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Easy Ways to Wreck Your Disney Vacation!

Disney Entrance, Disney World sign, Walt Disney World Sign, Welcome to Walt Disney World

By Frances

You go on to a vacation to relax. You want no worries. No cares! There are a few ways that you can cause unwarranted stress & extra worries. Here are some ways that you can easily wreck you Disney vacation or any vacation.

1. You wear the wrong shoes:epcotflowercarsmcqueen

There is nothing like walking 7-10 miles in 4″ heels or in tight sandals. If you use the world cute or little when describing them to your friends, they probably aren’t the best shoes.  Make sure whether you wear Crocs or Nike’s that they are broken in prior to going to the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort. I’ve had tennis shoes that have left blisters on my little toe before. Make sure you wear good socks and even carry an extra pair in your back pack. Bandaids are also must back for a day at the parks. If you should forget them or even run out,  Bandaids are available at all first aid stations and baby care centers at each park and Downtown Disney.

Mater Bd with Kids2. You don’t have a plan:

I know many people just want to have fun and be care free while on vacation. You can do that with Disney but it could wreck your vacation.

~ Know park hours and plan accordingly. Parks close early on select dates for special events. You don’t want your one magical day at the Magic Kingdom to end at 7pm without your knowledge.

~ Know height requirements for rides and know how tall your child is. You Tube rides to make sure that they are appropriate for your child and for yourself.

~ Know what your must do’s are. Plan to do those early in the day and everything else will be a great bonus.

3. You don’t rest enough:

No matter how in shape you and your family are, you are unable to go 100% through the parks in 90 degree temps walking 10 miles per day. I’ve seen more than my fair share of tired temper tantrums while at WDW and not all of them were small children. My family gets to the parks early and stay till around lunch time. We then head back to the resort to sleep, swim and chill. Around dinner time we will head back to the parks to enjoy a nice evening. If we are staying more than 5 days, we always plan a do nothing day in the middle. Those days we may head to Downtown Disney but it’s mostly full of swimming and chilling. I also try to do a load of laundry or two. It’s nice that the laundry facilities are located next to pools.

4. You go at a peak travel time and go to the park that everyone else is at:Bay Lake Tower Pool, Bay Lake Tower hot tub, Bay Lake Tower swimming, Bay lake Tower slide photo, photo Bay lake Tower pool

Peak times are when kids are out of school. The worst time to go is when kids are out of school and it’s a major holiday. I understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to go any other time. Make sure you have Plan A and Plan B. Parks do close early due to capacity. Get to the park that you want to go to before 10am. If you are dieing to see the Wishes fireworks for the 4th of July or for Christmas (because they are so awesome), you may have better luck sitting on the beach at the Polynesian Resort.

5.  You don’t use hand sanitizer:

You may not want to think about this, but some people don’t like to wash their hands and some people don’t wash their hand enough. A small bottle of hand sanitizer can help keep the colds and germs away. I use them after we have stood in line for while and most times just because I feel like we need it. You can get a small bottle at your local walmart for less than $1. It’s some of the best insurance you can buy.

15 snacks blog pin DoD6. You don’t train for the mileage:

You will walk 7-10 miles on average a day. No, you won’t walk them in 2 hours but you will walk them. Take walks around your neighborhood starting three months out. It can be a leisure stroll.  It’s great family time and it will save you vacation. I’ve even had my kids at 2 years old start strolling with us. Strollers aren’t allowed in all areas and it has saved my back.

Even if you plan on renting a scooter or an ECV, you will become exhausted. I’ve seen this first hand with my parents. If you plan on using a scooter, go walk your local mall. This will only help save your vacation.

7. You don’t wear sunscreen:

No matter if you go in January or July, wear sunscreen. I’ve known people that never wear sunscreen and always tan come home with bad sunburns. You don’t have to wear SPF 50 but you should at least wear SPF 15. You can still get some sun with a low SPF.

8. You want to ride every ride, see every show and do everything:New Fastpass, FASTPASS, Disney Fastpass,

I’ve been to Disney over 30 times and have spent over 250 days at WDW. I have yet to do it all! Every time I go, I do one thing that I haven’t done whether it’s a show that I’ve never seen or a restaurant that I haven’t eaten. Make a list of Must Do’s. Do them and everything else is bonus.

