreams of Disney

Cindy, Sophie and I have been going to Walt Disney every year since 2005.  In 2005 we went with some of our best friends, whose daughter is Sophie’s BFF.  In 2006 we took my Mom for the day, and starting in 2007 we started going on our own, until 2010 when my niece Stephanie came with us.  In 2011 my sister-in-law and her family came, and we had a great time.  However, for all of those trips, it wasn’t until the trip we took in October to celebrate the Magic Kingdom’s 40th Anniversary that I finally met some of the people that I have relied on nearly since the beginning of my hobby as a Disney blogger.  This post is special in that it tells what these incredible people mean to me!

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was meeting my Sister-in-Christ Brenda.  She joined Chip & Company some months ago, and we immediately struck up a great friendship because both of us love the history of Walt Disney.  So when I found out that she was going to be there, I knew that we had to meet!

The funny thing is, when I met Brenda in person, it really felt like I had known her for years!  Brenda has a genuine personality that loves to laugh, have fun, and enjoy visiting Walt Disney World.  We had our picture taken in front of the big Troll in Norway; we all rode Maelstrom together; and we cemented a friendship that had begun online and continues to this day.

My Dreams of Disney

In addition to meeting Brenda, we also met quite a few of the great travel agents from Pixie Vacations!  For starters, we met my good friend Chris, who is hysterically funny.  Surprisingly, Chris lives in the town next to mine, yet we had never met until we met at Walt Disney World.  I also met Natalie from West Virginia, Lisa and Steve the owners of Pixie Vacations, and Bob, another of the Pixie Vacations gang.  What is really cool about all of them is that they also were part of the Mouse Chat Podcast, one of the funniest and best Disney podcasts on the Internet.  Since I met them, I had to get a picture of them all, so here it is!

My Dreams of Disney

Adults From L-R, Lisa, Brenda, Mike, Bob, Chris, Natalie, Stephanie, and Steve

In addition to meeting all of these great people, I also met George.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of George, but let me just say that I don’t know that I’ve ever met a bigger Disney nerd then George, and I mean that in the best possible way.  George is the creator of Imaginerding.  On top of all that, when it comes to Disney, George is, to put it mildly, cool.  I know it seems like an oxymoron to be both nerdy and cool at the same time, but somehow, George pulls it off.  Check out his site and you’ll understand what I mean, I think.

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  Have you ever met friends at Walt Disney World?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

A Dream is a Wish…

Mouzing around under Cinderella Castle.

Every photo has a story.

It’s incredibally difficult to take pictures at Disney during the busy holidays.  There are literally people everywhere you turn.  If they’re not blocking the shot, you’re blocking theirs.

I touch everything in the Magic Kingdom.  I think it’s a hold-over from childhood trips spent standing in long lines, pre-Fastpass, with nothing to do but sweat in the summer heat and touch the walls.  The Cinderella Castle tiles, though certainly not attached to any ride, are smooth and cool to the touch.  The colors are bright and vivid and inviting to the fingers. They whisper to me; they speak of my childhood.

I took this shot in a hurry,  on the other side of the corridor, because there were people passing through on their way to roller coaster rides before Christmas. No time to touch the tiles.


Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride!

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