7 Ways to Keep up with Your Kids at Walt Disney World

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Wow, there are a lot of people at the Disney parks, and if you get separated from your party, it can be difficult for an adult to find your group. Imagine being just over two feet tall and 3-years-old and losing your group. It would be frightening. I lost my pre-teen sons after 10,000 some odd people poured out of the Magic Kingdom post-Wishes, and I was a nervous wreck, despite the fact that one had a phone. To help you out, here are seven ways to keep up with your kids at Disney.

1. Sew a label in your child’s shirt with their name, your name and your cell number.

2. Not a seamstress? You can write this info. on a piece of masking tape, and then attach it to their shirt. Security personal recommend you print this information in small letters, and position the tape on the outside of the child’s shirt about 5 inches below their armpit. That was good for me to know, because I would have thought it should be placed inside the shirt collar.

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3. Color code children under the age of 8 in distinctive looking clothing, like purple, tie dye, something you’ll recognize instantly. I actually did this with my pre-teen sons recently at both water parks. I had them wear red shirts, having convinced them their shirt would keep them from getting a sunburn, and I could spot them instantly in a sea of naked torsos.

4. Place a small luggage tag on the child’s shoe.

5. Take a picture of your child every morning as you head to the parks, so you know exactly what they look like.

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6. Dress the family in matching Disney shirts, which works best with bright colors.

7. Make sure one adult is assigned to be responsible for certain children. Mom shouldn’t be saddled with this burden all by herself.

Be safe. Keep an eye on those kids, and have a great vacation. Let us know if you have any other ideas on how to keep up with your kids in the parks!

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride, and we’ll see you in the parks, holding on to little hands. 



  1. We do the daily picture and we purchased wrist bracelets from Mabel’s Labels (“My 411 Wristbands”) They are personalized with what you want…we kept it simple “If found please call …” and listed our cell phone numbers. We’re also using these for “pool day” at his summer camp.

    We also told him to look for a CM if he gets separated from us – showed him what the name tags look like.

    • I like the wristband idea! (I forgot we used to get dog tags engraved at Wal-mart with phone numbers) I’ll have to add those later. Excellent suggestions!
      Thanks for reading…

  2. Jessica says:

    I too teach my child how to identify a CM if she is separated from us. We review this every morning when we get into the park. I made temporary tattoos (though there are companies that make them) with “If lost call” and our cell numbers. I put it on her lower stomach and taught her to show the tattoo to a cast member if she couldn’t find us. We also acted out what to do if she got lost, with one parent pretending to be a CM and going over with her what to say to them and how to show the tattoo. I like the tattoo because there is no chance of it coming off during the day.

  3. We use the safety tattoos that has our cell phone number on it.

  4. Brittany Englert says:

    our whole family wears the same color weather it be orange blue, purple etc. Our kids all wear matching similar outfits and i put there mouse ears with there names on the hood of the stroller so we can alway spot it.

  5. Ellamae Seelbach says:

    I always love to visit and come by at Disney world. The place is very exciting and that is the best place to be for your kids and nieces. I really love to spend my time in it. *;:;’

    Hope This Helps!


  1. […] 7 Ways to Keep up with Your Kids at Walt Disney World […]

  2. […] 7 Ways to Keep up with Your Kids at Walt Disney World […]

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