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2012 was a big year for Mouze Kateerz. Frances took over as lead writer/editor, and Denny is now posting photos from all over the Disney World. With great articles from established Mouze staff writers, we added new writers and new photos, but we still share the same love of Disney World.

Thousands of people each day read articles and look at photographs at, with over 296,000 total views on the website since late 2011 and over 4,000 Facebook fans.

Here are the Top 10 most popular articles on Mouze in 2012.

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8. A Big Ten List of Disney’s Best Websites

7. The Disney Tattoo: Are You a Big Enough Fan to Actually Do it?!

6. What’s the Best Job in the Disney College Program? Our Answer May Surprise You!

5. How Do You Draw Mickey Mouse? Instructions and Photos for the Beginners

4. 7 Big Questions Answered About the Disney College Program

3. The Disney Princess: How to Get A Disney Inspired Manicure

2. 3 Big Tips on How to Look Like a Disney Princess!

1. The Disney College Program: All You Need to Know About Dorms, Roommates, and Housing Costs

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Top 10 Souvenirs the Mouze Kateerz Fanz Just Can’t Pass Up On A Disney Vacation


By Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.

Purchasing souvenirs is a huge part of most Disney vacations. My kids save money for months so they’ll have some cash to spend at the Happiest Shopping Place on Earth. We checked with the Mouze Kateerz Fanz to find out what souvenirs they just had to purchase on vacation (regardless of the price.)

Here’s the Top 10 List straight from the fanz!

Avoid These 10 Mistakes That Can Wreck a Disney World Vacation

1. Disney Dolls

Rebecca Yahn, “We always buy the Disney plush characters. On our last trip my daughter took two with her from home and returned from the trip with 5, that’s right, 5 more.”

2. Mouse Ears

Courtney McWilliams, “Mouse ears! There are so many fabulous designs that my girl always wants a new pair! “

Stephanie Barnett, “Ears! My kids always get them every time no matter what.”

3. Christmas Ornaments

Sarah Estelle-Hintz, “A Christmas ornament that we have the date put on. That way every year when we decorate we can relive each vacation.”

Amy Velueman, “We always go by the old Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square and get a new red Mickey ornament.”

Marie Hackman, “A yearly Disney ornament. We hope to have enough to create an heirloom tree for our children! Each one will be of a tangible memory of an amazing time we had as a family!”

Carrie Funk, “I always get at least one really nice ornament like a Wedgewood, preferably with the year on it so we can remember that trip. But I also buy the Mickey shaped ornaments and the movie specific ornaments. My tree is 90-95% Disney.”

Kim Howe, “I always get a new Disney ornament. Something that will remind me of that specific vacation, so I can remember it each year as I trim the tree.”

Disney World at Christmas: Would a Cheapskate Spend Up to $30 for a Christmas Ornament?


4. Dooney and Bourke

Karen Maser, “Dooney and Bourke Disney bags!”  

Shirley Grant,“Xmas ornaments and a Dooney & Bourke Disney bag!!!”

Anne Barnes, “Dooney and burke wristlet!”

Can a Cheapskate Princess Afford a Dooney & Bourke Disney Handbag?

5. Pins

Jennifer Hollar, “Pins!”

Shelly Nelson, “Pins. We collect NBC, Figment and Cheshire, holiday ones and keep our eyes open for unique ones.”

6. Jewelry

Amy Shelley, “I always buy some jewelry. I drool over the really expensive Mickey Mouse silhouette diamond earrings, but generally end up with something in sterling. I bought copper-colored pearl Mickey Mouse earrings a few trips ago. They are larger than I like, but are quite unique. My current favorite earrings are small clear stones set in a sterling setting in the shape of…you guessed it, Mickey Mouse!”

Jenn Murphy, “I can’t buy ‘anything’ I want…no D&B bags for me…. but within reason ,yes.  I see, I buy, like my cute ring I got at the gift shop and enjoy wearing.”

Dee Dean, “I usually get a piece of jewelry…I am in good company here, haha! A ring or a charm for my bracelet to remind me of each trip.”

Chrystie Wojcik, “Last 3 trips, a Dooney. I thought I’d get a sericel on those trips, but didn’t. The fist year I took my son there was a spot at the Marketplace where we got a painting made using his and my handprints, and I really wanted that to be the park souvenir every trip, but they only had that the first trip.”

