Top Five Reasons I Love “Be Our Guest” Restaurant……..


By Teri S.

Top Five Reasons I Love “Be Our Guest” Restaurant……..beourguest Be Our Guest Bridge

Picture a beautiful castle atop a mountain in the distance. A bridge over a mote leading you to a huge double hung wooden door. You are greeted by a servant carrying beautiful candelabra who hands you the candelabra and leads you toward the door. He knocks and you begin your experience in a beautiful entryway. To the right you see a huge chair – could this be where the “Beast” resides???? You walk into the most beautiful dining area you have ever seen…. Huge chandeliers….. Clanging dishes…. A wall of windows where outside it is snowing!!! If you are lucky enough you are lead into a side chamber… this is the Beast’s west wing – the décor dark and eerie – tattered curtains hang from the windows and from the ceiling…. The Enchanted Rose encased in glass is prominent in the room…. Then you realize this is the Beast’s private area… as you dine HE makes an appearance to welcome his guests with a bow. After the most amazing meal you have ever enjoyed you are summoned to meet the Beast himself who is gracious and accommodating.

1.. Very Enchantingbeourguestrosewindow

2.. A Complete Dining Experience

3.. Excellent Fare

4.. Beautiful Surroundings

5… The Perfect Spot for that special occasion

Teri doo - good oneTeri Scavette lives in Runnemede NJ. She and her husband, Dan, own and operate a window treatment business. Teri is a vereran of four Disney cruises and over 70 trips to WDW. “I so look forward to each trip more than the last. Why do I love Disney?

Quite simply…Being there and making so many happy treasured memories with my family just makes my heart smile!”

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