What are some items that you can leave at home when traveling to Disney?

Minnie Mouse doll

By Frances

The Mouze Kateerz writers have traveled to Walt Disney World Resort & the Disneyland Resorts hundreds of times. Here is a list of items that we find that we have packed but rarely use.

1. Nice Outfit for dinner: Unless you have reservations at signature restaurant… chances are you won’t wear them.

2. Batteries are cheaper at WDW than comparable ones at WalMart! You know how much I love to take photos. I used to take a pocket full of
batteries, but nevermore! I really save on batteries, too, by turning off my camera between shots. Today’s electronic cameras turn on so fast that
you’ll not miss a shot and you’ll save a ton on batteries!

Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle, Fantasyland, DVC, Bay Lake Tower3. Don’t pack a lot of extra clothes. There are nice laundry facilities near pools. You can also purchase laundry detergent at the laundry facility.

4. Iron: You probably won’t use it and Disney has them in the resort room. I like Downey Wrinkle Releaser spray

5. Beach Towels: They are in containers at the pool. If you go during off peak time, you can always call housekeeping to bring you more.

Keep in mind that the more non essential items you bring, the less room you have for souvenirs.

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  1. Joelle Daddino says:

    your list was spot on and true! The nice dinner outfit. I laugh now at my absurdity . We were going to 1900 Park for princess dinner and we all had really nice outfits planned. We were going to the park for the day and then there for dinner. Did we really think we were going to leave the park early enough to go to the room and change? LOL yea right!

  2. Um, ok, crazy person here…..we still go back to the resort and change for dinner…are we the only ones?

  3. I have to disagree with a few of your statements, I paid over $6 for two C Duracell batteries once at WDW for my white noise machine (desperate), so I have to disagree with you on that. No way batteries are cheaper at WDW. Also, unless you have a villa with washer and dryer in the room, who wants to waste precious Disney time waiting on clothes to wash at teh laudramat? I refuse to wash clothes on vacation! And last, I think the only resorts that provide towels at the pool are Deluxe resorts. Not really sure about Moderates-we have stayed there but didn’t notice towels at the pool. Most definitely the Values do NOT have towels at the pools. You can take your rooms towels, but none available at the pool.

  4. We had several signature dinners and while my husband and I routinely dressed for dinner, others did not. I wore nice slacks and a blouse while my husband wore pants and a polo or button down shirt. We were actually offended by what some people considered appropriate for signature dining. We actually saw cammo shorts, baseball caps and flip flops. Probably the same people who feel it is appropriate to wear pajama pants to the grocery store. So by all means – DO bring a nice outfit for dinner and WEAR IT! It will be appreciated by others.

  5. Linda, yes, at the Value resorts we have to bring our room towels, but they say to call Mousekeeping for fresh replacements.


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