Three Reasons To Take Your Toddlers To Disney Now

Three Reasons To Take Your Toddlers To Disney Now

Everyone wants to take their children to Disney right? But when is the right time to take them? Do you wait to take them till they can ride all of the big ticket thrill rides? Or do you take them as soon as you can? Let me give you three reasons to take your toddlers to Disney now. And don’t quit till you reach the end. I am saving the best reason for last.

Under Three Is Free!

That’s right if your child is still in the terrible twos (or younger) the Mouse house will let them in for free! Free as in won’t charge you anything to walk right onto Mainstreet USA and into a world of dreams. Well the children are free everyone else still has to pay.

Of course you still have to feed your munchkins but they are free to eat off your plate even if you are dining at a buffet or family style restaurant. If you are at a counter service restaurant and your little prince or princess to have their very own meal you will have to pay for that or you can share from your plate. Normally there is enough on the plate for an adult and a toddler to share.

Once they hit three they are charged admission but it is still a reduced rate till they hit age ten. They are also no longer able to share off your plate at buffet or family style restaurants. So taking them before that magical third birthday saves you money on tickets and food.

Main Street rain

They Aren’t In School Yet

So what? Who cares if the kids are in school or not. Well you might care more than you think.

You see Disney resort hotels, like every other hotel in the world, charges based on demand. When the most people want to travel they charge the most.

When do most families want to take a vacation? When school is out. So if you can travel when everyone else’s munchkins are in school you can follow the yellow brick road to savings! Not only are the base prices cheaper Disney offers the best discounts during these same time periods. You might even get free dining.

Mickey Mouse Is Real

Well no he isn’t really real. It is just someone (probably a female ironically) in a costume. You know that. I know that. A toddler does not know that! To them the magical mouse jumped right out of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and onto Mainstreet USA.

And Mickey’ isn’t the only thing “real” to little ones. I have seen children trying to grab the 3d Donald Duck who flies off the screen during Mickey’s Philharmagic.

To put it simply there is just nothing like the smile on a child’s face because they believe! But time passes all to quickly. Before you know it they will know it. It’s not really Mickey. It’s just a girl in a mouse suit. Take advantage of your short window of opportunity! The looks you will see on your child’s face are worth it.
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About the Author: Christopher has to been to Disney more times than he can count. While not at Disney he is the owner of and part of the Magical Vacations By Me team.







  1. Late August, September and October are great times to go; it is warm enough to enjoy the water parks and pools, with some of the lowest prices of the year. Stay on the property if you can- no parking charges, no driving in Orlando traffic, and it is a whole lot more convenient with a small child, and is NOT more expensive if you plan carefully. My sister Sue and I, and my cousin Charla, took Sue’s daughter Emma, and her boy Ben, when Emma was a very small child. We stayed at the Polynesian, which was very convenient to the Magic Kingdom, to get back to our room if Em got fussy.We had a lovely time. When my own kids were little, we did the very same thing, at the same time of year. I have been to Disney World more than fifty times since they opened it, when my own kids were small, all the way through teenagers, and then grandchildren, and now a great- grandson is coming up.I have been to all the Disney resorts at least once: my favorite ones for small kids that are ambulatory, say five years through ten years old, are the All Star Sports, Music and Movies. They might be the least expensive- but they don’t look it. I like them for small kids because of their jolly cartoon theming with a giant Buzz Lightyear, giant dalmatian, enormous bongo drums, surfboards and etc., Also, their laundry facilities, restaurants, pools, and bus stops are so much easier to access and deal with,for small kids.That means right there, easy to find, and cheap.The service is as good as the bigger, more expensive resorts. The parking lots are close by, to access your car if you want it. My second choice is the new Art of Animation resort- except that it is dauntingly huge to navigate with tired,sleepy, crying kids. A lot of the Disney resorts are so big that it becomes a mission quest to get to the buses, and back to your room, with very small babies and children. These are more appropriate for older kids. Either the Polynesian, the Contemporary, or the All Star Resorts are my top picks for babies and toddlers; each resort has its drawbacks and its good points. All -in- all best points still goes to the All Star resorts: the bus service to and from the parks is quite comfortable and frequent (All Star Sports has the fastest times) and the close proximity of pool, laundry, food court and bus stop make this a well- designed marvel. The All Star Music has family suites with microwaves and etc., and two bathrooms, and a private room for mom and dad. It is by far the most reasonably priced family suite at Disney, and close to all the amenities to boot. If you have a small infant AND a toddler, I would do the Polynesian or the Contemporary, just for sheer proximity. They also have room service, which is great for people with a baby under one year of age.

