Disney Cruise Line Must Do: The Rain Forest Room

Hello, Lovelies!  I’m back with the promised report on my favorite activity aboard my recent Disney cruise: The Rain Forest Room!

For the uninitiated, let me lay the ground work for you.  Each of Disney’s 4 cruise ships has an amazing spa on board; the Wonder features the Vista Spa while the Magic, Dream, and Fantasy ships have the Senses Spa.  The Senses Spa on the Dream is located on Deck 11 forward, to the left when you get off of the elevators.  Tucked away in each of these areas is The Rain Forest Room (which I’ll shorten to “TRR” for simplicity).  What is so special about this room that I’m devoting an entire post you may ask?

Money talks, so let me start by saying that this is by far the most economical spa experience of your life.  Rain Forest RatesThe prices reflected are for a 3-day sailing and cover THE ENTIRE sailing.  That’s right, you’re not paying those fees for each entry into the room; that’s a one-time only fee for entry throughout your sailing.  If you want to spend all day in TRR, have at it-you won’t be charged again.  Now, the prices you see there don’t include the tax (and may vary or change without notice), but I paid roughly $20.13 per person per day for the Deluxe Couples Package.  $20, People!!!!!!!

The Deluxe Pass includes a 4 oz jar of their handmade, salt scrub per day.  You receive a little loofah pad with your jar so that you can scrub yourself up good and proper.  There were six to choose from with typical scents like Tahitian Vanilla, Tangerine, Peppermint, Lavender, etc.  We ended up only using part of a jar on the first day so I brought home two full jars as a souvenir.  After scrubbing and rinsing, our skin was soft, smooth, and the good kind of smelly.

The next feature I’d like to mention that makes this package so special is the exclusivity.  I’ve heard unconfirmed rumors that DCL only sells a limited number of these packages per sailing (as little as 20).  So, that means on a ship of 2700-4500 people, only a literal handful will be allowed into TRR.  Again, I have no idea if this is true but I can say that my husband and I were the only people in there whenever we visited.  We might have seen someone coming out or in as we were arriving or leaving but that was it.  We got to experience that all to ourselves for the majority of our time there.  If you’re a bit of an introvert like me, you’ll really appreciate a calm haven to descend upon occasionally without having to hide in your cabin.

Rain Forest and Water Fun Showers

Laconium Sauna on the left, two of the available showers on the right.

When you enter the spa, you will sign in at the front desk and receive your green wrist band (similar to the magic band) that will allow you entry into the room.  You will also receive your fluffy white robe (there are locker rooms available if you need to change into your swim suit and store your things).  When you enter the room, you’ll see the steam/sauna rooms and showers to the left and the water station and additional robes to your right.

Water Station

Water Station

First, spend some time in one of the sauna/steam rooms.  If I remember correctly, they recommended no more than 10-15 minutes in the rooms.  Laconium is your typical sauna (it has a large window with a nice view), Caldarium has heavy steam, and Hamam is a sauna room with sinks so that you can use your scrub.

Laconium SignCaladarium SignHamam Sign

Once you’ve gotten all steamed up, it’s time to head to the showers.  There are 4 distinct showers (Rain Forest, Water Fun, Cool Mist, and Tropical Thunder), each with 2-3 different streams to choose from.  All but one of the showers are cool (I’ll let you figure out which one has the warm water!) and my husband and I were a hoot going through each one.  Literally, they probably heard us squealing in the crew’s quarters.

Water Fun Shower

Water Fun Shower Buttons

Rain Forest Shower

Rain Forest Shower Buttons

Cool Mist Shower Buttons

Cool Mist Experience Shower Buttons

Tropical Thunder Shower Buttons

Tropical Thunder Shower Buttons

After your cold shower torture, you move into the next room that has rows of loungers.  These loungers are amazing as they have heated tiles from head to toe.  I could have easily napped there and actually returned to that area to relax more than once without visiting the sauna first.

Heated Tile Loungers-Amazing!

Heated Tile Loungers-Amazing!

Once you’re all warm and toasty, you can move to the final area that features two hot tubs.  The wrap around window in this area had one panel missing so that you can feel the breeze.  Again, we were typically the only people in the room for a long period of time.  Warm hot tub + cool breeze = one relaxed momma.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tub area

TRR was open from 12 p.m.-10 p.m. on the first day of sailing and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the other days.  You may spend as much time in there as you like and come and go as often as you please during opening hours.

Some important info:  Rain Forest Passes are not available for booking pre-cruise.  As the availability is limited, we elected to board the ship at the earliest opportunity to ensure that we could purchase our passes.  Booking was simple; you give the attendants your name and room number and the charge is applied to your on board account.  If you prefer a more hands on spa experience, you can book additional services from the menu available.

If you have any questions about the Rain Forest Room or any of a Disney Cruise’s features, please comment below or you can find me on Facebook at Magical Vacations by Tracy or email at tracy@magicalvacationsbyme.com.  You can also follow me on Instagram HERE.  I’d love to talk to you about planning your own Disney Cruise!  See you soon!


Tracy Hurdle is a work-at-home mother of one and a former social worker turned travel agent.  She’s always had a love of travel planning and couldn’t be happier at being given the opportunity to do so on a broader scale with families just like yours.


  1. Thanks for all that info! I was thinking of doing this on the next Disney Cruise but wasn’t quite sure what it was all about so it was awesome to get a breakdown of what was included!

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