Multiple Languages of Disney!

Italy Epcot


By Frances


Today I have been day dreaming about EPCOT! I was thinking how neat it’s to go into all of the different countries and hearing the cast members from that country speaking their native languages. Secretly wishing that I could speak their language too. Here is a google search of 3 of my favorite Disney sayings in different languages! I hope you enjoy!


See ya real soon!Epcot Paris


Spanish: nos vemos muy pronto


German: Ich werde sehen Sie wirklich bald


French: Je vais vous voir très bientôt


Italian: Io vi vedrà molto presto


Norwegian: jeg vil se deg virkelig snart


Chinese: 我会看到你真正很快


Japanese: 私はすぐに実が表示されます




Have a magical day!


Spanish: Tener un día mágico


German: Haben Sie einen magischen Tag


French: Passez une journée magiqueEpcot Mexico, Epcot Mexican pavilion


Italian: Avere una giornata magica


Norwegian: Har en magisk dag


Chinese: 有神奇的一天


Japanese: 魔法の日があります。




It’s off to work we go!


Spanish: Su apagado trabajar vamos!


German: Seine arbeiten wir gehen!


French: Son large au travail nous allons !


Italian: Relativo fuori a lavorare andiamo!


Norwegian: Sin av for å arbeide vi gå!


Chinese: 其关闭工作我们去 !


Japanese: そのオフ作業に行こう !




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