9. You didn’t bring enough CASH!

Disney vacations are can be expensive. Food bills and souvenirs purchases can add up very quickly. Prepay for as much as possible.

~ Use the dining plan. I have been with and without. With the dining plan I eat what I want and don’t worry. Without  the dining plan I eat the cheapest meal possible and still spend as much or more than the dining plan.

~ Make a budget for souvenirs & extras each day. Example: You are at Disney for 5 days. Set a budget of $500 for souvenirs and extras. That’s $100 a day. Don’t allow yourself to spend another days budget going forward but you can use unused for days that have past.

~ Purchase Disney Gift Cards. You can purchase them online with free shipping and at your local grocery stores. Give Disney gift cards to your kids for chores. Ask the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and Grand Parents to give them for special events and birthdays.

~ Get a Disney Visa. It has reward point that you can use on your trip. You also save 10% off a purchase of $50 or more at stores.

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5 Reasons You Will Love Disney’s Bay Lake Tower Resort

By Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

Bay Lake Tower is a Disney Deluxe Resort parked right next to the Contemporary Resort. It’s one of the most expensive places to stay on Disney property, but there are definite advantages to booking a vacation here if you have the cash.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Bay Lake Tower

1. Location, location, location!

You can ride on a monorail practically to the gates of the Magic Kingdom, or you can walk there in under 15 minutes, just 10 minutes if you walk a pretty good pace. What other resort are you close enough to walk to the House of Mouse? None, just Bay Lake Tower.

2. Take a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge

While Bay Lake Tower has clean lines, soft colors, and subtle landscaping, it’s not exactly what I would call the best themed resort in the Disney line up. The theming award goes to Wilderness Lodge, which is a short boat ride away. The ride is relaxing at night, and you can’t beat spending free time at the Lodge. Make sure you try their chocolate brownie! At just $4 and large enough to share, it’s a sure Cheapskate Princess favorite.

Can a Cheapskate Princess Afford a Dooney & Bourke Disney Handbag?

3. Kids Activities

Step over to the Contemporary Resort, and the kids can window shop in three gift shops. On the bottom floor of BLT is the Community Hall,where kids can do crafts and play video games. Be sure to take your room key with you. There are videos you can borrow from the community hall, and at night, there is a bug screen Disney movie out on the grassy lawn. Boats to rent, tennis courts, two incredible pools, game room, and roasting marshmallows on a fire pit before dusk…the kids will have a blast.

4. A Simply Amazing Bathroom

The master bathroom in the 1,2 and 3 bedrooms accommodations is fantastic. Whirlpool tub, rain head shower, and beautiful tile with deep colored woodwork all add up to vacation relaxation. That whirlpool tub is especially wonderful for tired legs muscles and sore feet.

Love Disney Jewelry? Check Out Over $20,000 in Platinum and Diamond Jewelry

5. The Top of the World Lounge

At the very top of Bay Lake Tower is a beautifully fashioned “lounge” that serves drinks and food, with an amazing view of Bay Lake on one side and the Magic Kingdom/Seven Seas Lagoon on the other side. During the 10 p.m. “Wishes” fireworks show, the music is piped in, so you have a top floor unobstructed theme park view.

How much does it cost  to stay at Bay Lake? You have to see it to believe it!

Can You Afford a Vacation at WDW’s Bay Lake Tower Resort?


So if you have the cash, you’ll love being so close to the Magic Kingdom with so many fantastic amenities.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you on the walk to the front gate…


Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

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Top 6 Must Do’s at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Disney's Boardwalk Resort, boardwalk Resort, Disney's Beach Club resort, Disney planning tips, Disney vacation

By Lisa P.

Disney has amazing storytelling  throughout their resorts. The Disney Boardwalk Resort is a fine example. It tells the story of the 1940’s Atlantic City Boardwalk. Here are my must do’s.

For the Sports Fan:  Head over to the ESPN club for dinner and a game.

For the Family: Late night with the family go to the boardwalk for games and to see the street performers.

For Music lovers:  Jellyrolls is a must, the dueling piano bar is a blast!

For the Fitness Buff: I love running around the lake on the path between BW, Beach and Yacht club and HS.

