Quick Service Restaurants to Avoid

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By Frances

There are lots of choices to choose from for Quick Service meals at the Walt Disney World. There are several good ones and their are a few that Mouze Kateerz readers try to avoid.

Top of the list:

Magic Kingdom: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and CafeEpcot Mission Space

EPCOT: The Electric Umbrella

Hollywood Studios: Pizza Planet

Animal Kingdom: No one mentioned a bad place to eat at Animal Kingdom

Downtown Disney: No one mentioned a bad place to eat at Downtown Disney

Here is the complete list of comments:

Melissa H: Pizza Planet. The kids love it for the Pizza and the arcades. It’s very loud and the pizza is school cafeteria quality. I always end up spending more money on arcades than I budgeted as well.

Rebecca F: l I just had a HORRIBLE experience at Cosmic Ray’s in MK…won’t be going back there any time soon.

Epcot - Electric Umbrella

DeAnna Taylor Welch Pinocchio’s in MK & Epcot’s Electric Umbrella – not fond of their new menus. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Amanda R: Pizza Planet. I realize that you are going for the experience, but I thought the food was horrible

Jaime H: I had a bad experience at Cosmic Ray’s too. I’d probably give it another chance someday, but in no means dying to go back!

Emily J: Pecos bill yuck!

Tara D: ABC Commissary at the Studios. You’ve been warned …

Sarah S: Electric Umbrella…cause it’s gross.

Jessica C:ย  Pizza Planet!! So greeeasy! (And there’s no claw!)

Noreen A: Electric Umbrella, ABC Commissary and the Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort. Honestly, the ONLY quick service I like at DHS is Starring Rolls.

Jay G.” I enjoyed the salmon entree at the Commissary (miss the Cuban sammich though), and the worst part of Cosmic Ray’s is that its usually stuffed to the gills, but I think the food is pretty okay … but Electric Umbrella, ugh, walk a little further to the Land and get good food.

Tara D: Yes! How could I have forgotten about the Electric Umbrella?!? Total Ick Fest.hollywood studios mann chinese theater

Jo K: I try to avoid the fish place(I can’t remember its’ name) in England at Epcot. That is some nasty, greasy fish! yuckkkkkkk

Lydia H: I usually like the burgers at Cosmic Ray’s okay and really enjoyed the grilled/roasted chicken plate there (the one w/the green beans and mashed taters)…..but had the WORST chili-cheese hotdog of my life EVER there. I mean, it’s a HOTDOG….how the heck did they manage to mess it up so badly?!? Ugh. Lol. :X And, oh yeah….we were not particularily impressed with the lunch and dinner food at Pop Century’s food court after some horrid “Beef Brocolli” and an odd tasting pasta dish our first day. Breakfast was fine….everything else we ate elsewhere at WDW from then on….

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  1. I am really surprised that more people didn’t say Pinochio’s. Is it because it isn’t well advertised? The food at Pinochio’s is almost like an afterthought. Like Cosmic Rays and Pecos Bill’s had items they didn’t have time for so they were sent to Pinochio’s. I have never had a good meal there. Even the fries; a tasty staple at Ray’s and Bill’s, are limp and tasteless. In my experience, Pinochio’s food lacks in every department. Even the so called parmesan cheese packets are these faux bits of tasteless plastic that they are trying to pass off as cheese. Sodas are usually always flat. Pasta is whole wheat and has generally been undercooked. I feel Cosmic Ray’s and Pecos Bill’s have gotten a bad rap. Any counter service at Disney is going to have flaws but in the overall, Ray’s and Bill’s are the better choices.

    • Thanks Audrey! I too was a little surprised by more people not mentioning Pinocchio’s but it’s just a sampling of opinions. Ray’s is one place that my family likes going to. The food is ok but we like the topping bar.

  2. We used to love Pinocchio’s, but after trying the new flatbreads last October, I have a new opinion. It was horrible! The pizza wasn’t even as good as a frozen pizza. Totally gross! As for all of the bad reviews on Pizza Planet, I don’t understand those either. The pizza is decent (for a theme park), the salads are a nice addition to the meal, and the cappuccino cupcake is fabulous (though I avoided it for way too long since I don’t usually like coffee flavored anything). As for the arcade, it’s just like everything else as Disney, you set a certain amount you want to spend, and you stick to it. My daughter doesn’t even ask us anymore for money. We give her whatever we have in our pockets, and that’s it. We just tell her we need to go ride another ride since that’s what we came for and she agrees.

  3. I dunno. I kinda had a different take on Pizza Planet. In fact, it was one of the most memorable places I went. Not because of the food or the arcade, because of the atmosphere. It took me back to the Showbiz Pizza and Circus Playhouse days of my youth. The pizza was school quality, yeah. I liked school pizza. It was the best thing on the menu. The thing you gotta look at when visiting these places is not the quality of the food but the tone of the scene: the quality of the moment. Look beyond what you are expecting and let the magic just…happen.

  4. I was surprised with Pecos and Cosmic Rays. I understand that at some point in time, someone will have bad experience – but they’ve always been stops we enjoy. We’ve had one bad experience at Pecos but had nothing to do with the food, but the service in the dining room. I will say, Cosmic Rays used to have this AWESOME turkey wrap – no more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. I used to love the ABC commisary at HS, but they changed the menu and the item I used to get is gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Here’s a tip, if you do go to a QS for breakfast or an early lunch, check your receipt. Some are spitting out coupons for 20% off your purchase at the “big” Disney shops in each park and DTD if you shop before 1pm. You don’t even have to use it that day, an expiration will be printed on it. Better value than our Season Pass 10%!

  6. krissy m. murphy says:

    Really? I love Pecos Bills!

  7. Me too! My 6 year old and I love Pecos Bill!!! That is our favorite quick service! The burgers are great!

  8. We love Pecos and Cosmic Rays. We stop at both each trip. They are crowded but the food has always been good. We stopped at ABC commissary last trip. We enjoyed it as well.

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