6 year old Child Falls Off Balcony at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Last evening a 6 year old girl from New York fell off a third story balcony at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Orange County deputies said the child was trying to reach something, so she moved a small table to the balcony railing, but lost her footing and fell from the third floor balcony. She fell into the giraffe area of the savanna. No animals were in the area.

Deputies say the girl’s father was in the shower at the time. Her mother saw the her fall and tried to grab her, but was unable to get to her in time.

The girl was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando with minor injuries. She was treated and released from the hospital.

Disney hasn’t released an official statement at this time. Disney does have locks on the sliding glass doors for child proofing. They are located at my eye level (5 ft 9in) or higher depending which resort you are staying at.

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  1. I hope the child will be OK. We just stayed in a room on the third floor this past February and it is pretty high up, but the view and experience is wonderful.
    The balconies are designed very safe though. The locks and railings are high. I think this is just a case of a six year old being a curious child, and a parent just 1 step to far away.
    I hope this incident doesn’t change anyones plans.

  2. Liz Manns says:

    You cannot ever let a kid that young out of your sight. Not even for one minute…they are just so fast, to run out in front of the bus, or stand on a table on a balcony three stories up. Kids do not have common sense at the age of six. Julie is right, those third floor balconies are pretty high up. They are also government regulation compliant for safety, even more so than necessary. Swimming pools, streets, there are all kinds of hazards out there to watch out for with a little kid, no matter where you are. The parents are very lucky to have their little girl, and relatively unhurt. Just that one step too far away, like Julie said, and not quite fast enough. I think perhaps it might be wise, after this has happened, to not let a kid be on those balconies by themselves. Supervise their viewing, no matter how tired you might be.I too hope this incident does not change anybody’s plans.


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