Winning the Lottery?

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By Amanda

With the largest lottery jack pot for Powerball in the books a few short weeks ago, it got my family to day dreaming about what we would do if we won. Of course, my fiance and I (being practical) said we would set up college funds for each of the kids (There’s 5), a new house with bedrooms for everyone so they wouldn’t have to share anymore and of course two new vehicles. But beyond that what would we do?be our guest bridge_332098596_n

This is when one of the twins said “We want to go to Disney!” Leave it to one of the kids to put it in the simplest what would you dos. So we began asking them specifics. It seems they had all put their heads together and came up with a game plan. Surprisingly all 5 agreed to it with little tweaks of course. We’d rent a private plane to gather up specific friends and family to meet us down there. Rent a large church bus to get everyone from the airport to the Resort. Here is where the little tweak happens.  Three of them wanted to stay at Bay Lake Tower while the other two liked The Tree Houses at Saratoga Springs. At this point I had to laugh, at least they were thinking large enough for the 7 of us and the 30 other people they were inviting.DVC Bay Lake, Bay Lake Tower, Disney resort, save money,

I agreed that either one would be a good choice as there are seven of us and both of those resorts can accommodate large families. The next topic up was food. With three teenage boys, food was a priority. Having been to Disney my son knows Disney goes above and beyond with the food. He had them convinced to go with Premium Dining because we you get 3 meals a day and 2 snacks, the kicker on this one was the inclusion of La Nouba tickets. Yes I have Cirque Du Soliel children. It wasn’t the golf or free recreation stuff, but La Nouba. Of course we’d have to have the water parks and more option as they had stated we’d be staying 2 weeks in order to stay at both resorts!

Disney, Disney Wedding Pavillion, Disney Wedding

Disney’s Wedding Pavillion

The girls also stated that there would be a wedding at Cinderella’s Castle and that it would be the best ever since it would be mine and my fiance. They both stated they would plan everything. Twelve year old twins and the fantasy of getting married at Disney is in their minds. I pray their Prince’s have the pockets for it.

So with all their talking this begs the question.. What would you have done if you’d won the Big Power Ball Lotto?

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  1. Obviously … a house at Golden Oak!


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