7 Forgotten & Unplanned Expenses that You Should Plan For

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By Mouze Kateerz Staff

Unplanned and forgotten expenses can totally wreck your Disney vacation or any vacation. Here are lists of things that you should plan to take or have money in reserve for.

1. Tipping: Gratuities are not included in your dining plans except for a few shows and restaurants. 18-20% is standard. You will also need to

Photo compliments of the Disney Company

Photo compliments of the Disney Company

remember to tip your valet, Magical Express Driver and housekeeping staff.

2. Reusable Mug: If you aren’t on the dining plan, you will want to consider purchasing this. It’s $13.95 + tax and you can refill it with soda & coffee the length of your stay at your home resort.

3. Something from the Drug Store: Be sure to pack medicines including ones you rarely use (allergy meds), diapers, rash cream & extra formula. These items  can be purchased through Disney or a personal shopper but they will cost you (at minimum) double of what you would pay at home. A taxi cab ride to the local walmart usually start around $20 each way depending on where you are staying.

4. SUNSCREEN: It really should go under drug store but is sooo important even if you travel in Florida.

5. Tolls: If you drive to the parks, be sure to take at least one roll of quarters to pay for them. They can add up quickly

6. New Brakes, New Tire, New Battery: Any car related expense can add up quickly be sure to have $500-$1000 on a credit card to use in case of one of these emergencies.

7. The overpriced souvenir that you had no idea that you were going to purchase but you can’t leave without:  On more than one occasion guests have been known to drop $300 on a purse that they didn’t know existed.

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