A New Company: Kingdom Camera Rentals

By Frances

As an effort to help the Mouze Kateerz Readers have the most magical vacation possible. We would like to introduce you to Kingdom Camera Rentals.

Kingdom Camera Rentals is a family-owned business started in the summer of 2012 in Orlando.  The owners had recently taken a trip to Hawaii with cameras, lenses, tripods and accessories necessary for photographing the gorgeous Hawaiian landscape.  It took up ALL of their carry-on baggage space, and the bags were almost too heavy to lift into the overhead bins!  And, one of their favorite lenses broke on the trip!  They decided there had to be a better way!

After discussing the fact that the Vacation Capital of the World (aka Walt Disney World) is in their backyard, they decided to help fellow vacationers out by making it simple to get amazing photos from their vacation without having to haul all of their camera equipment with them.  They also wanted to help those who use a point and shoot – or even just a cell phone camera while on vacation take professional quality photos to preserve their priceless memories, without breaking the vacation budget.

Kingdom Camera Rentals caters to those visiting Central Florida on vacation, by renting high quality DSLR cameras, lenses, tripods and accessories at affordable prices and offering FREE delivery and pick-up of the equipment within the Walt Disney World area.   Wouldn’t you love to have professional quality photos of your vacation without the hassle of bringing your own equipment, or the expense of paying for those priceless shots?  There is an alternative!

Check out their website to see the how easy it is to have the right equipment to best capture your magical memories, delivered to you, so you can enjoy (and remember) every minute of your vacation.  The steps are simple!  You choose your items, select your rental dates, pay by credit card, receive your delivery at the time you request, have fun taking memorable photos then they pick up the gear, also at a time you’ve requested. They make it easy and affordable – what more could you ask for?

Camera packages start at $120.00 for a week’s rental and include the camera, 18-200mm lens, battery, charger, camera bag.  They even supply a 4GB SD card that is yours to keep!

Lenses are very reasonable, starting at just $31.00 for a week long rental!  You don’t have to rent for a week, if your visit is a short one.  Their minimum rental period is just 3 days.  They offer a Damage Waiver for your protection.  They are very helpful and knowledgeable, if you would like advice selecting the perfect equipment for your vacation.  You can reach them at 855.KCR.8555.

Check out their Facebook page and their Blog to see some of the amazing photos taken with their rental equipment – and to see what their clients have to say about them!

Thank you for stopping by Mouze Kateerz. We value feedback from our readers and welcome your comments.
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  1. Glad to hear about Kingdom Camera Rentals and the services they supply. I can definitely see myself taking advantage of their services if I want to use a particular lens or other equipment that I don’t own when I am visiting WDW.

    However, my radar goes up when I see or hear the phrase, “… help those who use a point and shoot – or even just a cell phone camera while on vacation take professional quality photos …” Simply having a high quality camera does not insure high quality photos any more than not having one means that you can’t get great photos.

    (http://imagegatherer.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/you-must-have-a-great-camera/ )

    I would hate to see anyone disappointed.

    However, having said that – having inexpensive access to expensive lenses or access to as simple piece of equipment as a good tripod that you don’t have to drag from home can be a great thing. I hope to have the pleasure of doing business with them one day when the need arises.

  2. This is a very good idea. Usually when we travel, we always bring my DSLR with us and sometimes I am afraid if i might broke some lenses of our cameras and even left the bag because of too many bags to carry. Now, this is a good solution for those people who don’t want to carry many bags and for those people who don’t have a good camera. 🙂


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