For the Shopper: Go to Wyland gallery for some wonderful art and

For the Foodie: Stop off at Kouzzina for some great greek food.

Of course, there is always the Luna Park pool where you can kick back and relax and enjoy a nice afternoon.

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Lisa just moved to Nashville, TN, after spending 28 years in Ohio. She has been a huge Disney fan since her parents took her on her first trip at age two. 2. She has been to Disney over 70 times and worked at Blizzard Beach as part of the Disney

College Program. She is now working on finding a way to move to FL, so she can be closer to her favorite place on Earth!

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Can Tables in Wonderland Save You Money?

By Frances

Tables in Wonderland is a discount card that can be purchased by Florida Residents, Disney Vacation Club Members & Annual/Seasonal Pass Holders only.


  • 20% discount on all food and beverages at 99 participating Resort hotel and Theme Park restaurants (discount is valid for a party of up to 10 Guests).
  • Resort and Theme Park parking for dining purposes
  • Invitations to special member-only food and wine events, winemaker dinners and celebrity chef dinners
  • Discount is also available on most adult & specialty beverages.
  • And more!

Cost to you:

$100 for Florida Residents or DVC Members

$75 for Annual/Season Pass Holders

It’s good from the first day purchased for 365 days.

You can purchase it at Guest Relations at any Walt Disney World Theme Park or Downtown Disney. Annual/Seasonal Pass Holders can order it Epcot Le Cellier, Epcot Le Cellier sign, Epcot Le Cellier menu, Epcot Le Cellier pricesby phone or mail. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

There are a few Block-out dates for the Tables in Wonderland: Mothers Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The Tables in Wonderland discount cannot be used in combination with any other discount and is not valid for Fantasmic Dinner Package, Food and Wine Festival dinners, Candlelight Packages, or any other special events / special dining experiences.

An 18% gratuity is automatically added regardless of how many are in your party. A 20% gratuity is automatically added at Victoria & Albert’s.

Don’t lose the Tables in Wonderland Card. There is a $50 replacement fee.

For more information:

Here is why, Mouze Kateerz writer, Lucinda purchased a Tables in Wonderland Card. She is a Florida Resident & Annual Pass Holder. “20% is a good discount…makes it easy to get your money back, so to speak. Meaning…that for our family, we only need to dine out four times a year for the card to be a good value. TiW makes it more feasible for us, as locals to dine on Disney property. I like that beverages are included as well…and I like that we can include up to 9 guests per visit. There’s a nice long list of participating restaurants.”

Here is my thoughts. If the Disney Dining Plan says that it will save you up to 20% off and this will save you 20% off plus you can save on adult beverages, I think it will save money.

Here’s a list of participating restaurants:

All Star Movies Resort

  • World Premiere
    Food Court

All Star MusicResort

  • Intermission Food Court

All Star Sports Resort

  • End Zone Food Court

Animal Kingdom
Lodge Resort

  • Boma – The Flavors
    of Africa
  • Jiko – The Cooking Place
  • Sanaa
  • Victoria Falls

Beach Club Resort

  • Beaches & Cream
    Soda Shop (excludes
    take-out shop)
  • Cape May Café
  • Martha’s Vineyard Lounge

BoardWalk Resort

  • Belle Vue Lounge
  • Big River Grille
    & Brewing Works
  • ESPN® Club
  • Flying Fish Café
  • Kouzzina by Cat Cora

Caribbean Beach Resort

  • Shutters at Old Point Royale

Contemporary Resort

  • California Grill
  • Chef Mickey’s
  • Outer Rim
  • The Wave

Coronado Springs Resort

  • Maya Grill
Fort Wilderness
Resort & Campground

  • Crockett’s Tavern
  • Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue (9:30 p.m.
    show only)
  • Trail’s End Restaurant (Excludes take out shop)

Grand Floridian
Resort & Spa

  • 1900 Park Fare
  • Citricos
  • Garden View Tea Room
  • Grand Floridian Café
  • Mizner’s Lounge
  • Narcoossee’s
  • Victoria & Albert’s (excluding the Chef’s Table & Queen Victoria Room)

Old Key West Resort

  • Olivia’s Cafe

Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Course

  • Sand Trap Bar & Grill

Polynesian Resort

  • ‘Ohana
  • Kona Cafe
  • Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show (Late show only)
  • Tambu Lounge

