All About Mouze Kateerz

Welcome to Mouze Kateerz.

If you like Walt Disney World, we have stories to tell, planning tips to share, and lots of Disney photographs for a virtual Disney vacation.

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Click the “Follow the blog” icon on the home page for colorful photos and articles about the world’s most traveled vacation destination…Walt Disney World. We have almost daily articles on topics like these:

  • *Disney Restaurants and Snacks
  • *Disney Resorts
  • *Disney Merchandise
  • *Disney Photography
  • *Disney Trip Planning
  • *The Disney College Program

Join Mouze Kateerz on Facebook, where over 1,000 people each day view photos from around the Walt Disney World property. Theme rides, yummy snacks, delicious meals, souvenirs, spectacular resort…we’ve got all the photos for your virtual Disney vacation.

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Join Mouze Kateerz on Pinterest. to see another extensive collection of Disney photos on boards like these:

Amazing Disney Resorts

* Disney Park Rides: Hold on to Your Hat

* Disney World at Christmas

* Lovin Some Disney Food

* Disney: Cinderella castle

Use our Mouze Kateerz search engine to find specific Disney topics that interest you, and leave us a comment if you don’t find what you’re looking for. We love to write about what Disney fans are interested in.

Mouze Kateerz is expanding with new destinations included in our blogs and photos! We know many have a love for Disney but are also curious about other destinations as well!! Inside you will begin to see the additions that will include Universal Studios, Cruising and destination vacations!! Check back with us often to see the changes 🙂


  1. Great Page, love the lay-out! I would love to share some of our Disney photos with you! Good Luck with your page 🙂

  2. Looks like a great site! I am bookmarking it!

  3. Love the site! Definitely bookmarking it to check daily!

  4. Looks like a great site…I’ll definitely be coming back to check it out!

  5. What a fun site!

  6. I really enjoyed the website and love the ease of getting around in it. My dream some day is to go to DL by myself and just take photo’s. Have gotten some good ones but when you have other people with, as much as you love to be with them, you just can’t take the time to get the shots you want. Thank You for the smile.

    • Hey Kim, I’m glad you stopped by. It is hard to take good pictures with a group, because when you stop, they get irritated you made them stop And holidays there are just insanity as far as good pictures go- too many people to ge a clear view. Stop by again…Amanda

  7. Karen Alaniz says:

    Really Like your page. Come check US out at Smokin Hot Mama Club! We are all about inspiring women!!

  8. Karen Alaniz says:

    Ah forgot to say COuponin TO Disney sent me!

  9. Tonya Olson says:

    Love this page! Glad I found it!!

  10. Mouzekateerz….”Disney on a Budget”…next article! This financial planning failure needs some tips because this site is giving me the gotta-get-to-Disney blues!

  11. Love the site! Great articles and great photos! I can spend hours on here! It’s way past my bed time now though!

  12. jannagirard says:


    I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award and in return I have nominated your blog as well! You can see your nomination here:
    Looking forward to reading more posts!


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