  2. Great information! Thank you, Liz! I am hoping to stay at the Poly soon. Have you been since the extensive refurbishment? Thoughts on whether it’s better now or worse?

    • I looked at it last summer when we went to Disney,out of curiosity, to check their progress- they are done with the pool, but not with the rest of it. It will be pretty nice when they are finished,which according to the lady at the front desk should be April-ish 2016. I was checking out some of their August dates for the summer of 2016, the prices for this particular hotel are their best all- around rates in the middle of August, and since the pool there is an important focus of it, August is a good time to go to it. Sometimes they have a substantial room rate reduction offer too at that time, like 25%, which helps a lot for this somewhat pricey hotel (but compared to going to Venice or London, not so very bad for a vacation.) My only real beef with the Polynesian is the restaurants- although the ones they have are nice, I feel they don’t have enough choices for just running around, to just grab a meal or a snack on the go-sometimes it’s nice to be spontaneous, and not have to have a reservation at a set time for every little thing. We stayed at the All Star Sports the last time we were at Disney, last summer. I had my grown grandchildren with me, and the toddler great- grandson. Although the food courts there aren’t like a sit down restaurant, they really are pretty good, all told, with lots of variety for choices. The pizza is very good.
      Did you know they will be building a space- themed Star Wars theme park at Disney? I can’t wait to see what kind of hotels that will have. That will be so exciting!

      • Yes I did know about the Star Wars expansion. It won’t actually be a new park just an addition to Hollywood Studios. There will be a new restaurants but unfortunately no new hotels.

      • Dear grumpydisney: I am a professional artist, and have submitted bids to do some of the large mural work for the new additions. There are some serious arguments being carried on by the Disney people in charge of this project, pro and con, for a new space- themed hotel in the value/moderate price range, similar to the new Art of Animation family accommodations/themed hotel, so it is not completely off the table, yet. They are arguing about it, because so many people are so delighted with the whole idea of Star Wars and want such a place, and money always talks. (I have a good buddy who works there full time, and who carefully listens.) A large problem they have is proximity to the park- there are already hotels close by- and whether or not to cater to the big bucks crowd or ordinary people. They have lately been catering more to the big bucks crowd- but there are a whole lot more ordinary people with enough cash to go to Disney than there are super rich folks, and the big- buxers are not huge buyers of schlocky souvenirs, apparently, and are quite demanding, as well. Losing sales on tons of souvenirs is not making Disney happy, and having too many fussbudgets to deal with is too, even with Disney’s sterling service. Having enough restaurants with sit- down service for these fussy folks has been problematic: it is almost impossible to get a reservation at any of them anymore, just on a whim, unlike when I used to go in the morning and get one for the Castle dining room right after arriving at the Magic Kingdom. Don’t give up hope- I believe they will eventually be forced to build a hotel, possibly more than one. What kind they will be remains to be seen.I think they might be wise to put in both, and theme them differently.As to the addition to the Studios: remembering how it went when they added on Splash Mountain and the Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, and that entire section of the park, as well as when they completed Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, the new additions will be enormous and compelling. Also- when they added on the countries to Epcot- that section is even larger than the first part of Epcot. They have never had the crowds for the Studios they have had for the other parks- thrill rides add on to the numbers. The Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster are great, but I bet they come up with a cluster of awesome ones comparable to the Everest coaster ride in the Animal Kingdom. Star Wars is iconic and a part of American cultural identity, now. It is actually comparable to the Western sagas, in terms of being embedded in the national conciousness. Selling immersion in fantasy worlds is what Disney is in business for- and no one does it better.

      • Not sure how I missed this for so long! But great information thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Us Disney lovers just can’t wait for the latest new things to come out. It is so relaxing to just go and be immersed in unreality for a few days! What did you think of the new Mine Train ride? I thought it was lovely, but too short.

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