Pop Century Resort

  • Everything Pop Shopping and Dining (excludes merchandise from shop)
Port Orleans Resort
– French Quarter

  • Sassagoula Floatworks
    & Food Factory
  • Scat Cat’s Club

– Riverside

  • Boatwright’s Dining Hall
  • River Roost

Saratoga Springs Resort

  • The Artist’s Palette
  • The Turf Club Bar & Grill
  • Turf Club Lounge

Vero Beach Resort

  • The Green Cabin Room
  • Shutter’s
  • Sonya’s (Excludes
    Sunday Brunch)

Wilderness Lodge

  • Artist Point
  • Territory Lounge
  • Whispering Canyon Cafe

Yacht Club Resort

  • Ale and Compass Lounge
  • Captain’s Grille
  • Crews Cup Lounge
  • Yachtsman Steakhouse

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort

  • Il Mulino New York Trattoria
  • Kimonos
  • Shula’s Steak House
  • Todd English’s bluezoo
  • Garden Grove
Magic Kingdom® Park

  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • The Crystal Palace
  • The Plaza Restaurant
  • Tony’s Town
    Square Restaurant


  • Akershus Royal
    Banquet Hall
  • Biergarten Restaurant
  • Bistro de Paris
  • Chefs de France
  • Coral Reef Restaurant
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse
  • Nine Dragons Restaurant
  • Restaurant Marrakesh
  • Rose & Crown Pub
    & Dining Room
  • San Angel Inn Restaurante
  • The Garden
    Grill Restaurant
  • Tokyo Dining
  • Tutto Italia Ristorante
  • Via Napoli

Disney’s Hollywood Studios™

  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe
  • Hollywood & Vine
  • Mama Melrose’s
    Ristorante Italiano
  • Sci-Fi Dine-In
    Theater Restaurant
  • The Hollywood
    Brown Derby
  • Tune-In Lounge
Animal Kingdom®

  • Flame Tree Barbeque
  • Pizzafari
  • Restaurantosaurus
  • Tusker House Restaurant

– Marketplace

  • Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant
  • Fulton’s Crab House

– Pleasure Island

  • Paradiso 37
  • Portobello
  • Raglan Road” Irish Pub
    and Restaurant

– West side

  • Bongo’s Cuban Café
  • House Of Blues®
    (Excludes Sunday Brunch)
  • Planet Hollywood®
  • Wolfgang Puck Café

ESPN Wide World
of Sports® Complex

  • ESPN Wide World
    of Sports® Grill

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3 More Reasons the Disney Vacation Club could be for you!

Bay Lake Tower, Disney Deluxe Villas

Is DVC right for you?

Having now been a DVC member for 10 years I find myself constantly singing the praises of what it can offer. I have only 1 complaint about it Disney's Yacht Club Resort, Crescent Lake Disneythough…we should have joined much earlier!!! The question is though, is DVC a good fit for you? Here are some reasons that I think it is.

1) Location and space!

The best part of DVC is the rooms and the location of the resorts. Our home resort is the Beach Club Villas and I could not ask for a better location. Since EPCOT and the Studios are my 2 favorite parks, it is wonderful being able to just walk over to either of them and not having to wait for buses. Boardwalk Villas are in the same area making it another great option for people that love those parks and the nightlife that Boardwalk has to offer. Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary resort is a great choice for people that love the Magic Kingdom. The rooms are gorgeous, but have more of a futuristic look. If you want the room designed in all Disney you may not be as pleased with it. The location can’t be beat though, you can take a path out front and walk right over to the MK or you can walk over to the main building of the contemporary and hop on the monorail. Animal Kingdom Lodge has great atmosphere, we loved waking up in the morning and having coffee overlooking the savannah and watching the animals. The only complaint that I have with that resort is that you have to take a bus if you want to go anywhere. There is no pathway to AK. If you don’t mind the distance though it is a great choice for those that are looking for a different experience than you will find anywhere else.