Tracy Bollman, “I have to get a bead for my Pandora bracelet and I always have to get a hoodie.”

Love Disney Jewelry? Check Out Over $20,000 in Platinum and Diamond Jewelry


7. Mugs

Jenn Murphy “Mugs! I love mugs. And at $12-15.00 a pop, it’s something for me to buy multiple mugs on every trip. What better way to remember a lovely vacation than sipping warm tea out of a fun souvenir mug? (I love my new Epcot France mug.)”

Nancy Ahlsen, “Mugs for me as well!!!! But only specific kinds. Tinker bell, DVC, Alice and one time I scored one with the fairy godmother on it!

8. T-shirts

Paul Saint, “I HAVE to get, at least, one Disney T-shirt. I like to get the ones I can’t find anywhere else.”

Aimee Lucia-Sinopoli, “Mickey t-shirt for my son.”

Save Money on Disney World T-Shirts by Making Your Own!

9. Key Chains

My Disney buddy Heather Love hit two categories, “Key chains so I can think of Disney every time I use my keys. (I still get the cheaper ones though; I cannot help it). And coffee mugs because I drink it every day.”


10. Club 33 Merchandise

Kathleen Huge must be doing her shopping at Disneyland, as she suggests, “Club 33 merchandise!”

Here’s my favorite answer though, as I am definitely a cheapskate at heart.

Michael Boehm, “Heh, I’m cheap. I don’t buy anything ‘regardless of price’.”

There you have it, the Mouze Kateerz fanz Top 10 best souvenirs to buy at Disney, somewhat regardless of the price.

22 and 1/2 FREE Activities at Downtown Disney!

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Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

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5 Reasons You Will Love Disney’s Bay Lake Tower Resort

By Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

Bay Lake Tower is a Disney Deluxe Resort parked right next to the Contemporary Resort. It’s one of the most expensive places to stay on Disney property, but there are definite advantages to booking a vacation here if you have the cash.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Bay Lake Tower

1. Location, location, location!

You can ride on a monorail practically to the gates of the Magic Kingdom, or you can walk there in under 15 minutes, just 10 minutes if you walk a pretty good pace. What other resort are you close enough to walk to the House of Mouse? None, just Bay Lake Tower.

2. Take a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge

While Bay Lake Tower has clean lines, soft colors, and subtle landscaping, it’s not exactly what I would call the best themed resort in the Disney line up. The theming award goes to Wilderness Lodge, which is a short boat ride away. The ride is relaxing at night, and you can’t beat spending free time at the Lodge. Make sure you try their chocolate brownie! At just $4 and large enough to share, it’s a sure Cheapskate Princess favorite.

Can a Cheapskate Princess Afford a Dooney & Bourke Disney Handbag?

3. Kids Activities

Step over to the Contemporary Resort, and the kids can window shop in three gift shops. On the bottom floor of BLT is the Community Hall,where kids can do crafts and play video games. Be sure to take your room key with you. There are videos you can borrow from the community hall, and at night, there is a bug screen Disney movie out on the grassy lawn. Boats to rent, tennis courts, two incredible pools, game room, and roasting marshmallows on a fire pit before dusk…the kids will have a blast.

4. A Simply Amazing Bathroom

The master bathroom in the 1,2 and 3 bedrooms accommodations is fantastic. Whirlpool tub, rain head shower, and beautiful tile with deep colored woodwork all add up to vacation relaxation. That whirlpool tub is especially wonderful for tired legs muscles and sore feet.

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5. The Top of the World Lounge

At the very top of Bay Lake Tower is a beautifully fashioned “lounge” that serves drinks and food, with an amazing view of Bay Lake on one side and the Magic Kingdom/Seven Seas Lagoon on the other side. During the 10 p.m. “Wishes” fireworks show, the music is piped in, so you have a top floor unobstructed theme park view.

How much does it cost  to stay at Bay Lake? You have to see it to believe it!

Can You Afford a Vacation at WDW’s Bay Lake Tower Resort?


So if you have the cash, you’ll love being so close to the Magic Kingdom with so many fantastic amenities.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you on the walk to the front gate…


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