What would you do with a $100 Disney Gift Card? Vol. I

By Frances

There are so many things that you can do with a $100 Disney Gift Card. Here are a few things that our Mouze Kateerz readers would do. Please comment on this post and you just may see your comment in a blog:-)

Kristen says: I am going to Disney in April, so I would use the gift card to pay for a character meal for my 3 toddlers, husband and I!!!!

Amanda says: I would love to be able to take my little girl to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique so she could be her favorite princess Rapunzel!

Lois says: I have a surprise trip planned in January (it’s going under the Christmas tree), so an extra $100 would really help!!

Julia says: I would buy all of the baby Tinkerbell and baby animals that I could afford for my daughter.

Click here for your chance to win the $100 Disney Gift Card.

Best of Luck to everyone!


  1. Julie Isbell says:

    i tried to leave a comment on the entry page, but it wouldn’t let me! so, here is what i would do with the gift card! we are going to disney in december, so i would split the card between all 4 of us giving everyone $25.00 to spend on anything they wish! what a magical gift!

  2. Shirley Costa Grant says:

    Next fall, my husband and I are taking our three nieces to Disney for the first time ever. All three girls have dreamed of going for a long time and we are hoping to make their dream come true. A Disney gift card would help with the “I wants” and “I needs” that every little princess has!


  1. […] What would you do with a $100 Disney Gift Card? Vol. I […]

  2. […] What would you do with a $100 Disney Gift Card? Vol. I […]

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