Disney's Boardwalk Resort, boardwalk Resort, Disney's Beach Club resort, Disney planning tips, Disney vacation

Walking around Disney’s Boardwalk Resorts

Some of the other DVC resorts at Disney World are The villas at Wilderness Lodge, the Villas at Saratoga Springs, and the original resort, Old Key West. All of the resorts offer a different atmosphere, and none of them disappoint.

The great thing about the villas is that rooms! You can choose from a studio, which is similar to a hotel room with a small kitchenette. It is good for a short stay, or if you just want a room and won’t be doing much cooking. The 1 bedroom villas have a living room, a separate bedroom with a king sized bed, a full kitchen and bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, and separate shower. 2 bedroom villas offer all of the amenities in the 1 bedroom with an additional bedroom with 2 beds and it’s own bathroom. The 3 bedrooms are perfect if you are going to bring the whole extended family, it sleeps up to 12 people. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and depending on what resort you are at it may be one or 2 stories.

One of the things I love about the villas is that they all have a washer and dryer in the room! I love not having to bring as many clothes since I can throw in a load at night, and I can clean them all before I come home and not have to worry about doing a bunch of laundry when I get home. A vacation plus!

2) Getting to visit new places

I know, who would want to go anywhere other than Disney World? Well, with the DVC you have the option to have piece of Disney wherever you Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge savanna, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge balconygo. There are other DVC resorts in Hilton Head, Vero Beach, Grand Californian and Aulani in Hawaii. You can use your vacation points at any of these resorts and get the same service that you have become accustomed to from Disney.

You can also go to places all over the world. Through RCI you can use points to visit over 350 destinations throughout the world. You can also use your points with Adventures by Disney that allows you to go on guided tours in other countries. If the water is more your thing, then you may want to use your points on Disney Cruise Lines. You can also go to Disneyland Paris, other resorts in Disney world, and Disneyland. As you can see, the places that you can visit are endless!!

3) Saving time and money!

I have been talking about points, and some of you are probably scratching your head wondering what I am talking about. Well, the great thing Wilderness Lodgeabout DVC is that unlike other timeshares, you are not confined to the same week every year. You can go whenever you want, and sometimes more than once a year.

When you buy into the DVC you buy a certain number of points. Anywhere from 160-2000. Currently prices are about $112 per point. Each resort runs a different number of points per night. It varies depending on when you go, what size room or what view you choose.

The point system works on a use year basis. A use year is when your points become available for that year. If you buy in March, then your points for that year become available in that month. When you buy in with DVC depending on what resorts are available that will be your home resort. You can begin booking your home resort 11 months out, so if your favorite is available try to buy there so you have first choice at the resort you want. You can book at all other DVC resorts 7 months out.

If you are not able to take a vacation one year you can bank your unused points to the following year (extra vacation anyone?!) You also have the option of borrowing from the coming year if you find that you need more points for a vacation you want to take.

As for saving money, yes the initial cost may be high (It all depends on how many points you get). However, when you look at what you spend every year on your vacations, it pays for itself quickly…Plus once you buy in you are member for 40 years, and it can be passed down in the eventCrescent Lake, Disney's Boardwalk Resort something happens to you.

I know that DVC is not right for everyone, but for us it has been the best decision we have ever made. We have been able to travel to places that we may not have been able to go to otherwise. The savings have been great, and we love using the discounts that DVC offers us on annual passes as well as many restaurants and stores at Disney.

You can check out the DVC website for more information, or if you have an upcoming trip to Disney take a tour. It doesn’t take long, and you will see what all the DVC has to offer. The sales person is not pushy and if you decide it is not for you, you at least get some ice cream at the end of the tour out of it.

There are kiosks all over the parks and resorts, so next time you are walking by, stop by and get some more information. You can also call 1-800-500-3990 for more information.

Lisa just moved to Nashville, TN, after spending 28 years in Ohio. She has been a huge Disney fan since her parents took her on her first trip at age two. 2. She has been to Disney over 70 times and worked at Blizzard Beach as part of the Disney College Program. She is now working on finding a way to move to FL, so she can be closer to her favorite place on Earth!

