Dopey Challenge Registration has Begun!


By Frances

Are you ready to register for the Dopey Challenge? If you are a Disney Annual Pass holder, you can sign up to be the very first Dopey Challenge Participants!

Here are the fees if you register before June 18, 2013. I’m sure that registration will close sooner than later for this amazing event.

Walt Disney World Marathon: $160 Run Disney Photo

Walt Disney World Half Marathon: $160

Goofy’s race and a Half Challenge: $340

Walt Disney World 10k: $95

Disney Family Fun Run 5k: $60

Dopey Challenge: $495

Registration opens up on April 9, 2013 to the general public.


Magical Vacations by Me is currently making travel reservations for this challenge.

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We always love to hear from you.

If you need assistance in planning your magical vacation, please contact Magical Vacations by Me.

Email:   or 404-414-6198


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