Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Ice cream sundae, Disney dessert, cost of the Kitchen Sink, menu for Beaches and Cream soda shop

By Amanda

There are many changes that have gone around Disney World parks, some sanctioned by Disney such as Where’s Perry at Epcot that replaced Kim Possible. Then there are others that guests have come up with like Drinking Around the World at World Showcase. I think my favorite one though is seeing who can eat a Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort.Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, Beaches and Cream menu, Disney kitchen sink

On the particular day that we went, it was my sister and I along with four children all under the age of 9. This was our big thing for this trip to Disney as we had heard so much about the Kitchen Sink. The scenery is quaint and reminds you of Happy Days. We placed our order and proceeded to wait. The girls were giddy as they watched our waitress begin to pile on the ice cream, brownies, sponge cake, ice cream, topping and an entire can of whipped cream! The booth behind us ordered three for their table.

They do it up Disney style, they blinked the lights announcing someone had ordered a Kitchen Sink and it was brought to our table and the three to the table behind us. As you can see from the picture the kids eyes bugged out at the amount of sugar. We had six spoons all digging into the sink and a half our later with our stomach’s stuffed and half the sink left we threw in the napkin on it. The table behind us polished off all three sinks, but I should mention there were six teenagers and they all had hollow legs according to the adult with them.

Beaches and Cream also offers a nice lunch or dinner menu as well as other ice cream parlor favorites: Hot fudge sundae’s, banana splits and even the crazy grilled banana bread and peanut butter. Beaches and Cream is on the Disney Dining Plan, but the Kitchen Sink is not part of the dining plan so you would have to pay $26.99 for the joy of watching your kids bug out with the treat.kitchen sink after

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