The $2.29 Disney Snack: So Cheap, It’s Nearly FREE!

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Nearly nothing is free at Walt Disney World, but to me, if you can buy something for less than three dollars,  then I’m going to classify that as pretty close to free, by Disney standards anyway. One of my favorite spots in all of Downtown Disney is Goofy’s Candy Co. It still amazes me when I hear people say they have never made a trip to the Mouse Downtown, too busy with theme park rides to stop by. The shopping is fabulous and features some of the best Disney theming anywhere around, including theme park gift shops and resorts. There is one snack I love the most.

There are just tons of delectable sugary delights to choose from at Goofy’s Candy Co., including cotton candy, rice krispie treats, and bagged candy for easy travel home. I love to stand around watching Cast Members creating Mickey Mouse chocolate-covered caramel apples. You can even have a Cast Member create your own specialty apple for under $10.

Disney Goofy Glaciers, Goofy's Candy Co.

While I am a huge chocolate fan, I can’t walk out without a pastry, because priced at $2.29 before tax, given prices for most Disney snacks, these are practically free.

There is a case up by the check out area that houses all my breakfast favorites, like  muffins, cinnamon rolls, and pastries, with some of the lowest prices in the store. They are fresh and always yummy, especially when paired with a coffee or expresso, juice, or a Goofy’s Glacier frozen drink.

Curious about what sort of drinks and coffees Goofy’s offer? Here’s an article with menu selections and prices:

The Sweet Spot You Absolutely Can’t Miss at Downtown Disney

Now let’s get back to that pastry.  Depending on the time and day you visit, there is usually a selection of cheese, apple, or cherry pastries. $2.29, and they can travel home with you in a great Mickey Mouse to-go box, if they make it that far.

Where to eat that pastry now? If it’s not mid-day in the summer, there are tables right outside Goofy’s just calling your name. Maybe you can see some of the live birds that hang out beside the Rainforest Café. Be sure to stop in Disney’s Art of Animation to catch a glimpse of some of the artists hard at work re-creating your favorite Disney cartoons.

While you’re there, I bet you can find one of these, and they are delectable.

Lovin’ Some Disney Food: What is the Greatest $3.99 Snack You May Have Missed?

Where to go now? Be sure you stop by one of my favorite Downtown Disney stores. With gifts and merchandise as low as $5, you’ll soon make this a shopping destination for every trip.

The Disney Princess: The Big Secret of a Little Store Called Basin

Thanks for stopping by for a virtual Disney snack, and we’ll see you headed for Goofy’s Candy Co. at Downtown Disney. Like Goofy says, “Gwarsh, it’s good!!”

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  1. We hit downtown on the way home every year- for the item I denied myself earlier, but now seem to have the extra money for and then we go to Goofys for last minute snack credit gifts for people.

  2. I’ve loved walking around the parks on a rainy. I don’t like when it rains but sometimes it does happens. Crowds tend to be smaller so you can get around quicker. I have a really cute picture of Donald Duck that I took one day when it was raining and it’s been one of my favorite pictures that I’ve ever taken. Just give me a poncho and let me go :o)

    • Woohoo! I agree, unless it’s like flood conditions. I think I cope worse on those days than my kids do. Light rain? Bring it on!! Thanks for reading.

  3. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your
    blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. All the best


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