10 Things to help survive the airport


With the holiday traveling wrapping up and having done my fair share in the month of December and another trip coming up in a couple of weeks, there are a few things I’ve noticed that make traveling through the airport easier.

  1. Print out boarding passes at home if possible. Most airlines now have online check in
  2. Arrive at least 2 hours before your flight in order to check any baggage and get through security.
  3. At the first TSA check point have your drivers license ready or other official id and your boarding pass. If traveling with small children the TSA officer will ask them their name and birthdate though that is not on the boarding pass. Teenagers with driving permits should have those out with their boarding pass.
  4. Getting through the metal detectors vary from airport to airport. In Atlanta you have to take your shoes off unless you are 12 and under or 75 and older but going through Orlando our shoes stayed on. Computers need to come out of their carry cases. Things go into a gray bucket or on the belt to go through xray while you will most likely walk through the new full body scanners. Best advise here is to pay attention to the little signs in line as to what needs to be done.provision-active-millimeter-wave-imager
  5. Once through security find your gate.. Keep an ear out for gate changes (mine changed 3 times in Boston).
  6. Have a little cash on you for a munchie or a drink to take on the plane with you. Most airlines now days will give you a little cup of drink and some peanuts or pretzel’s.
  7. If traveling with kids have something for them to do while in flight. There was a mom on my flight to Boston that had a charged ipad for her 3 year old to watch her cartoons with and headphones. I had a novel to read and a book on my phone. Technology will never leave you bored. This awesome mm also had a sippy cup for when they brought the drinks and transferred the drink into the sippy cup to cut down on the spillage chances.
  8. When disembarking the plane have patience. People are grabbing their carry on’s from overhead and herding children up the aisle and off the plane.
  9. The stewardess no longer tell you on what carousel your luggage will pop up on at baggage claim. Follow the signs to baggage claim and they all have screens that will tell you the flight number arriving from your city and what carousel number that your luggage should magically appear 🙂 airport-signage
  10. Have a pick up plan. Whether it’s the local transportation, a friend or family member or you arriving back home. I write down where I parked and put it in my wallet with the parking ticket. I try to leave enough money for parking someplace locked in my car.

The most important thing about any traveling though is to roll with it and make memories. Will everything go smoothly, Odds are definately in your favor for that to happen, but if there’s a hickup roll with it and make the best of your vacation. Disconnect from social media and enjoy your vacation. Take pictures and have fun.

airport photo

Amanda Casey




  1. Thanks for these tips! I flew for the first time as an adult and definitely found things different from what I was expecting – here is my post on it if you’re interested… https://prosperityandcalamities.wordpress.com/2015/09/02/first-time-flying/

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