Getting through Orlando Security at the Airport

English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage.

By Amanda C.

I have very rarely given much thought about getting souvenirs through security at the MCO (Orlando International Airport), but as I am going “ OOOOO I’ve got to get one of those!” That one of those is a death star hot potato game. I was describing it at the ball park last night and one of the mom’s said “Good luck getting that through security. It sounds like it looks like a bomb.” I was like woooah hold up! A bomb? No way would I have thought of that. That got me to thinking of what the TSA must see go through the scanners and do they flip out seeing it going through in checked luggage and open your suitcase or do they go ehhh and let it go?
Some of those great souvenirs: From Pirates of the Caribbean: The dagger, scabbard, and ball and chain and the hook. From Star Wars: The Light Saber. From Frontierland: The 3 foot long hunting rifle and pistol. Tomorrowland: Buzz Light years ray gun.
I’m sure Universal and Sea World have some crazy souvenirs as well that would make a normal person go what the heck if it was seen in your luggage. So the question for you readers…. Has the TSA searched your luggage because of the goodies you stashed away?

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  1. Oh my gosh… the Orlando TSA wouldn’t let me take my son’s little Mickey Sorcerers Apprentice figurine through b/c it had a little snow globe on it. I had to go out and send it through the mail via the Disney store in the airport. Thank God family was with me b/c I couldn’t take my kids with me out and I had to go through the whole stupid search again. It’s crazy.

  2. We drive. Whatever fits in the car goes home with us! (It’s a 24 hour drive, so it takes at least 2 days, but no worries about the TSA!)

  3. Cait Delaney says:

    We bought a toy revolver at The Pirates of The Caribbean ride. Not thinking about TSA….so, we packed it in our carry one and low and behold, nope, not gonna happen. I had to run back out to the Disney Store and ship it home… came almost TWO weeks after we were home. Grrrr….next time, I’ll be sure to keep TSA in mind when purchasing souvenirs!

  4. Tracey H says:

    One reason I’m glad we drive from PA! I hate airport stress;)

  5. Sometimes I’ve seen the revolvers go through. Maybe it should be in a kids hands? Guess whatever I buy will be in the checked luggage and clothes in the carry on LOL

  6. We’ve learned to put just about all souvenirs into our checked baggage. The Worlds of Disney people clued me in when I was about to purchase Mickey reuseable ice cubes. Now I make sure shopping is done before luggage is packed so that it can go into checked baggage. We have had our bags searched, but I never really thought about the fact it could have been due to those items. Oh well still better than wasting 4 days in the car on my vacation.

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