How big is the Walt Disney World Resort?

Magic, Memories, and You

By FrancesEpcot Mission Space

Walt Disney World is comprised of approximately 92 miles of  theme parks, resorts, restaurants, shopping, water parks, and mini-golf. Everything is spread out, so even when you take your own car, you’re still going to do a lot of walking. Not to forget that you will do some pathways multiple times.

~ Overall WDW is approximately 47 square miles.

~ The Magic Kingdom is approximately 107 acres. You can place the Magic Kingdom into the Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

~ Disney’s Animal Kingdom is approximately 500 acres.

~ EPCOT is approximately 300 acres.

~ Disney’s Hollywood Studios is approximately 135 acres.

You could very easily walk 7-10 miles per day just walking around your resort and one theme park.

With this much walking, it’s very important that you take care of your feet. Be sure to wear comfortable, well broken in shoes. Good socks are also a must. I usually take an extra set of socks with us just in case the pair I’m wearing gets wet or I feel as if they need to be changed.

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