How Do You Draw Mickey Mouse? Instructions and Photos for the Beginners

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After sending several hours playing games at DisneyQuest in Downtown Disney, my husband, teenage daughter and I sat down to take a class at the Animation Academy. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the idea, but drawing Disney characters actually turned out to be a blast, and I took six classes during several visits. I thought teaching you the skills I learned – how to draw Mickey Mouse in particular – might be fun.

Very near DisneyQuest is the home of one of my favorite places to spot Disney characters. Who knows when or if the balloon will return.

Is Characters in Flight at Downtown Disney Closing for Good?!

So unfortunately, it turns out I stink as an artist, but I am a master at internet reasearch. I found some instructions and drawing Mickey photos from a website called How to Draw Cartoon Characters. ( They have instructions on how to draw all sorts of cartoons, of the Disney variety and beyond, and it’s a great web site for kids and teens.

Normally I provide a link for you to go straight to the website, but I need to give you this warning. I have never had any trouble with this site at the high school where I teach a short extra curricular cartooning class every so often.  We have a pretty serious firewall. But in researching this article at home, something tried to download onto my computer. I wouldn’t visit this site unless you are using a Mac or have a really great security system, because I don’t want you having any virus issues because of drawing Mickey Mouse with one of the Mouze Kateerz!

Here are the instructions, and I threw in some of my own comments from what I learned in class.

1. Draw a medium size circle on your paper, and then add two center lines and a smaller circle to help you position Mickey’s features. Draw these very lightly, because you will erase them later.

How do you draw Mickey Mouse, learn to draw Mickey Mouse, draw Disney characters, Mickey Mouse

2. Add Mickey’s eyes and his nose, which have a slightly oval shape. Both of his eyes will rest on the edge of the center line. Add a little curve right below his eyes.

drawing, draw Disney, teach kids to draw Mickey Mouse, learn to draw

3. Now is time to add Mickey’s smile, chin and tongue. The top portion of his mouth will follow the same curve as his nose. Mickey’s chin should drop below the circle you first drew for the head.

Disney Moms. Disney princess, draw Mickey Mouse instructions, draw Disney character instructions

4. Draw two large ovals for Mickey’s ears, and then add curved lines to form the area around his cheeks and eyes. This areas is known as Mickey’s “mask.”

drawing cartoon characters, drawing Disney characters, teach me to draw Mickey Mouse

5. Now you can erase your guide lines, and clean up and stray lines or crooked marks on Mickey Mouse.

draw Mickey Mouse, how to draw Mickey Mouse, how to draw Disney characters

6. Once you have cleaned up the outline of Mickey, you can color him in or leave him in black and white.

Mickey Mouse, Mouze Kateerz, Disney Moms, Disney Princess

Chances are, your drawing will not look exactly like the professional version the first time. Mine certainly didn’t, and I did a lot of erasing and redrawing. Disney World has two places where you can learn to draw your favorite Disney characters, one on computer and one on traditional paper.

Need a great snack at Downtown Disney? Be sure to go here.

The Sweet Spot You Absolutely Can’t Miss at Downtown Disney

Animation Academy Mickey Mouse, drawing lessons at Disney's Animation Academy

The Animation Academy can be found at these locations.

  • DisneyQuest in Downtown Disney
  • The Magic of Disney Animation attraction found in the Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Here, you will learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters from a Cast Member. At Hollywood Studios, you can take your drawing home as a free souvenir because they give you paper and pencil at your drawing station. At DisneyQuest, you must purchase your drawing for $5, which comes with a certificate of course completion, because your drawing is done completely on the computer.

By the way, if you add any unusual character to your Disney character, say a beard or a tattoo, the Animation Academy at DisneyQuest will not post your drawing for the class to see, and it will not be available to take home or purchase. Just ask me how I know!

They have amazing looking snacks at DisneyQuest, but this is still my favorite.

The $2.29 Disney Snack: So Cheap, It’s Nearly FREE!

Animation Academy Hollywood Studios, Animation Academy DisneyQuest, where can I learn to draw Mickey Mouse, where can I learn to draw Disney characters

When you finish with your drawing classes at DisneyQuest, here is some more Downtown Disney entertainment.

Get Ready! Here’s 20 FREE Things to Do at Downtown Disney

Good luck with drawing Micky Mouse. I think is a great instructional web site, but you were forewarned if you don’t have serious virus protection on your computer. I got a little nervous accessing it from my house, having to stop whatever was downloading on my computer before it finished. Yikes.

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride, and make sure your eraser is clean and your pencil is sharpened!

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  1. We have done the Animation Academy many times – both at Disney Quest and at DHS. We enjoy it despite how demented our characters often look. We find they look better at DHS with its paper and pencil technology rather than the electronic drawings at Disney Quest.

  2. Love Animation Academy–didn’t know it was also at Disney Quest.

    We choose our faves, frame them, and have them hanging in our living room! Together with professionally drawn characters.

    I also have a book with the same instructions you posted for Mickey, as well as many others. And very inexpensive.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  3. I plan to do the Animation Academy at DHS sometime in my next 4 trips over the next year. I wanted to be a cartoonist when I was little. I enjoyed your post and can’t wait to experience it myself!

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  1. […] 5. How Do You Draw Mickey Mouse? Instructions and Photos for the Beginners […]

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    How Do You Draw Mickey Mouse? Instructions and Photos for the Beginners – Mouze Kateerz

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