Sell Your Candy and Help the Troops!

Disney's Candy Cauldron, Downtown Disney candy, Downtown Disney Candy Cauldron

By Frances

When I saw the page “Halloween Candy Buy Back”, I thought it was a hoax. So, I did a little research and it’s absolutely true. I was thinking, how can you make money off of the Halloween candy! Click on the above link. Search your zip code for a local dentist that will buy back your candy for $1 per pound and they will send your candy to the troops. Downtown Disney, Goofy's Downtown Disney, Goofy snacks, Disney snacks

I know that this article is not directly about the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort or the Disney Cruise Line but I feel strongly about helping the troops out anyway that I can. An added bonus is that I will not be subjected to riffling through the buckets looking for treats for myself that will later trick themselves onto my hips:-)

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