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Walt Disney World: How to Pool Hop and Not Get Arrested

Contemporary Resort pool, DVC pool hopping, DVC pool
     Now that the word arrested has your attention, let’s talk about a topic that can make a lot of people get irritated quickly, Disney Pool Hopping. Pool hopping is simply staying at one resort and swimming at another. So how can you pool hop at Disney World and not get arrested for trespassing?
     There’s only one simple, legal, answer to that question, and that’s to join the DVC, the Disney Vacation Club. I have heard tales of people swimming in Disney Resort pools without staying on property, but you are of course taking the huge gamble of being thrown out when discovered, or worse, arrested for trespassing. That was not a risk I was ever willing to take, my mug shot winding up in the newspapers, my children crying as they stuff mommy in the squad car. I think people who do take this risk are clearly not thinking about the possible outcome.
     I am a Vacation Club Member. When we took the DVC tour, several things stood out in my mind. 1) The DVC building where they have tours was just fabulous. I’ve been in Country Clubs that weren’t as fashionable. It’s understated in a truly elegant way, but you feel important just standing in the lobby.  2) The cookies they give you in the waiting room are yummy, and the ice cream they give you when you leave is even better. 3) Pool Hopping is allowed for DVC members, with some stipulations. I heard this, and rational financial thought flew out the elegant-curtained windows.  Pool hopping, pool hopping, Disney Pool Hopping!!
Coronado Springs Resort pool, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort pool
     I love Disney pools, and while I have not stayed in all the Disney resorts, I have swam in a fair amount of their pools, the pools on the “Pool Hopping is O.K.” list. Truth be told, I’ve swam in more Disney pools than I have stayed in their numerous resorts. Why again was this possible? How do you pool hop without risking possible arrest and public humiliation when you’re caught swimming illegally?  Join the Disney Vacation Club.
     Once you’re in the DVC, or The Club as I lovingly call it, when you use your membership to stay at a WDW DVC  or Disnsy’s Vero Beach Resort, you and any guests staying with you are allowed to pool hop to certain Disney resort pools when they are not at full capacity.
Wilderness Lodge pool,
Because of expected high occupancy, you cannot pool hop during the following dates this year:
  • February 19 to 25
  • March 31 to April 14
  • May 26 to 28
  • June 29 to July 7
  • August 31 to September 3
  • November 19 to 25
  • December 16 to Jan 5 of 2013
  • Disney has the option to add more blackout dates, if they choose, should the resorts fill to capacity.
Animal Kingdom pool, Animal Kingdon Resort Kadani pool

Animal Kingdom Resort has a fabulous pool, but even a DVC membership won’t help you pool hop here.

Membership has its privileges, but there are certain pools even DVC members cannot ever swim in if they are staying at another resort.

  • Bay Cove Pool at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • any pools at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
  • the pool at Disney’s Beach Club Villas
  • the pool at the Disneyland Resort in California

Vacationers pay a ton of money to go to Disney World. The nicer resort you stay in, the more money you will pay. It’s morally unethical to swim in a resort pool you did not pay to swim in. It’s also embarrassing if you get caught there illegally, so don’t take the risk.  Let the people who paid for those pool privileges enjoy them.

For the people who paid for DVC privileges, you will really enjoy the pool hopping option. The summer after we joined the DVC, we used our new points to stay at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. I’ll be honest; I was so broke, we decided not to put park tickets on our Disney Visa. We used a set of one day tickets from a prior trip, and we spent the next five days pool hopping.  I called it the GREAT DISNEY POOL TOUR. It was absolutely, positively fabulous. It was so great, it took the sting out of my DVC bill each month.

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Grand Floridian pool, DVC

I know, I know, you don’t need to sleep in a fancy resort when you stay at the parks all day anyway. I realize it’s expensive. I said the exact things before we joined, and we still stay at inexpensive hotels on Disney trips when the points have run out, because they go fast. But when I hear people say that the DVC isn’t worth the money, I am the first one to pull up photos of my kids swimming in multiple Disney Deluxe Resorts and say…join The Club.

Would you like more information about the Disney Vacation Club pool hopping option? Call one of my favorite people in the (Disney)World, our personal DVC representative. His name is Aldemar Ramirez, he has the most amazing accent, and his number is 800-501-8669. Be sure to tell him Amanda Major referred you, because they frequently have DVC incentives if you know a member.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical ride, and we’ll see you in the red van on the way to the DVC headquarters at Saratoga Springs to take a tour.  Save me a cookie.

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