Three Reasons To Take Your Toddlers To Disney Now

Three Reasons To Take Your Toddlers To Disney Now

Everyone wants to take their children to Disney right? But when is the right time to take them? Do you wait to take them till they can ride all of the big ticket thrill rides? Or do you take them as soon as you can? Let me give you three reasons to take your toddlers to Disney now. And don’t quit till you reach the end. I am saving the best reason for last.

Under Three Is Free!

That’s right if your child is still in the terrible twos (or younger) the Mouse house will let them in for free! Free as in won’t charge you anything to walk right onto Mainstreet USA and into a world of dreams. Well the children are free everyone else still has to pay.

Of course you still have to feed your munchkins but they are free to eat off your plate even if you are dining at a buffet or family style restaurant. If you are at a counter service restaurant and your little prince or princess to have their very own meal you will have to pay for that or you can share from your plate. Normally there is enough on the plate for an adult and a toddler to share.

Once they hit three they are charged admission but it is still a reduced rate till they hit age ten. They are also no longer able to share off your plate at buffet or family style restaurants. So taking them before that magical third birthday saves you money on tickets and food.

Main Street rain

They Aren’t In School Yet

So what? Who cares if the kids are in school or not. Well you might care more than you think.

You see Disney resort hotels, like every other hotel in the world, charges based on demand. When the most people want to travel they charge the most.

When do most families want to take a vacation? When school is out. So if you can travel when everyone else’s munchkins are in school you can follow the yellow brick road to savings! Not only are the base prices cheaper Disney offers the best discounts during these same time periods. You might even get free dining.

Mickey Mouse Is Real

Well no he isn’t really real. It is just someone (probably a female ironically) in a costume. You know that. I know that. A toddler does not know that! To them the magical mouse jumped right out of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and onto Mainstreet USA.

And Mickey’ isn’t the only thing “real” to little ones. I have seen children trying to grab the 3d Donald Duck who flies off the screen during Mickey’s Philharmagic.

To put it simply there is just nothing like the smile on a child’s face because they believe! But time passes all to quickly. Before you know it they will know it. It’s not really Mickey. It’s just a girl in a mouse suit. Take advantage of your short window of opportunity! The looks you will see on your child’s face are worth it.
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About the Author: Christopher has to been to Disney more times than he can count. While not at Disney he is the owner of and part of the Magical Vacations By Me team.





Disney Magic Your Way

This article is not about Disney Magic My Way. It is about Disney Magic Your way! What do I mean by that? Well Disney fans are passionate. Sometimes they are too passionate. They will insist that you must stay the same place they stay, wait in line for the same things they wait in line for and eat the same things they eat. If you do not it is implied you are at best doing something wrong. At worst, you may be ruining your vacation!

But what do you do when two Disney lovers disagree? (And when they disagree do they ever disagree!) This article is here to help you figure out that very thing.

Disney magic your way

Disney Magic Your Way

Let’s start by establishing a few very important principles:

  1. There is more than one way to have a great Walt Disney World Vacation
  2. There is no best way that fits everyone.
  3. You want to find what is best for your travel party!

You can find all kinds of lists with titles that run something like “Must Do”. “Best Attractions at Disney”. and “Top Five Disney”.  There are even articles that focus on the worst attractions at Walt Disney World.

There is nothing wrong with articles like that. I encourage you to read them. But read them critically. If someone says the best attraction at Walt Disney World is Toy Story Midway Mania and does not take the time to explain why just file that little piece of advice in the trash can.

I am not saying the author is completely wrong. Obviously to that person it is the best. But unless that person is paying for your vacation their opinion does not count. You are looking for what is best for you! It’s Magic Your Way. Remember that.

What you need are the details. What makes this so great? What makes that so bad? Maybe what the writer thinks is great you will think is terrible. And maybe what you love the author hates.

Let’s take these principles a little farther as we look at where you should stay and which parks you should visit.

Where To Stay

When it comes to where to stay there are two types of hotels, On Property and Off Property. On Property hotels have a lot of benefits that Off Property Hotels do not. But Off Property hotels are normally less expensive (sometimes a lot less expensive!)

Some people swear by the benefits of On Property hotels. Those benefits include getting into parks early or staying late and free transportation to the parks. Those can be great benefits but can you still have a great Walt Disney World trip and stay Off Property? YES you can!

Other people swear by the money you save by staying Off Property. To them the extra hours in the parks and the free transportation are not worth the extra money spent.

So who is right? They both are! They are planning their vacation not yours.

Keep in mind if you decide to stay On Property there are still some decisions to be made. Disney divides its resort hotels into categories ranging from Deluxe Villas to Value. Deluxe Villas offer a lot more space and service. They also are built, decorated and landscaped to immerse you in different times and places from turn of the century Florida to Africa. Value resorts are also heavy on architecture and decorations but lack the elegance of the more expensive resorts.

You have to decide, is it worth the extra money to see a giraffe at breakfast (yes that is possible) or watch Wishes from my balcony or is it just a place to crash.

Which Parks Do You Go To?

Once you have settled the question of where to sleep it is time to determine which parks you want to see. Disney has four theme parks and two water parks.

Each theme park has both its lovers and haters. Take a look at the attractions that each theme park has and compare them to your travel party. Just because someone hates an attraction does not mean you will. The same is true of an attraction someone loves.

The Magic Kingdom has the most attractions and most of the attractions are very kid friendly. Animal Kingdom has been accused of being a zoo. Does that mean if you are taking kids that you have to skip the Animal Kingdom and only do the Magic Kingdom? Depends on your children. Make the decision that suits your family! But do not let someone else decide for you. Remember it is Magic  Your Way!

So Where Should You Stay and Which Parks Should  You Visit?

I don’t know! I don’t know you. If I did I would be glad to make suggestions but that is all they would be. At this point you have two options, do some research or contact an Authorized Disney Vacation planning agency (like the one that sponsors this page!) If you do contact an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner find one that takes time to get to know you, your family and your dreams.

While there may not be a best way to do Disney World there is almost no wrong way to do it either. Just relax the point is to have fun!

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