Smell your way to an instant vacation with Disney World inspired candles!


Hey all! It’s Melissa here! Anyone have a case of the Disney blues? Looking for a way to escape back to the parks at home? Look no further than the newest crafty creation you can find in my Etsy shop! I wanted to give upcycling candles a try and when I started to make a floral batch I closed my eyes and thought “Wow! This reminds me of the Grand Floridian lobby.” Low and behold, an idea came together– followed by the creation of a Caribbean Beach Resort scent and another 5 different scents.  I had been trying to find a way to use or sell some ceramic M.Mouse Collection mugs and so I created my own line of Walt Disney World inspired candles!

You will find votives, tealights, and larger candle mugs over at my Etsy shop all scented to smell like your favorite resorts! I have gotten really great feedback from people who have purchased in the past (currently I am sold out of Sunshine Tree Terrace, Yacht & Beach Club, Boardwalk, and Polynesian but I am hoping to recreate all these scents in the future).  If you are interested in purchasing more than one product contact me over on Etsy and let me know and I will work out the shipping costs! And be sure to remind me that you read about my shop here on Mouze Kateerz!!

Interested more in the upcycling candle process than purchasing your little scent of Disney World? Well, had on over to Picturing Disney and check out the post I created as I created my first batches of candles!


  1. Geoff Mavrak says:

    Are you still selling these candles? I’d be very interested.


  1. […] is nothing like walking into the Grand Floridian hotel and have the feeling that you are home. Mouze Kateerz writer Melissa has come up with her very own creation of candles so you can light a match and close your eyes and feel as if you are at your home away from home. […]

  2. […] in January I shared my etsy shop with all you wonderful Mouzies and have since then revamped the candle […]

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