How much do you need to tip at Disney World?

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When planning your Walt Disney World Vacation, there are a lot of things to consider. When will you be going, which resort to stay at, dining plan or not, park hopper or not just to name a few. One of the hidden items that could sneak up on you is gratuities and tipping. How much should you give and how often are a couple of good questions. We surveyed the Mouze Kateerz writers and here is a general consensus.

Valet for parking your car at a Deluxe resort: $2-$5 per retrieval or parking.Epcot Le Cellier, Epcot Le Cellier sign, Epcot Le Cellier menu, Epcot Le Cellier prices

Table Service Meal: If you are using Tables in Wonderland (for Disney Annual Pass Holders) or are on the Plus Dining Plan or better, 18% gratuity is automatically added to your check. For great service, it is customary to add a few more %. The minimum tip recommended is 15% for a table service and 10% for a buffet. If you have an issue with your service, please ask to speak to a manager. They will be able to adjust the tip % if necessary.

Mouse keeping: The maids/ Mouse Keepers in the resorts work very hard and leave you amazing towel animals. They have also been known to spread magic with animals left in the room. $1 per person per night or $3-$5 per night for a standard resort room. If you staying in a deluxe villa: $10-$25 per night depending on the size of the villa and how many people are staying in them. Please leave your tip each morning. The maid that cleans your room on Tuesday may not be the same one that  clean your room on Saturday when you check out. A fellow Mouze writer has some great ideas for Mouse Keeping envelopes for you:

Mouse Keeping Envelopes at Picturing Disney

Porters: They will assist you with your luggage. $2+ bag

Magical Express Driver: $2-$3 per bag with a $5 minimum. Please also keep in mind an additional tip for the a stroller, wheelchair or pack and play.

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  1. What do you suggest tipping for harmony barber shop up dos and the bippidi boppidi boutique?

    • With pricing at the Harmony Barber Shop being between $15-$20, we would recommend $3-$5. BBB would start at $6 and could go up to $10 depending on the package. Plan on at least 20% for great service.

  2. Trisha Thompson says:

    Is it customary to tip tour guides?

  3. Carol Douglass says:

    I am a bit confused on the Magical Express tipping, I have read that you don’t see your luggage, so do you tip the driver based on what you have, or is tipping for bags that you bring on with you?

    • You don’t see your luggage unless you are an international traveler or if you didn’t place the Magical Express tags on your luggage. The tip is based on carry on bags, strollers, wheelchairs etc. that you would carry with you to the resort.

  4. I have never tipped the Magical Express drivers nor have I ever seen another person tip them. They get paid to drive those buses. Also, I don’t tip the maids unless I personally ask for something like an extra towel or soap. I always tip 20% at restaurants unless I get horrible service and in those cases, I’ll tip 10-15%.

    • I always tip my magical express driver. This article is just a guide. I know of several people that don’t tip maid service either. It boils down to personal preference.

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